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D&D Instant World Builder. Start A Campaign – Part 4: How to prepare a great game in less than 30 minutes. Powered by vBulletin. Treasure Generator for D&D. Town Generator for D&D. Centre Id: 0 Type: nonstandard Assassins Guild Alignment: chaotic evil Centre Id: 1 Type: magical theocracy Alignment: lawful good Centre Id: 2 Type: conventional Mayor Alignment: lawful good Class: warrior Level: 1, Number: 690 Level: 3, Number: 4 Level: 6, Number: 2 Level: 12, Number: 1 Class: cleric Level: 3, Number: 4 Level: 7, Number: 2.

Town Generator for D&D The Hypertext d20 SRD (v3.5 d20 System Reference Document)