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Free GIS and CAD Software. Gradually Varied Flow Calculation. Backwater profile. Cross-Section of Trapezoidal Channel: Gradually Varied Flow Profiles: Calculation:Register to fully enable the "Calculate" button.

Gradually Varied Flow Calculation. Backwater profile

Demonstration mode for B=3 m. · If x-axis says "Distance in m divided by 10^2", then multiply the value shown on the axis by 10^2 in order to get the actual value. Therefore, 5.0 on the axis is actually 500 meters. Links on this page: Equations Variables Manning n coefficients Error messages References.

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T Page - Windows XP from A to Z. Taskbar This application allows you to Repair and Customize the Quick Launch, Taskbar and Notification Area in Windows XP: Taskbar Repair Tool Plus! : Which includes: Excel & Excel VBA Help. - Highlight Row with active cell. Excelpower November 7th, 2004, 01:34 Thanks Greychild and dangelor for your reply.

Excel & Excel VBA Help. - Highlight Row with active cell

Greychild, I will try to see if your code addition will work, but the whole range in the first 8 rows are not all the same. I have tried adjusting the range to exclude those rows that I don't wish to highlight, but have had no luck so far. This is how I have tried to exclude those rows. Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) Range("$A8:$G8").Interior.ColorIndex = "" Range("$A:$G").Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone Intersect(Target.EntireRow, Range("$A:$G")).Interior.Color = vbYellow End Sub. The USGS Surface-water quality and flow Modeling Interes. What's new at the SMIG web site Search the SMIG website Conferences and Classes Selected lists of upcoming events and opportunities Reading Room Reading lists | Books | Journals | Searches | Professional organizations and more Model Archives.

The Elder Geek on Windows. Background Intelligent Transfer Service Backup on Windows XP Home Edition - No mention of the utility is made anywhere during the installation, but it is included with Windows XP Home Edition.

The Elder Geek on Windows

It's just necessary to do a manual install to prepare it for use. Backup Using NTBackup Advanced Mode - This page is designed primarily as a graphical walkthrough of the Advanced Mode from NTBackup for users that want to see the program before committing to installing it on their machine. Your GIS News Source. Home ~ Project Gigalopolis. Gigalopolis is the growing urban structure containing billions of people worldwide. Urban settlements and their connectivity will be the dominant driver of global change during the twenty-first century. Intensely impacting land, atmospheric, and hydrologic resources, urban dynamics has now surpassed the regional scale of megalopolis and must now be considered as a continental and global scale phenomenon.

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Welcome to ArcNews

2.2 Review of Steady-Flow Analysis. [Next Section] [Previous Section] [Table of Contents] Full Equations (FEQ) Model for the Solution of the Full,Dynamic Equations of Motion for One-Dimensional Unsteady Flow in Open Channels and Through Control Structures In steady-flow analysis, the equation for conservation of water volume is trivial because the flow is known at all points in the channel unless flow over a side weir is simulated.

2.2 Review of Steady-Flow Analysis

The algebraic approximations of the conservation of flow momentum or energy are carefully written such that only water-surface elevation values at the ends of the computational element are needed. Consequently, there are two unknowns for each computational element; namely, the elevation of the water surface at each end. Knowledge Base_ Georeferencing_tips_articles_ESRI. Online Service Center, Car Insurance, Auto Insurance, Motorcycle. SAGE Publications - Table of Contents - Monte Carlo Simulation. Monte Carlo Simulation is a method of evaluating substantive hypotheses and statistical estimators by developing a computer algorithm to simulate a population, drawing multiple samples from this pseudo-population, and evaluating estimates obtained from these samples.

SAGE Publications - Table of Contents - Monte Carlo Simulation

Christopher Z. Mooney explains the logic behind Monte Carlo Simulation and demonstrates its uses for social and behavioral research in conducting inference using statistics with only weak mathematical theory, testing null hypotheses under a variety of plausible conditions, assessing the robustness of parametric inference to violations of its assumptions, assessing the quality of inferential methods, and comparing the properties of two or more estimators. In addition, Mooney carefully demonstrates how to prepare computer algorithms using GAUSS code and illustrates these principles using several research examples.


Encroachment Calculation output table. ArcObjects Online. Land Analysis System. The Land Analysis System (LAS) is an image analysis system designed to ingest, manipulate, and analyze digital image data and to provide the user with a wide spectrum of functions and statistical tools for image analysis.

Land Analysis System

It is designed to support remote sensing, image processing, and geographic information systems (GIS) research and production efforts. LAS provides a flexible framework for algorithm development as well as processing and analysis of image data. This document mainly describes LAS as implemented at the U.S. Geological Survey National Mapping Division's EROS Data Center (EDC). Other LAS environments may differ slightly in hardware configuration, system limitations, and operational procedures. LAS as installed at the Pennsylvania State University has been modified in several ways.

3dMapper. Screen capture 3dMapperTM is a landscape visualization and three-dimensional mapping application developed by James Burt and A-Xing Zhu at the UW-Madison Department of Geography.