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Skrivanek is a global top 30 Language Service Provider delivering comprehensive services to many leading multinational companies and organizations worldwide. Skrivanek is perhaps best known as the market leader in translation and localization services for Central and Eastern Europe. Celebrating its 20th anniversary as an LSP this year, Skrivanek has now grown into a truly global company with over 300 employees and 45 offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas. This expansion has been driven by ongoing investment in the latest technology and equipment, ensuring that Skrivanek remains at the forefront of the market in terms of the quality and range of services offered to its clients worldwide.

Certified Quality: Skrivanek Language Solutions Upgrades to ISO 9001:2008. Skrivanek 04 November 2010 Prague, Czech Republic (November 4, 2010) – Based on the continuing quality increase of its translation and localization processes, Skrivanek has managed to defend its ISO certification with an upgrade to the newer EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Certified Quality: Skrivanek Language Solutions Upgrades to ISO 9001:2008

The quality audit took place across the company during October 2010, after the successful completion of internal audits executed throughout Skrivanek’s global network of 50 branches spread across 3 continents. Skrivanek has also successfully passed the translation industry inspection audit for the European Standard EN 15038:2006. “We are delighted to achieve accreditation, supporting our pursuit of continuous improvement to meet the highest quality standards for our customers from all over the world. Skrivanek has established a measurable approach to translation quality evaluation. Getting Traffic. Moving a WordPress Blog Using CPanel. If you have noticed that I have not been posting for a few days, the reason is I have been moving my WordPress blogs from one host server to another.

Moving a WordPress Blog Using CPanel

You would think this should be pretty straight forward and to be honest, once you establish the steps you need to take, moving a WordPress blog using CPanel is relatively easy. This is the method I used successfully for 5 blogs, so if you need the detailed version you can now click on the eBook image for a .pdf version of the instructions.

Or if you are already familiar with CPanel the summary sequence is below. MultiLingual Computing, Inc., News Archive Detail. If you find our newsletter informative, check out our magazine MultiLingual, available in digital and print form.

MultiLingual Computing, Inc., News Archive Detail

A. BUSINESS A.1. SilkRoad Translation acquires Turkish-Translation A.2. Planet Lingua completes rebranding A.3. Language Blog Translation Times: UNIVERSITAS Turns 60: Time to Celebrate! No, we are not turning 60 yet (for a while), even though our combined age certainly exceeds 60.

Language Blog Translation Times: UNIVERSITAS Turns 60: Time to Celebrate!

This round birthday is all about UNIVERSITAS Austria, the Austrian Interpreters' and Translators' Association, and such a big birthday just has to be celebrated, so here's some information about the festivities that will take place in gorgeous Vienna, Austria, on September 26 and 27. We are delighted to be part of the festivities (Dagy is the secretary general of the organization) and will give a presentation on social media for translators and interpreters during the professional development part of the weekend. Language Blog Translation Times: Conference Interpreting: Booth Etiquette 101 (And Beyond) Translating, Interpreting, Revising Text, Copywriting - We offer our services to either translation agencies or our own clients.

Translating, Interpreting, Revising Text, Copywriting -

We do translate your texts with pleasure from English, German and Dutch into Slovenian and from French, German and Slovenian into Dutch. To guarantee continuity in translation assignments, we prefer to use the newest version of translation programs such as SDL Trados and Across. Cat-astrophic Translation! A Hidden International Language. Into the universal realm of the Unicode, the symbols for a weightlifter, a spiderweb and the Mona Lisa have now been accepted.

A Hidden International Language

These are three of the more than 250 emoji considered significant enough that their computer encoding is being officially standardized for use by Apple, Google, Microsoft and others. These three join hundreds of emoji facial expressions, hand gestures, food items, weather and plant elements, on and on, used to replace or augment words.The non-profit Unicode Consortium regulates embedded computer code for every character in every living language, and is “the foundation for all modern software” according to their official website (

Begun by Xerox and Apple leaders in 1987 as an “international/multilingual text character encoding system,” today Unicode sets officially recognized computer code standards in coordination with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). J. Skrivanek Translation Services. Skrivanek Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary. Language service industry leader Skrivanek Group celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, an especially notable achievement in an era of sweeping and often rapid change.

Skrivanek Group Celebrates 20th Anniversary

“From those first days in Prague through twenty years of incredible growth, we have stayed true to our core values, and I am proud of that,” says company founder, Pavel Skrivanek. “It is one thing to survive, adapting to constant challenges, but quite another to continue to reach the highest standards possible in language service. There is no question in my mind that the talent and commitment of our staff has made that happen.” Since its inception as a 3-person office in Prague, the company has expanded to employ 300 plus a network of freelance professionals in 45 offices around the world, earning the trust of Fortune 500 companies and government entities such as the European Union.

Our Quality Assurance Process. 100% accuracy as a standard.

Our Quality Assurance Process

Specializations. Language Services. SKRIVANEK. Excellence fosters excellence From a single office in the early 1990’s, Skrivanek has evolved into one of the leading language service providers in the world.


Our network includes 45 branches in 17 countries, each built to standards of excellence by responsive, dedicated staff members. The European Union, the United Nations, World Bank and other outstanding organizations rely on our expertise. Skrivanek is the multi-national translation partner that will ensure your texts are accurate, culturally fine-tuned, and ready on time.