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If you’ve been a rather constant reader of AndroidPIT, you most likely have come across more than your fair share of guides on how exactly you can root your device. However, how many of you haven’t bothered touching this type of things for fear of voiding the warranty on your device? How about being worried that you might do something wrong and brick your device? Well, if that’s the case, you can now sleep soundly and attempt root yourself with the help of VRoot. This is a bundle of software that allows rooting devices with one click without the fear of voiding your warranty. Note: This procedure is only available for devices that are running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. How to root your device without voiding the warranty How to root your device without voiding the warranty
Copy Bubble: A Floating Clipboard Manager That Saves Multiple Snippets [Android] For PC users, the clipboard feature is as natural as anything else. It allows users to easily copy and paste text, files, folders, and more. Luckily for Android users, the copy & paste functionality has always been there too but akin to the default clipboard feature of desktop, the clipboard of Android can store only one item at a time. Copy Bubble is a new nifty little application that improves the default single-purpose clipboard in Android by allowing you to save multiple text snippets to it and use them any time you want. Copy Bubble: A Floating Clipboard Manager That Saves Multiple Snippets [Android]
Vibify Brings Smart Alert From TouchWiz To All Android Devices Vibify Brings Smart Alert From TouchWiz To All Android Devices For most smartphone aficionados, Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones has much broader brand recognition than all other Android devices combine. And among those, the ‘S’ nomenclature has always been the top notch offering from the South Korean giant. Back when Samsung released their Galaxy S3 device, the company unveiled a rather convenient feature called Smart Alert that notifies users of any missed calls or text the next time they pick it up by simply vibrating the device.
Identify & Batch-Remove Unwanted Android Apps With AVG Uninstaller Identify & Batch-Remove Unwanted Android Apps With AVG Uninstaller When was the last time you wanted to uninstall an app from your Android device? Did the process go smoothly, or did you end up facing some unusual quirks? Android lets you uninstall apps the same way you install them in the first place, but what it really lacks is the ability to uninstall them in batch. And if you’re someone who installs lots of apps to try them out, it must be difficult to uninstall unused ones individually to free up some space because normally, you have to initiate the uninstallation process of each item separately, making it a tedious task. Previously, we have covered some really great apps to overcome this nuisance such as Apps Uninstall, Root Uninstaller, GO App Uninstaller, just to name a few.
Per-App Modes lets you control the CPU usage for each app Want to throttle down your device CPU? Modern Android devices do a pretty good job of using the right amount of power at the right time, but some of us want control. Throttling your CPU has a lot of benefits, and a new app lets you do that via your apps. Per-App Modes lets you control the CPU usage for each app
Do you turn your smartphone to silent mode each time you get to work? Don’t want to disturb your sleeping roommate with your phone’s loud ringtone in the middle of the night? If I have one real gripe with Android, it’s the operating system’s poor implementation of volume management. Persist Improves Volume Control On Android Through Custom Profiles Persist Improves Volume Control On Android Through Custom Profiles
Phones are more than just communication devices. To some, they are a safe haven for personal moments and memories, and one does what one can to protect them from unwanted eyes. There are solutions to secure certain features within the phone such as AppLock or to restrict connectivity through Internet Lock, the list goes on. New to this list is TimePIN, a free device security app that employs PIN lock in a unique manner. TimePIN For Android Auto-Changes The Lock Screen PIN According To Current Time TimePIN For Android Auto-Changes The Lock Screen PIN According To Current Time
Access Android Notifications From Locksreen With Notification Mod Texts we receive, emails by the boss, replies to our tweets, likes on our Facebook posts – these are just a few of the countless notifications we constantly deal with on our smartphones. If the device’s screen is locked, Android doesn’t let you pull down the notification shade to view your notifications, for security reasons, requiring you to unlock the device in order to view or dismiss them. If you don’t really care about your notifications being accessible from the lock screen and want to skip the hassle of having to unlock your screen each time you get a notification that you needn’t exactly respond to, there’s now an easy solution for that in form of Notification Mod for the excellent Xposed framework. The only caveat is that your device needs to be rooted in order to use any Xposed framework mod. Read on for details. Access Android Notifications From Locksreen With Notification Mod
Toggle Individual Android System Sounds With Ultimate Sound Control Ultimate Sound Control for Android makes up for what the Android OS otherwise lacks in: sound customization and detailed settings. At times, you have to wait for the appropriate sound to play so that you can adjust its volume with the volume rocker, and even then, you can only tweak it for a group of similar sounds. Maybe I don’t want my phone to sound off when the battery is low, but why should enabling silent mode be the answer? Ultimate Sound Control gives you the option to turn off most sounds used throughout your device, which is otherwise quite a tedious task, only manageable through the editing of system files, where there is always the risk of breaking sounds if you made even the slightest of mistakes. It goes without saying, a novice user wouldn’t even dare venture into these parts of the OS. Toggle Individual Android System Sounds With Ultimate Sound Control
RepetiTouch: Record & Repeat Touch Events To Automate Android Tasks RepetiTouch: Record & Repeat Touch Events To Automate Android Tasks Back in July, I covered an open-source desktop application for Windows called MouseController that allows users to record their mouse movements and clicks, and playback the exact same recorded sequence at a later time. If you’re looking for a similar tool for Android devices that lets you record all your taps and swipes, and playback the entire sequence in a similar fashion to automatically perform recurring tasks, give RepetiTouch a shot. It’s a free app that can record any on-screen touch events and replay them whenever you want, as many times as you want. It can come handy to automate certain tasks that require swiping between a few screens, touching a few buttons here and there, or typing stuff using the on-screen keyboard.
When it comes to task automation on Android, Tasker has come up as the ultimate tool. The app can automate everything you can think of, and pushes the limits of the phone to a new horizon. For those unfamiliar with it, Tasker is basically a rule-based application that lets you create different task profiles in order to execute certain actions automatically when triggered by certain events, with no input required from your side. Tasks can range from anything between toggling various sensors and radios (Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth etc.), controlling music playback, and a ton of additional choices. Though Tasker is only available for a price on Play Store, and has no free variant, and the other few alternatives that are available for free just don’t cut it when it comes to the features. Mini Tasker (now named Condi) aims to redefine the rules by offering powerful task automation free for everyone. Mini Tasker Is A Free Yet Robust Tasker Alternative For Android
Set Custom Brightness & Screen Timeout For Individual Android Apps Android’s appeal lies in its wide array of customization options. The platform gives full flexibility and control to the users by letting them swap out or customize almost everything – ranging from the home screen, app drawer and lock screen to the notification shade or keyboard. Although rooting your device may be the best way to customize it, you can easily customize quite a few aspects of the OS simply by installing certain Android apps from the Google Play Store. One such app that I found to be extremely handy is Screen Controls, which allows you to set a custom brightness level and screen timeout for each app installed on your device. The app is reminiscent of IntelliScreen, though the latter only allowed customizing per-app screen timeout.
Set Individual Android Settings On Per-App Basis With App Override Customization is one of the core elements of Android. A variety of apps available for the platform allow you to personalize a bunch of settings according to your liking. Map-related apps require always-on GPS or Wi-Fi access to track your exact location, so it’s reasonable to have them turned on when required. Similarly, videos are best enjoyed in landscape mode, so it’s better to always have them play in that orientation. Unfortunately, Android doesn’t allow you to configure such settings separately for individual apps. For example, if you turn on GPS, it will remain enabled for all apps installed on the device, until disabled.
Uniquely Android is a series we started that shines the spotlight on those apps that take advantage of the unique capabilities of the platform and provide an experience that you wouldn’t find in most other phones. Previously, we have featured Plug In Launcher, AirDroid, Shush, Llama, Swiftkey 3, SwipePad, Widgetsoid2.x, Unified Remote, AirCalc, WiFi Keyboard, Puzzle Alarm Clock, Notif Mac Remote, Launcher, ReadItToMe, AutomateIt, Friday and Wave Control. By popular demand, this week’s Uniquely Android features an app by possibly one of the most important developers in the Android community, Koushik Dutta. If you’re regular on XDA or follow a lot of the Android talk on Google+, you might know Koush, as he’s more commonly known in the community, as the developed behind Clockworkmod Recovery and ROM Manager. Helium is an extremely handy app backup solution for Android
Smart Keyboard (free, $2.84) As readers tell me, it appears I have severely underestimated this keyboard, as its initial impression was not too good. However, it seems all the goodies are hidden under the hood. Android Soft Keyboard Alternatives: Comparing 47 different (free) input methods from ABC Keyboard to ZetaType for Droid
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