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Kaspersky claims that Microsoft has disabled its Antivirus. Having a good anti-virus in your system has become a prime requisite in the world of internet that is prone to various threats and phishing scams.

Kaspersky claims that Microsoft has disabled its Antivirus

Though it is a necessity yet not made available in the past updates of the Microsoft Windows. Now Kaspersky has accused Microsoft for removing its antivirus from the Windows. Kaspersky Released a Major Update: Security Product. Recently, a major update that is Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Light Agent is released by Kaspersky to its devoted security product for data centers.

Kaspersky Released a Major Update: Security Product

It provides all the servers with the virtualization-native security working in both modes Agentless as well as Light Agent, not concerning that it is running on which operating system along with the already supported operating systems and virtualization platforms. There are rare data centers that use either only Windows operating system or the only Linux operating system; on the other hand, most of the data centers uses both the two operating system together. This is a challenge for maintaining security across the entire network which is data centered.

Hence, an integrated approach is provided by Kaspersky for the security of virtual environments, helping to address these challenges. Kaspersky Security for both Agentless as well as Light Agent can be accessed anywhere worldwide. Tips to organize Microsoft Office. Tips to organize Microsoft Office Almost all of us are making efforts and desire to get a fast solution in response to the problem that we are facing every day.

Tips to organize Microsoft Office

The problem here we are talking about is: how to keep our houses organized? So that it (an organized home) could look beautiful as well as make our lives simpler. In today’s world, Microsoft Office being an important tool, used nearly each and every day at most of the places including home, work and school to fasten our work and enhanced our output. Additionally, it also proves to be a great tool in keeping us organized. AOL Mail Support Number 1-888-827-9060. AOL Mail Technical Support Your PC Assistant provide AOL Mail Support, AOL is a user-friendly and safe communication platform.

AOL Mail Support Number 1-888-827-9060

AOL mail enables you to stay connected with friends and family. The product is well-known for its various features such as speed, reliability, free text message, excellent email attachment limit, protection against spam and much more. But along with so many pros it has some disadvantages as well such as connectivity issue, slow browsing and other technical hitches. Microsoft Office Setup. How to install Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Windows 10. Picture Manager was the part of MS Office suite up until 2010.

How to install Microsoft Office Picture Manager in Windows 10

It was decommissioned and not shipped with the later versions. However, if you still miss it, here is the guide to get it back on Windows 10. Getting MS Office Picture Manager if You Own Older Office Version. McAfee Support – Steps to Fix Antivirus Error 12152. While trying to download McAfee antivirus, some users run into error 12152.

McAfee Support – Steps to Fix Antivirus Error 12152

This could be very frustrating as it does not allow your computer from downloading the antivirus program. If you are facing this issue, here are some methods to get rid of it. Reboot Your Computer Rebooting the computer proves to be very effective in many cases. It is the most basic troubleshooting method and hence you must try it before anything else. If rebooting does not work, you will need to try other methods outlined below. Check your internet connection More often than not, this problem pops up during the download of McAfee Antivirus when the internet connection is suddenly disrupted. If the internet is working fine and you are still experiencing the issue, keep reading. Remove incompatible applications Generally, you need to wait for a few minutes after this error appears.

Use System Restore If none of the above methods work, you may need to restore your Windows to an older point. How to install Microsoft Office 2016 On Windows 10. It’s been quite a long time now, that Microsoft Office 2016 public preview of Windows is available for download.

How to install Microsoft Office 2016 On Windows 10

Microsoft Office 2016 is a desktop suite and varied from touch-friendly version of Office for Windows 10. MS Office 2016 finds compatibility with different operating systems such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Before installing Office 2016 Before the user start installing and downloading the Office 2016 in his computer, it is necessary to remove or uninstall the previous version. Let’s have a look on some simple steps that helps the user to uninstall the previous version of Office. Microsoft Solved MS Office weakness in 6 Months. Microsoft Office more than 1 billion users at risk due to Microsoft exploit that help hacker hide malware in MS Words files.

Microsoft Solved MS Office weakness in 6 Months

Microsoft When Microsoft realized about error that helping hacker in to attack on MS words files, It took Microsoft 6 months to fix that bug error. First time find this issue in October 2016, they allegedly found malware attack on MS words files that put Microsoft Users data at danger. The issue was when a Microsoft office user open doc. file it robotically connects to server and download an HTML file that help hacker to access user computer data.

The flaw applicable to all MS Office versions. Microsoft report that they solved the issue on 11 April 2017. First time a security expert for Optiv Mr. Many Organizations took risk advising clients about exploits. First time McAfee Antivirus found attack on using Microsoft weakness that put Microsoft office 1.2 billion users at risk. At last the Bug solved when Microsoft released its patch on 11 April 2017. Kaspersky Antivirus Support Number 1-888-827-9060. Get Kaspersky Antivirus Support Are you looking for the Kaspersky Antivirus Support?

Kaspersky Antivirus Support Number 1-888-827-9060

Our experts can provide you effective solutions for Kaspersky. Microsoft Word HACKED - Don't open it this type email. AVG Antivirus Support Number 1-888-827-9060. Get AVG Antivirus Support.

AVG Antivirus Support Number 1-888-827-9060

McAfee Antivirus Support Number 18888279060. Get McAfee Antivirus Support We provide McAfee Antivirus Support, McAfee is the famous antivirus, provides security against viruses and malware threats. It is a part of Intel security. Its delivering proactive and proven security solutions to help securing the networks and systems. It protects the businesses from malware and online threats and viruses.

Our services are designed to work in combination with antispyware, antivirus and antispyware software. Free Diagnostics Get a free diagnosticsOpen 24X7 We are 24×7 open95% Resolution 95% Resolution rate30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee McAfee Antivirus Customer Support To meet the requirements of the clients we are available for you 24*7. Common Issues With Mcafee: Lenovo Printer Technical Support Number 1-888-827-9060.

Get Lenovo Printer Support Your PC Assistant is a third party technical service provider for Lenovo Printers. Backed by the team of skilled and experienced professionals who are available for the clients 24*7, are offering technical assistance and helping the clients to solve all the issues and errors they are facing. Call us whenever you face technical glitches while dealing with Lenovo Printer and talk to our customer care executives. They will help you immediately and solves the issues you are facing. What all issues Microsoft Outlook users face? Globally for business and personal purpose the user is using task, calendar and email application of Microsoft Outlook.

But almost all the users are facing issues while using MS Outlook as they are not pro Outlook users and often find themselves in undergoing innumerable hilarious circumstances and ends up messing up with outlook email. In this article we are going to discuss the common issues users face while using MS Outlook and their reasons: Outlook is not responding or opening: This issue may occur due to several of reasons comprises of, a corrupt file, hardware issue, incessant upgradation of software is lacking and memory that has been eaten up by several other computer resources of the computer such as Excel and Word.

Spamming: Your friends and families are complaining that they are receiving unwanted spam mails regularly in their inbox. Lexmark Printer Support Number 1-888-827-9060. Brother Printer Support Number 1-888-827-9060. Review: Acer Aspire AO532h 10.1-Inch Netbook. Acer aim AO532h netbook is supposed to try and do versatile things. Browsing on-line, checking email, sharing photos, maintaining with hottest social networks or taking note of audio area unit the regular employees you discover in it. Actually, AO532h is meant to stay users hooked with a good choice of amusement options. The design is tiny and compact. It combines the supreme skillfulness of the latest Intel Atom N450 processor.

This gets higher with NM10 categorical chipset that includes associate degree economical 6-cell battery. Technical Support Number. Troubleshoot: Epson Printer Utility Setup 1131 Error. Home » Printers » Troubleshoot: Epson Printer Utility Setup 1131 Error Users are advised to go through the scan and repair process first and notify the issues affecting the performance and health of computer, before addressing it. Based on the study of Epson printer set-up Support experts, the user must conduct a daily or weekly automatic scan to protect unexpectedly occurring system issues and to maintain its speed. Top reasons of this issue: The Epson Printer Utility Setup 1131 Error occurs due to a mis-configured system files that is creating registry errors in the operating system.According to a report of Epson Printer Utility Setup technical experts this error further leads to slow down the PC speed, program lock-ups, computer freezing mode and system crashes.When new programs are installed over old ones that too without deleting the old software or are not uninstalled completely then the registry error occurred.It leads to increase of registry pile-up and critical error message.

1-888-827-9060 IE Technical Support Number. Internet Explorer is a default web browser, available in Microsoft Windows. Google Chrome Support Number 1-888-827-9060. Mozilla Firefox Support Number 1-888-827-9060. STOPzilla Antivirus support Number 1-888-827-9060. Your PC Assistant Give best STOPzilla Antivirus Support, STOPzilla Antivirus has gained recognition over the time. Easy to use STOPzilla Antivirus scans and removes the malware and prevents your computer from threats. It has enhanced web filters that are able to protect malicious sites to enter into your system. STOPzilla Antivirus is an antimalware system which diagnose and removes the minor and major malware from computers.

When threats attacks into the computer STOPzilla works as a preventative solution. Known for its various features such as popup blocker, scan scheduler and much more STOPzilla is appreciated all over the world. With Your PC Assistant, keep STOPzilla Antivirus working at top In this digital dominating world at one hand where technology is providing us many things and has become a helping hand, on the other hand many people are taking disadvantage of this technology. Avast Antivirus Support Number 1-888-827-9060. Kaspersky Technical Support. McAfee Antivirus Support Number 18888279060. Lexmark Printer Support Number 1-888-827-9060.

AVG Antivirus Support Number 1-888-827-9060. Online PC Technical Support Helpline 1-888-827-9060.