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Printable Books & Emergent Readers. The Greek Alphabet -=- NTGreek Lessons > Phonology > Lesson 1 > Study Aids > Level One: Animated Greek Alphabet Tutorial Animated Greek Alphabet Tutorial Instructions Choose an alphabetical letter from the list at the bottom of this page that you wish to see animatedly written.

The Greek Alphabet -=-

Each Greek letter is first introduced with its spelling in all Greek capital letters. This will aid the beginning student to see and quickly to learn the Greek capital letters. Animation will repeat until another Greek letter is chosen from the list or if one of the blue navigation arrows is clicked. Ancient Greek & Roman Gods for Kids. Greek gods - Greek Mythology for Kids! Welcome to Illuminations. Interactives.

Publication of the Society for Science & the Public. E is for Explore! Detective Games & Activities for Kids - Solve CSI Mysteries Using Science. Exploring Number Patterns You Make. Ten Steps to Better Web Research. In June 2013, Dulcinea Media will release Teaching Web Research Skills, a research-based multimedia experience that greatly expands upon these Ten Steps.

Ten Steps to Better Web Research

Read this blog post for more information. Educators and parents, please view our presentation on Teaching the Ten Steps. It includes a discussion of research studies and educator advice that informed these Ten Steps. Step 1: The Internet Is Not Always the Best Place to Start Should you start this research project by using the Internet? Many schools offer access to remarkable databases that may be a much better place for you to begin your research. As Joyce Valenza, librarian at Springfield Township High School in Pennsylvania, says, “students must be aware of the full research toolkit available to them.

Furthermore, when you do use the Internet, a search engine may not be the best place to start. Internet Catalogue. Teacher Notes I used to enjoy taking my classes on Field Trips.

Internet Catalogue

Not only did I take them to historical sites and museums but to offices, libraries, courts and even the theatre as well as work sites. Have your students help plan the trip. EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it. Hillsboro R-3 e3: Enrich. Extend. Expand. Kid-Friendly Standards. Because Not All Apps are Created Equal. The Ultimate Guide To Using iPads In The Classroom. How Students Benefit From Using Social Media 14.60K Views 0 Likes A lot of criticism has been leveled at social media and the effect it has on the way students process and retain information, as well as how distracting it can be.

However, social media offers plenty of opportunities for learning and interactivity, and if you take a moment to think about it, it's not too hard to see how students benefit from using social media. 100 Web 2.0 Tools Every Teacher Should Know About 44.24K Views 0 Likes We're always trying to figure out the best tools for teachers, trends in the education technology industry, and generally doing our darnedest to bring you new and exciting ways to enhance the classroom.

Weekend Website #91: 16 Word Study Websites for 2nd Grade. Every Friday, I’ll send you a wonderful website (or more) that my classes and my parents love.

Weekend Website #91: 16 Word Study Websites for 2nd Grade

I think you’ll find they’ll be a favorite of your students as they are of mine. Here’s a list of 16 Word Study websites for 2nd Grade. I’ve used all of these in my classroom. Usually, I create a ‘box of links’ on the internet start page and put them all there, let students pick. Sometimes, we all use one together. Elementary Tech Teachers - A place for elementary tech teachers to share.

12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free. Multi curriculum sites for e learning. Free Learning Materials - Multiple Subjects. Free Stuff for Teachers, Free Kindergarten, Preschool, and Elementary / Primary Teacher Resources. Learn How To Integrate Technology into The Classroom on the Educational CyberPlayGround. AT&TSeeing the Digital Future (1961) 1966 prediction of the home computer for 1999 2013 Pew survey of 2,462 teachers says 73% of students use mobile devices to complete assignments, 45% use e-readers, and 43% use tablets.

Learn How To Integrate Technology into The Classroom on the Educational CyberPlayGround.

Some key points: Tablet sales (all models) are expected to top 191 million units this year. Smaller and cheaper prices are main reasons for increased sales. Operating Systems to develop for are, in order of market share: 1 Google Android 2 Apple iOS 3 Windows RT/8 Smaller devices will dominate, including smart phones, Nooks, Kindles, iPad Mini, and other small tablets. SMARTBoard Activities. Elementary Technology Lessons. 100 Inspiring Ways to Use Social Media In the Classroom. Education technology. Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers.

60 Educational Game Sites That You’ve Probably Never Seen « Tech:-)Happy. The World of Miamiopia - An Educational Virtual World For Kids. 5 Websites Where Kids Get Free Homework Help. When this happens, panic sets in.

5 Websites Where Kids Get Free Homework Help

Usually both parent and child can get frustrated. The child because they feel helpless and without any options to get a good grade, and parents because they feel as though they are inadequate for not having the ability to help. Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities. Math Playground - Online Math Games that Give your Brain a Workout.