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The Grave (TV Series 2019– ) Harmonium (2016) I'm Thinking of Ending Things (film) 2020 film directed by Charlie Kaufman I'm Thinking of Ending Things (stylized in lowercase as i'm thinking of ending things) is a 2020 American psychological drama film written and directed by Charlie Kaufman.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things (film)

#LEMovies rekomenduoja: Geriausi 2020 metų serialai (kol kas) Inside Job (2010 film) Inside Job was acclaimed by film critics, who praised its pacing, research and exposition of complex material.

Inside Job (2010 film)

It screened at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival in May and won the 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. The documentary is split into five parts. It begins by examining how Iceland was highly deregulated in 2000 and the privatization of its banks. When Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and AIG collapsed, Iceland and the rest of the world went into a global recession. 7 šių metų filmai, kuriuos verta prisiminti. Kantemiras Balagovas yra vienas įdomiausių šiandienos režisierių – galėjome tai sakyti po prieš kelerius metus pristatyto „Ankštumo“ (Closeness, 2017), dar drąsiau galime teigti peržūrėjus Kanuose apdovanotą „Ilgšę“ (Beanpole).

7 šių metų filmai, kuriuos verta prisiminti

La Flor. Film La Flor (English: The Flower) is a 2018 Argentine film written and directed by Mariano Llinás [es].

La Flor

With a length of 808 minutes excluding intermissions, it is the longest film in the history of Argentine cinema.[1][2] The film is a joint project by the production group El Pampero Cine and the acting company Piel de Lava, made up of actresses Elisa Carricajo, Valeria Correa, Pilar Gamboa, and Laura Paredes. It premiered at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema. Plot[edit] La Flor is broken into six separate episodes, connected only by an on-screen appearance by Llinás explaining the film's structure.[1] The first four episodes have the beginning of a story but finish in medias res.

The first episode is shot as a B movie, where a group of researchers encounter a mummy and its supernatural curse. Release[edit] Joachim Trier. Joachim Trier (born 1 March 1974) is a Norwegian film director raised in Oslo, Norway.[1] His father, Jacob Trier, was the sound technician of The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, a notable film produced in Norway in 1975.[2] Early life[edit] As a teenager, he was a top skateboarder who began shooting and producing his own skateboarding videos.[2] His passion for film making furthered in his early twenties and this ultimately led to his studies at the European Film College in Ebeltoft from 1995 to 1996 and at the UK's National Film & Television School.[3] His films focus primarily on memory and identity, which he regards as essential themes for cinema,[4] and has expressed that future projects would pertain mainly to his personal interests.[5] Career[edit] He was named as one of the jury members for the "Cinéfondation" and short-film sections of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.[14] In 2018, he served as the Jury President of the 57th Semaine de la Critique at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.[20]

Joachim Trier

Thelma (2017 film) Thelma is a lonely and repressed young woman from an ultra-religious Christian family who has lived a sheltered life under the protection of her father, Trond, and disabled mother, Unni.

Thelma (2017 film)

She struggles to make friends and soon after moving to Oslo to attend university begins to experience unexplained epileptic seizures. When she meets another student, Anja, she discovers that her feelings for Anja trigger uncontrollable psychokinetic powers. While undergoing a brain tomography test to find the cause of her seizures, she begins to think about Anja and as she focuses on her, Thelma's power is set in motion and she unconsciously and unwittingly makes Anja vanish into empty space.

Matilda (1996 film) Young genius Matilda Wormwood is regularly ignored and mistreated by her abusive parents, Harry and Zinnia, and her older brother, Michael.

Matilda (1996 film)

Since infancy, Matilda has displayed an incredible ability of learning and developed a strong sense of independence due to her family often leaving her home alone. To pass the time, Matilda learns the route to the local library to read books and finds solace in the fantasy worlds the books provide. At age six-and-a-half, Matilda begins to lose patience with her parents while expressing a desire to go to school.

Corpse Bride. The film was a critical and commercial success and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature at the 78th Academy Awards.

Corpse Bride

It was shot with Canon EOS-1D Mark II digital SLRs, rather than the 35mm film cameras used for Burton's previous stop-motion film The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). Plot[edit] In a unnamed village in Victorian England,[citation needed] Victor Van Dort, the son of nouveau riche fish merchants, and Victoria Everglot, the neglected daughter of snobbish yet impoverished aristocrats, are preparing for their arranged marriage, which will simultaneously raise the social class of Victor's parents and restore the wealth of Victoria's penniless family. Both have concerns about marrying someone they do not know, but upon meeting for the first time, they fall for each other. Wanting to reunite with Victoria, Victor tricks Emily into taking him back to the Land of the Living by pretending he wants her to meet his parents. The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The film was met with both critical and financial success, grossing over $76 million during its initial run.[3] It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, a first for an animated film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The film has since been reissued by Walt Disney Pictures, and was re-released annually in Disney Digital 3-D from 2006 until 2009, making it the first stop-motion animated feature to be entirely converted to 3D.[4] Plot[edit] Halloween Town is a fantasy world filled with monsters, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, zombies, demons, mummies, vampires, werewolves, and witches. Jack Skellington, the "Pumpkin King," leader of the town, and main protagonist leads them in organizing the annual Halloween celebrations. However, privately Jack has grown weary of the same routine year after year and wants something new. Animus Animalis (istorija apie žmones, žvėris ir daiktus) John Wick (film) 2014 American action thriller film directed by Chad Stahelski John Wick (also known as John Wick: Chapter 1) is 2014 American neo-noir action thriller film directed by Chad Stahelski, in his directorial debut, and written by Derek Kolstad.

John Wick (film)

It stars Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Adrianne Palicki, Bridget Moynahan, Dean Winters, Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, and Willem Dafoe. It is the first installment in the John Wick film series. The film was met with positive reviews, with critics calling it one of Reeves's best performances and one of the best action films of 2014. It grossed $88 million worldwide against a production budget of $20 million. Occupied. With a budget of 90 million kr (US$11 million), the series is the most expensive Norwegian production to date and has been sold to the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Serbia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, and Portugal.[7][8] It is also streamed by Netflix in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Ireland, the United Kingdom, India, Canada, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.[9][10] The series depicts a fictional near future in which Russia, with support from the European Union, occupies Norway to restore its oil and gas production, in response to a Europe-wide energy crisis.

Due to catastrophic environmental events, Norway's Prime Minister has stopped the country's oil and gas production.[11] The series has been renewed for a third and final season.[12] It is expected to air in Scandinavia in autumn 2019.[13] Plot[edit] The Cleaners. Light of My life (2019) Years and Years (TV series) British television series. This Is The Scariest Part Of Netflix’s Veronica. Photo: Film Factory Entertainment One of the biggest names in modern Spanish horror cinema, director Paco Plaza (co-creator of the [REC] films), released his latest movie, Veronica, on Netflix this week with zero advance notice.

Based on a true story, Veronica is a Ouija-board-based horror movie, following a 15-year-old girl named Veronica (excellent newcomer Sandra Escacena) who sneaks into the basement of her Catholic school while all the other students are on the roof watching a solar eclipse (cosmic! Spooky!) So she and two friends can hold a séance. Veronica supplies the dreaded Ouija board — and becomes the accidental vessel of a malevolent spirit when their quick-and-dirty ritual goes better than expected. Bridge of Spies (film) 2015 film directed by Steven Spielberg In 1957 New York City, Rudolf Abel is arrested and charged with spying for the Soviet Union. Insurance lawyer James B. Donovan is appointed to defend Abel, so that Abel's trial will be seen as fair. Committed to the principle that the accused deserves a vigorous defense, he mounts the best defense of Abel he can, declining along the way to cooperate in the CIA's attempts to induce him to violate the confidentiality of his communications with his client.

Abel is convicted, but Donovan convinces the judge to spare Abel the death penalty because Abel had been serving his country honorably, and he might prove useful for a future prisoner exchange; Abel is sentenced to 30 years. In 1960, Gary Powers, a pilot in the CIA's top secret U-2 spy plane program, is shot down over the USSR. Paskelbtas visų laikų baisiausių siaubo filmų topas: ar matėte visus? - Kino klubas.

After the Wedding. The Guilty (Den skyldige) (2018) Gattaca. Gattaca is a 1997 American science fiction film written and directed by Andrew Niccol. It stars Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, with Jude Law, Loren Dean, Ernest Borgnine, Gore Vidal, and Alan Arkin appearing in supporting roles.[4] The film presents a biopunk vision of a future society driven by eugenics where potential children are conceived through genetic selection to ensure they possess the best hereditary traits of their parents.[5] The film centers on Vincent Freeman, played by Hawke, who was conceived outside the eugenics program and struggles to overcome genetic discrimination to realize his dream of going into space.

The film draws on concerns over reproductive technologies that facilitate eugenics, and the possible consequences of such technological developments for society. It also explores the idea of destiny and the ways in which it can and does govern lives. Femme Fatale (2002 film) Mercenary thief Laure Ash (Rebecca Romijn) participates in a diamond heist in Cannes. The plan is for Laure to steal valuable diamonds from the ensemble of a female attendant named Veronica (Rie Rasmussen) while in the middle of seducing her, during which her accomplices "Black Tie" (Eriq Ebouaney) and Racine (Édouard Montrouge) provide various support.

However, Laure instead double-crosses her accomplices and escapes to Paris with the diamonds. In Paris, a series of events causes Laure to be mistaken for her own doppelgänger, a missing Parisian woman named "Lily" (also portrayed by Romijn) who had recently disappeared. While Laure luxuriates in a tub in Lily's home, the real Lily returns and commits suicide while Laure secretly watches, providing Laure the opportunity to take her identity for good, and she leaves the country for America. In an extended twist ending, the entirety of the movie's events after Laure enters the tub in Lily's home are revealed to be a dream. Blow Out. Blow Out opened to minuscule audience interest in 1981; however, it received a mostly positive critical reception. Specialiai DELFI iš Kanų: siaubo filmas su Willemu Dafoe ir Robertu Pattinsonu - DELFI Kultūra. Roberto Eggerso 2015 metais sukurto filmo „Ragana“ („The Witch“) taip ir neparodė Lietuvoje, o gaila.

Tai ne tik buvo vienas ryškiausių metų debiutų. Jei neskaičiuosime Davido Roberto Mitchello „Jie tave seka“ („It Follows“), būtent nuo „Raganos“ prasidėjo savotiškas siaubo filmų renesansas. Culture - Cannes 2019 review: A Hidden Life. Terrence Malick may be one of the most revered of all US filmmakers, but recently that reverence has come from an ever-diminishing group of devotees, while everyone else has been content to ignore him. Specialiai DELFI iš Kanų: radikaliausias „Ypatingo žvilgsnio“ filmas - DELFI Kultūra. Kalbant apie naujausią Alberto Serra’os filmą būtų paranku prisiminti Marquiso de Sade’o „Filosofiją buduare“ arba Piero Paolo Pasolinio kūrybą, bet pirmiausiai į galvą ateina „National Geographic“ dokumentiniai filmai apie naktinį gyvūnų gyvenimą. Mid90s (2018) The War Game. Threads. The Day After.

Svarbu pamatyti: Lietuvoje dar nerodytas Senegalo režisieriaus Djibril Diop Mambéty nesenstantis kinas. Įvyko XXI a. lankomiausio Lenkijos filmo „Kleras“ išankstinė premjera. Deliverance. Moonlight (2016) Before We Die (TV Series 2017– ) Rottentomatoes. Rottentomatoes. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (miniseries) Eighth Grade (2018) Time. Roma (2018 film)

Rottentomatoes. Filmai, kurie praskaidrins 2019-uosius. Ветер, экстаз, вода и нелюди. Лучшие фильмы 2018 года. 10 geriausių 2018-aisiais Lietuvoje rodytų filmų. Знакомства по-советски, нищета пенсионеров, вуайеризм и экокатастрофа в космосе: 10 фильмов об одиночестве. 'We the Animals,' 'Eighth Grade,' 'You Were Never Really Here,' and 'First Reformed' Lead 2019 Independent Spirit Awards Nominations. Cahiers du cinéma's Top 10 Films of 2018 Includes 'The House That Jack Built,' 'Burning' & More. Hold the Dark. Список дня: 25 самых страшных фильмов в истории кино. Woman at War (Kona fer í stríð) (2018) Rottentomatoes. Culture - The 25 greatest foreign-language films. Manhunter (film) Thief (film) The Insider (film)

The Kingdom (film) Collateral (film) ALFA (ALPHA) Du Ančiukai Ir Žąsinas (Duck Duck Goose) Apie hipernormalizuotą mūsų realybę. Sexy Beast. Похождения зубного врача. Sátántangó. I Love Dick (TV series) The Keepers. Tamsiuose distopijos užkaboriuose: 10 filmų apie „kiberpanką“ The Greater Good - Mind Field S2 (Ep 1) Ni juge ni soumise.