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Guest Article: 20+ Amazing Typography Designs. Personally, typography and cool type treatments are my absolute favorite when it comes to design.

Guest Article: 20+ Amazing Typography Designs

There is an endless amount of room for creativity but still somewhat of a structure to follow leading to some real problems to solve and producing some real epic pieces of art. We all know typography has been around forever. But lately there has really been an outburst of some really amazing forward thinkers in the field. It seems that people are really finally grasping onto type as an aesthetic and not so much as… well… just text! Here are some of my favorite pieces to share with you! WhatTheFont!

Build, Share, Download Fonts. Textures Colr Pickr. TypeNavigator. Old School Type – Line Gradients. One of our readers suggested we write a tutorial explaining how to do this cool text effect. On the Dragonforce logo above, the basis of my typography was sketched on paper first and then vectored in Illustrator using the Pen Tool. The process for creating the base logo is not included in this tutorial. Instead, we are going to take the base logo and add that cool “line gradient” effect that you see inside the actual letters. Typography is Sexy: Part 1. Lately I have been surfing around and last night I was totally inspired by some really sexy use of typography. Since there was so much to show, I have decided to break it up into a few different parts – so stay tuned for some more sexy type!

If you have some great examples, shoot them my way and I will try my best to include them in part 2. Hopefully this will inspire you to use type in many different ways. Font Download. Free Fonts. How to install fonts About Icon fonts About Webfonts Submit free fonts Love our site?

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