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Animal Intelligence. The Unknown. Welcome to Skirec Journals Publications. Welcome to Skirec Journals Publications. Get brief details with our scientific journal articles. Welcome to Skirec Journals Publications. Dr.

Welcome to Skirec Journals Publications

Surender Kumar Gupta is Head of MBA Programme. He is an Associate Professor with specialization HRM and Marketing. His work applies on an evolutionary perspective in the field of Management. Skirec. 3 APJ APRIL13 Gurpreet singh. 2 APJ APRIL13 FOZIA. 1 APJ APRIL13 S Sakthivalrani. 4 APJ APRIL13 AMOD. 6 Vijayakumar empowering women in india. 5 B.Sumathisri sc fin cg. 4 Neha Paper Publication Copy. 3 retail hyper market (1)

1 Swatee Employee Engagement' 7 B Siva KUMAR Financial Inclusion in India – The Way Forward.