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Portobello Mushrooms with Kale Pesto Guacamole. These here mushroom thingies are the new black.

Portobello Mushrooms with Kale Pesto Guacamole

The new black, along with lots of bright greens, pops of white and earthy browns. So I guess you can erase what I just said. But not really because I wasn’t meaning it literally, even though two sentences ago made it sound like I was. So I guess you don’t have to erase what I just said. I swear, this post is already a complete disaster. These here mushroom thingies are absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, tow up. And they were a happy accident too! Video dudes were over a couple of weeks ago, ya know, and they brought some extra food props in case we needed some, ya know.

(I totally pet them.) Everything You Never Knew You Needed To Know About Bras. I'm about to get as girly as this blog has ever been, guys, so fellas?

Everything You Never Knew You Needed To Know About Bras

Yes, you - I know you're out there! Yeah, look, unless you're a guy who likes reading about lady boobs and lingerie, you may want to skip this one. Although I promise to throw in some fun geeky bras every now and then, just to keep it interesting: See? Ok, so, the other night I was following a rabbit trail of web links - like you do - and I ended up on this fascinating Reddit forum about bras. You know how you always hear that something like 90% of women wear the wrong size bra? Wrong. Did you know that a bra's cup size changes with its band size?

More stuff I learned: - There are something called "sister sizes," or bra sizes that hold equal amounts of mass. It took me about five solid minutes of staring at that graphic to make any sense of it, but once you get it, it's great info to have - especially if you're in-between band sizes like me. NOT SO. This next one is one of my favorite bits: Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse One-Sheet.

How I Stopped Eating Food : Mostly Harmless. Food is the fossil fuel of human energy.

How I Stopped Eating Food : Mostly Harmless

It is an enormous market full of waste, regulation, and biased allocation with serious geo-political implications. And we’re deeply dependent on it. In some countries people are dying of obesity, others starvation. Look Slimmer in an Instant. Kagan Mcleod Go look in a mirror: See any problems?

Look Slimmer in an Instant

Fix them (and look 10 pounds lighter!) Simply by using these posture-improving moves from physical therapist Bill Hartman. The Problem: Droopy Boobs A weak upper back angles your chest downward. The Fix: Face Pull Attach a rope handle to a high pulley and grasp it with both hands. The Problem: Belly Pooch Weak lower abs and a pelvis that tilts forward push your stomach outward. The Fix: Kneeling Hip-Flexor Stretch Kneel on your right knee, your left foot in front of you. The Problem: Thick Midsection Rounded shoulders compress your ribs and abdomen, making your torso appear wider than it actually is. The Fix: Lying Y Raise Lie facedown with your arms overhead in a Y position on the floor. Get a Flat Stomach: Secret Weapons of Weight Loss. Rodale Images The Abs Diet revolves around a dozen delicious, convenient foods called the Abs Diet Powerfoods.

Get a Flat Stomach: Secret Weapons of Weight Loss

All you need to do is eat the acronym: Almonds and other nuts, Beans and other legumes, Spinach and other green vegetables, Dairy (low-fat), Instant oatmeal, Eggs, Turkey and other lean meats, Peanut butter, Olive oil, Whole-grain breads and cereals, Extra-protein (whey) powder, Raspberries and other berries. Yup, you read that right: You get to eat healthy protein, healthy fats, healthy carbs—there’s hardly anything you need to give up on this program. Ice cream? Sure, have it. These are among the best sources of protein, fiber, and all the other ingredients and nutrients that help fight fat. . * Incorporate two or three of these foods into each of your meals and at least one of them into each snack. * Diversify your food at every meal to get a combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. * Sneak a little protein into each snack. 10 Secrets to Get Skinny Fast. So you want to get skinny.

10 Secrets to Get Skinny Fast

You want to lose weight. Losing weight is great, but before you embark on getting skinny you first need to picture what you really mean by getting skinny. It is important that you have a clear idea about what you have in mind so that you can set a clear and achievable goal. Generally when people talk about skinny people they are thinking about people with an ectomorphic body type. These people have little fat, little muscle and a delicate bone structure. The ease or difficulty with which it takes to get skinny will depend on your body type.What getting skinny means to you should depend on your body type. 1. Do You Know What Causes Pimples? Did you know that the location of your blemish can tell you how it got there in the first place?

Do You Know What Causes Pimples?

Beautylish got the lowdown on "pimple geography" from Dermalogica Director of Global Education, Annet King. Learn why your zits can give you clues about other issues in your body. The International Dermal Institute created face mapping, a skin analysis system that divides your face into 14 zones that you can individually analyze and treat. "The concept came to us one day as we discussed the fallacy of traditional skin treatment," Annet says. "We always taught classes on Chinese face reading and skin analysis, so it seemed advantageous to combine both schools of thought.

10 Make Up Tips to Look Good in Pictures … How to look good in pictures is a question many girls ask.

10 Make Up Tips to Look Good in Pictures …

We want to know how to look good in pictures so we won’t be embarrassed by the pictures we are tagged in on Facebook and other social networking sites. We also want to have cute pictures of ourselves looking, well, cute! Here are 10 tips on how to look good in pictures using make up! These are tips that can be for a professional photographer's shot or even just for your camera phone! Mattes are flat colors.