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ROI 101- Collaboration. In the second of our series of blogs on Return On Investment (ROI) the ZONZA team looks at how collaboration through a Digital Asset Management system can deliver businesses tangible cost savings.

ROI 101- Collaboration

The benefits of increased collaboration might be difficult to quantify but it is within almost every businesses individual interest to maximize. Collaboration at its root occurs when staff work more effectively with each other, are more engaged in the product/ brand they are working for and perhaps (as a consequence) even further motivated to work hard and achieve results for their company. But as an intangible, how would business leaders know if their business had become more or less ‘collaborative’? When it comes to promoting collaboration, we’ve seen all sorts of interesting and sometimes slightly whacky ways of getting staff to work better together.

Zaibatsu : The Global Cloud #IP Traffic ... Page Not Found - Matrix Consulting LLC. Reg Saddler sur Twitter : "Multiferroic heroics put instant-on computing in sight #tech... Next Big Future: Multiferroic heroics put instant-on computing in sight. Uk.businessinsider. Oracle has acquired Datalogix, the data broker company that helps brands and agencies figure out whether consumers who saw their online advertising actually went on to buy products in-store.


It is the latest of a string of recent acquisitions that Oracle hopes will bolster its efforts to take on leading marketing cloud rivals Salesforce and Adobe. What I Learned From Building An App For Low-Income Americans. I was lost in the Bronx.

What I Learned From Building An App For Low-Income Americans

It was my first week as a Significance Labs Fellow, where my job was to create a tech product for some of the American households who earn less than $25,000 a year. In 2013, 45.3 million Americans lived at or below the poverty line, which for a family of four is $23,834. StealthGenie spyware seller fined $500,000 in landmark conviction.

Glowing-keyboard-hacker-security-620x465 A US resident who pleaded guilty to selling StealthGenie spyware online has been handed a $500,000 fine and been ordered to hand over the software's source code to the US government.

StealthGenie spyware seller fined $500,000 in landmark conviction

In September, the US agency arrested the 31-year-old for selling StealthGenie spyware online after Akbar allegedly sold the malware to an undercover agent two years ago. According to the FBI, Akbar was the controller of spyware sellers InvoCode and Cubitium, platforms for advertising and selling the spyware application online. StealthGenie is spyware designed for mobile devices. Microsoft may have accidentally announced that it's buying email app Acompli. is on JustCoz! I'm a Startup - Bringing Together SF Community and Technology Leaders.

Zaibatsu : Lawyers bully redditor for... Lawyers threaten redditor over negative router review on Amazon. Update 5/8/2014 19:44 CT: On Thursday, Mediabridge Products posted an official statement about this incident to its Facebook page, clarifying its position and saying that Amazon has revoked its selling privileges.

Lawyers threaten redditor over negative router review on Amazon

However, Mediabridge subsequently deleted the statement and its entire Facebook presence after receiving negative comments. The Simple Secruity Measure That Could've Stopped Heartbleed Dead. Nielsen buying Harris Interactive for about $117M. Consumer research and TV ratings firm Nielsen agreed to buy market research firm Harris Interactive for about $116.6 million, saying it will help it provide insights to customers.

Nielsen buying Harris Interactive for about $117M

Harris Interactive said Nielsen agreed to pay $2 per share, but the price may change. The per-share amount is 4 percent below Harris Interactive Inc.' Skype turns 10: how the video star changed communication forever. White House defends collecting phone records. WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House on Thursday defended the National Security Agency 's need to collect telephone records of U.S. citizens, calling such information "a critical tool in protecting the nation from terrorist threats. " While defending the practice, a senior Obama administration official did not confirm a newspaper report that the NSA has been collecting the telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon under a top secret court order . The order was granted by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court on April 25 and is good until July 19, Britain's Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday.

38% of companies to adopt a BYOD strategy by 2016. The rise of “bring your own device” is the single most radical shift in business since the PC invaded the workplace.

38% of companies to adopt a BYOD strategy by 2016

In this roundup of Gartner Inc. research, IT leaders find advice and links to address BYOD strategy. Photo-TBR According to a global survey of CIO’s by Gartner Inc. Executive Programmes, by 2016, many companies expect to stop providing client devices (38 percent) to workers. The predicted trend is an outcome of bring your own device (BYOD) programmes advancing across many global organizations. The study titled ‘Bring Your Own Device: New Opportunities, New Challenges’ seeks to address every aspect of the BYOD strategy and assess cost-efficiency.

The BYOD strategy as defined by Gartner Inc. is; An alternative strategy that allows employees, business partners and other users to use a personally selected and purchased client device to execute enterprise applications and access data. Even without the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s Q1 market share reportedly surged. Samsung Samsung (005930) is gearing up for its next major smartphone launch later this month but even without a new flagship smartphone, the company’s global market share reportedly surged in the first quarter this year.

Even without the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s Q1 market share reportedly surged

RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Sue doesn’t officially cover Samsung, but he believes that the South Korean vendor managed to dodge the typical seasonal downturn and show an increase in smartphone market share from Q4 2012 to Q1 2013. VIDEO: GALAXY Note II Camera Features Walkthrough & Tips. Evernote hacked: 50 million passwords reset. LONDON (AP) — Online note-taking service Evernote Corp. has been hacked and is resetting all its 50 million users' passwords as a precaution.

Evernote hacked: 50 million passwords reset

The Redwood City, California-based company said in a post published late Saturday that an attacker had been able to access sensitive customer information and that every user would have their account reset "in an abundance of caution. " In a follow-up email sent Sunday, the company said it believed the attack "follows a similar pattern of the many high profile attacks on other internet-based companies that have taken place over the last several weeks" — an apparent reference of recent breaches at Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc., and Apple Inc.

I can't wait! Google to sell Internet glasses to contest winners. Banjo update, Planwise, Old School Defense - Android app article - Phil Hornshaw. Kicking off today’s apps worth downloading is Banjo, an Android app that locates nearby friends by gathering information from social networks.

Banjo update, Planwise, Old School Defense - Android app article - Phil Hornshaw

Planwise is next, bringing fresh financial strategy planning to your Android tablet. How to Keep Track of Your Post Ideas in WordPress.

Recover Lost Files

BlackBerry 10 Jam Extends To Qatar And Kuwait. Getting the word out about BlackBerry 10 and app development for the new OS is essential now. Australia abandons mandatory Internet filter plan. Flooded data center takes down websites. Logitech K810 Keyboard Can Control Three Devices at Once. It's handy to have a mobile keyboard for your tablet, but wouldn't it be great if your phone could share the love? IFA: Apple's iPhone Tracking In iOS 6.

40 ways to fix your PC before you call an expert. United States of Tech. Weed-killing robot will reduce the need for harmful herbicides. The agricultural innovation can tell the difference between good plants and bad plants. A closer look at the Gigabyte X11, the world's 'lightest' Ultrabook. Path. Flipboard — Now available on iPhone.