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Skin Cleaners

An Exfoliating Treatment to Remove Dead Skin Cells and Unwanted Hair – Skin Cleaners. People always want to get rid of dead skin cells and unwanted hair on their face and they choose lasers and other techniques to remove them.

An Exfoliating Treatment to Remove Dead Skin Cells and Unwanted Hair – Skin Cleaners

But sometimes it can cause hyper pigmentation to those who have too much melanin and some treatments may be painful. Dermaplaning is a safe procedure and nowadays it has become the favorite treatment for physical exfoliation as this is quick, painless and brings immediate results. Virtually painless and highly effective treatment Dermaplaning facials are highly effective and safe physical exfoliation procedure. It requires surgical scalpel (sterile) or small blade to shave gently the outer skin surface and remove the layer of dead skin along with fine hair.

Minimize acne scars and uneven skin tone This physical exfoliation process is good to get rid of the excess fine hair on face which accumulates oil and dirt. Dramatize Your Eyes and Look Fabulous – Skin Cleaners. You can also make yourself look more beautiful by going for brow and lash tinting which will make your eye lashes more thick, long and curly and it is done by applying synthetic eye lash under the natural ones.

Dramatize Your Eyes and Look Fabulous – Skin Cleaners

We offer wide range of customized packages that fulfills all your expectations and provide you with the complete personalized solution to all your beauty needs. Make your day more special Through eye lash extensions, you can make your special day more special with the beautiful long lasting attractive extended eye lashes. The lash extensions which we offer are available in varied curves and thicknesses and you can choose exactly the one that suits you. Our certified beauty experts will find the perfect color match for the clients and they can enjoy with the on trend shades. Get Perfect Shape with Brow Shaping and Waxing – Skin Cleaners. Beauty is every women’s trade mark; no one can steal it from her without her knowledge.

Get Perfect Shape with Brow Shaping and Waxing – Skin Cleaners

The arches above her eyes makes it more stunning beauty than ever. The eyebrows are the most elegant piece of beauty that you can control easily with a regular care. When we talk about eyebrows the first thing come to our mind is their unsymmetrical shape. For a highly beauty conscious woman it is always a trouble at times because they need the perfection to look. The eyebrows are the smallest but the most main element in your beauty. You might have noticed or experienced having one brow, higher than the other, and one thicker than its mate, or possibly an ugly scar or an irrelevant mole on one side. Before we begin you need to understand your face structure, accepting your face structure help you to realize suitability of the brow that you going to have. General steps in an eyebrow shaping: – · Don’t ever try to create an artificial arch.

Advantages of threading, waxing and tweezing: – Like this: Anti-aging Facial For Young Skin. With the hassles of life, career and family, a woman often starts getting least time for herself.

Anti-aging Facial For Young Skin

Also the kind of lifestyle which we are living in adds to a lot of stress in our daily lives that even women in their 30s starts facing range of skin problems like the appearance of fine lines, dark circles, changing skin tone and other symptoms of skin aging. So it is essential for a woman to go for anti-agingfacials to restore her healthy and glowing skin. Best anti-aging treatment for women One should develop the habit of using anti- aging products too in the daily skin care routine. Women can rejuvenate and relax their skin with the highly personalized treatments for skin care. Reduction in signs of aging in minimum possible time The skin care experts are highly committed to impart extraordinary skin care services to clients and maximize their skin’s radiance with the reduction in the signs of aging.

Achieve miraculous results with anti-aging treatment. Anti-aging Facials. Using the best of both natural remedies and advanced medical solutions, our skin care services pamper and nourish your skin to restore your natural healthy, glowing complexion.

Anti-aging Facials

Delicate Wash – $65 Natural FacialThis holistic approach to natural skin care starts with pure and gentle, but effective organic ingredients to address your individual skincare concerns. Our Skincare Specialists integrate comforting aromatherapy tailored to your needs with gentle, relaxing massage to soothe the body and mind from the inside, out. This perfectly delicate facial is a mild option for all skin types to detoxify, brighten and tone the skin, revealing a luminous, glowing complexion and a tranquil state of mind. Softening Wash – $75Deep Hydrating Facial Our Softening Wash Facial is a deeply hydrating facial that focuses on targeting, dull dry and dehydrated skin.

Control Lock – $80 Acne Prone Skin Facial Our Control Lock facial is a targeted approach to acne care. Wrinkle Control – $95 Oxygen Wash – $110.