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Enterprise mashups bring IT, LOB collaboration to BPM. Increasingly, multiple applications are combined using enterprise mashup tools with the goal of streamlining Business Processes Management (BPM).

Enterprise mashups bring IT, LOB collaboration to BPM

Serena, IBM, Cordys and others have begun to offer enterprise mashup tools, furthering the trend. Enterprise Mashups - The Icing on your SOA. Enterprise Mashups: New Book Highlights the Patterns. Although mashups started out in the consumer space, their success makes a migration into corporate IT environments inevitable.

Enterprise Mashups: New Book Highlights the Patterns

Firms exploring this new software development model may struggle at first to understand the importance of mashups from a corporate perspective. In the upcoming book, Mashup Patterns, author Michael Ogrinz provides a collection of use-case driven patterns intended to explain the value of enterprise mashups to both technical and non-technical readers. Enterprise Mashups - The Icing on your SOA. The DilemmaI have been spending a lot of time recently learning about enterprise mashups.

Enterprise Mashups - The Icing on your SOA

The new startup that I am working for is building a SaaS solution that will be consumed by various types of customers and partners. These customers and partners may want to consume our data services as a RSS feed, gadget, SMS message, web page, within a portal or portlet, or a number of different ways. I do not want to spend the rest of my life developing new output mediums for our services. Instead, I would rather spend my time adding new business services to enhance our product and service offerings hence contributing to the bottom line. As you can see, we have clearly abstracted the various layers within the architecture and they all inherit our overall security policies. The Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog: Free Enterprise Mashup Software by. Creating mashups on the Google App Engine using Eclipse, Part 1:

Network Blogs. Adobe readying new mashup tool for business users - Network Worl. IDG News Service - Adobe is developing a mashup interface code-named "Genesis" that will allow business users to pull together "workspaces" that combine assets like business application data, documents and analytics, along with collaboration tools such as instant messaging.

Adobe readying new mashup tool for business users - Network Worl

Users will be able to download a free desktop-based client, while Adobe will provide a hosted sharing and collaboration infrastructure, "allowing users to adopt Genesis without or only minimal involvement of the IT department," according to a blog post by Matthias Zeller, group product manager. Despite the advent of Web 2.0-era tools like wikis, most enterprises haven't gone much beyond the old standbys, such as e-mail and voicemail, Zeller said. That said, other vendors, such as IBM, have been moving to provide mashup technologies to business workers. Get Iceberg! Develop Custom Applications Without Coding. News from the mashup trenches. I’ve neglected this blog for a while, and now it’s time to get back to it.

News from the mashup trenches

I didn’t think changing jobs would have much of an effect on my blogging output. Wrong again, Shaw. These days I have to do my reading and blogging mostly after hours, and that does change the dynamic. What takes priority, doing laundry, weeding the garden, helping with homework, balancing the checkbook, playing fetch with the dog, splitting wood, or...writing this blog? The Ultimate Yahoo! Pipes Creations List - ReadWriteWeb. Mashups turn into an industry as offerings mature. There were a great many product announcements at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco last month, but it was the number of announcements around Web-based mashups in particular that received a large share of attendee and media attention.

Mashups turn into an industry as offerings mature

By my count there were at least nine significant announcements in this space, many around the business flavor of this emerging new type of ad hoc Web applications. These are often referred to as enterprise mashups and the growing number of offerings in this space run the gamut from Web widget assembly platforms for end-users to data-only swizzlers and remixing applications created specifically for IT professionals. And its a space that is expected to grow into a serious one in the next five years. Mash Maker. Mashups: The next major new software development model? At last week's Mashup Ecosystem Summit held in San Francisco and sponsored by IBM with an invited assemblage of leading players in this space, I gave an opening talk about the current challenges and opportunities of mashups.

Mashups: The next major new software development model?

What Is WOA? It's The Future of Service-Oriented Architectu. The need for businesses to open up their silos of information and internal capabilities to their internal customers has become an increasingly pressing issue as organizations strive to increase operational efficiencies and innovate more effectively with existing resources in the business and technical climate of early 2008. And in the last couple of years, as exposing uniquely powerful sets of data to online business partners has moved into the mainstream in the form of open Web APIs , opening up our IT systems across the Internet has become a competitive imperative as well.

Unfortunately, despite two decades of experiments in heavyweight software engineering (the alphabet soup of EAI, SOA, ESB) for solving these types integration problems, we've seen relatively marginal improvements for most implementors despite heavy investments by businesses large and small. In short, integration between the systems running our business still isn't happening at the levels we need.

Tools for Creating Mashups. Make Mashups Using Your Own Data with geoXtract - ReadWriteWeb. GeoXtract is a powerful tool that allows you to integrate your own data with Google Maps or Google Earth.

Make Mashups Using Your Own Data with geoXtract - ReadWriteWeb

Using this desktop application, you can create a personalized map with no programming experience required. Using your own data source, which can be an Excel Spreadsheet (.xls), Access database (.mdb), or Comma-Separated Values file (.csv), geoXtract walks you through the process of creating a mashup. The program uses a wizard that helps you with the data selection, configuration, processing, and publishing of your data into either Google Maps or Google Earth. » The 10 top challenges facing enterprise mashups. Applying mashups in a business settings is often referred to as "enterprise mashups" and recently we've finally begun to see the tools emerging to bring real mashup capabilities to consumers, business users, and IT professionals. However, though anecdotal evidence seem to abound -- there are a good number of stories about businesses creating isolated mashups here and there -- and mashups are again getting placed on hot tech trends lists for 2008, we're clearly still not yet seeing the flood of mashup-based apps inside of organizations despite their consistent and steadfast growth on the consumer Web.

ProgrammableWeb's mashup graphs (left of page) currently reports that over 2,400 mashup-based apps currently exist. So what exactly is holding back enterprise mashups from becoming a more popular phenomena inside our organizations? The top 10 challenges facing enterprise mashups in late 2007 No commonly accepted assembly model. The evolution of the SOA, Part 1: Web 2.0 and foundat. Mashup Camp 2 Registration. » Gartner’s top 10 technologies for 2008: SOA precursors; fabric. Gartner outlined its top 10 strategic technology areas for 2008 and many roads lead to service oriented architecture.

The top 10 is off to the right and there aren't any huge surprises. Half-Baked or Mashed: Is Mixing Enterprise IT And The Internet A. The Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog: Implementing SOA without Enterprise. The Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog: Defining Mashups. The Enterprise Web 2.0 Blog: Optimal Architectures for Consumer.