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Ubuntu Mobile takes on Apple touch interface. Ubuntu Mobile Canonical today hoped to preempt all comers today with news of Ubuntu Mobile.

Ubuntu Mobile takes on Apple touch interface

Its first Linux variant aimed at handhelds, the software is tailored for the Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) expected to launch in spring based on Intel's Silverthorne technology and is designed to recognize basic iPhone-like gestures such as swiping to scroll through menus and websites. Linux for Beginners. Tablet PCs, Pen PCs and Convertibles with Linux. An overview of Linux installations on Tablet PCs, NotePads, WebPads, PenPCs, SmartDisplays, Convertibles and Slates.

Tablet PCs, Pen PCs and Convertibles with Linux

At the bottom of this page there is a survey of Linux applications and drivers useful for TabletPCs. *) available pre-equipped with Linux submit a new entry Documentation. Linux on a tc4200. Creating a Dual-Boot Windows XP and Ubuntu Laptop. By Kevin Farnham 05/08/2006 Transforming an XP Laptop into a Dual-Boot XP/Ubuntu Linux System Notebook computers are generally preloaded with Windows XP, but for those of us who do considerable work in the Linux environment, a Windows-only notebook is far from ideal.

Essentials, 2006 edition [dive into mark] Linux Newbie Guide: Shortcuts And Commands. Linux Shortcuts and Commands: Linux Newbie Administrator Guideby Stan and Peter Klimas This is a practical selection of the commands we use most often.

Linux Newbie Guide: Shortcuts And Commands

Press <Tab> to see the listing of all available command (on your PATH). On my small home system, it says there are 2595 executables on my PATH.