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K-Beauty Vloggers

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My favorite YouTube Vloggers who keep me in the know vis-a-vis Korean Beauty trends.

They tell it like it is.

Joan Kim. Gothamista. Here's my highly requested updated morning skincare routine!


Although I rotate between a few products and am always trying out new things (one by one), these are my favorites that I keep going back to. My dependable staples that have changed my skin for the better and have allowed me to get more out of my skincare with fewer products. I've spoken a lot about these products in previous videos. Again, this is just what I do everyday and what works for me. Everyone has different needs and preferences and I'm just sharing mine. Meejmuse. Subscribe 😍 | instagram 📷 meejmuseI've wanted to do this for so long - take you guys makeup shopping!


So happy that I was finally able to do so in this episode of Streets of Seoul. Come with me to Myeongdong for an exclusive shopping tour of some of my favourite Korean makeup brands and products! I hope this helps some of you who are planning to visit Korea and don't know where to start, or just to see what kind of makeup and brands there are over here. Good news is that if you go to places like Myeongdong, everything is right at your fingertips.. and all lined in one street! Don't forget to listen to the shopper tips in the interviews at the end of the video for things I didn't even know that you should know! PONY Makeup. Chriselle Lim. TheBeautyBreakdown. Sunnydahye. 헤이즐 Heizle. Comprendre les Produits de Beauté Coréen. Best Korean Beauty Blogs. Dayeong's Beauty DrawingWhat’s been your most popular video?

Best Korean Beauty Blogs

"My most popular video is a fake lash tutorial. Fake eyelashes shouldn’t look fake. In Korea, we almost never just slap on a strip of falsies.