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Bradley Manning

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9 Essential Questions About Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks. January 7, 2011 | Like this article?

9 Essential Questions About Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Both the award-winning documentary film director Michael Moore and the celebrated whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg have called 22-year-old U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning a hero in the fight for free information. Even in his cell, his activities are strongly restricted. Why is Manning kept in solitary confinement? The official justification for Manning's pretrial conditions is his classification as both Maximum Custody Detainee, the highest level of military detention, and POI (prevention of injury) Detainee. What made Manning leak the secret information? Manning has faced accusations of recklessly threatening homeland security. Who is Adrian Lamo? Lamo is a hacker, convicted of a felony in 2004, for hacking into the New York Times.

Bradley Manning Suffering Extreme Isolation Prison Torture by Our Goverment. December 23, 2010 | Like this article?

Bradley Manning Suffering Extreme Isolation Prison Torture by Our Goverment

Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email. Last week, Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of giving classified materials to Wikileaks, spent his 23rd birthday in the brig of the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia. He has been convicted of no crime, but endures the kind of highly restrictive detention that's usually reserved for the most dangerous criminals in America's supermax prisons. The circumstances of Manning's detention gained prominence last week after Salon's Glenn Greenwald wrote a scathing exposé of what he called “conditions that constitute cruel and inhumane treatment and, by the standards of many nations, even torture.” Manning also has a “Prevention of Injury” (POI) order that requires him to be constantly monitored by guards, and prevents him from having normal bedding. Solitary confinement is an assault on the body and psyche of an individual.

Bradley Manning's health deteriorating in jail, supporters say. Bradley Manning, the suspected WikiLeaks whistleblower.

Bradley Manning's health deteriorating in jail, supporters say

Photograph: Associated Press As Julian Assange emerged from his nine-day imprisonment, there were renewed concerns about the physical and psychological health of Bradley Manning, the former US intelligence analyst suspected of leaking the diplomatic cables at the centre of the storm. Manning, who was arrested seven months ago, is being held at a military base in Virginia and faces a court martial and up to 52 years in prison for his alleged role in copying the cables. His friends and supporters also claim they have been the target of extra-judicial harassment, intimidation and outright bribery by US government agents. According to David House, a computer researcher from Boston who visits Manning twice a month, he is starting to deteriorate. Manning, House added, was no longer the characteristically brilliant man he had been, despite efforts to keep him intellectually engaged.

Some friends report being followed extensively. Collateral Murder. Bradley Manning Support Network. If Words Could Kill. I want people to see the truth… regardless of who they are… because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”— Bradley Manning Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.— George Bernard Shaw Ever since WikiLeaks became a household name this past summer, following the release of 77,000 secret U.S. documents relating to the ongoing occupation and destruction of Afghanistan, many American politicians and pundits have been calling for blood.

If Words Could Kill

Despite then-top military commander General Stanley McCrystal’s own admission in March of this year, the U.S. military in Afghanistan has “shot an amazing number of people” even though “none has ever proven to be a threat,” the ire resulting from the activities of WikiLeaks is directed at the whistle-blowers themselves, rather than at those actually implicated in war crimes as shown by the leaked documents. The U.S. On the same day, another 2012 Republican presidential hopeful wished for the assassination of Assange.