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Skateboard Guide

Choosing the perfect skateboard -- whether for yourself or your child -- can be an arduous task.Skateboard Guide is perfect solution for your all skating problem.Get best skateboard,Skates & all other accessories under this with all reviews or helping guide which helps you to choose the best for you.

Skatro Mini Cruiser 22" Skateboard Review. Skatro is mini cruiser skateboard is 22×6 inch retro style plastic board.this is exactly like penny board. It is just only a mini cruiser not a typical skateboard. Not just it is much smaller skateboard than a traditional skateboard, but it’s deck is made with a injected mold plastic. The impressive thing with this top skateboard is that it is extremely versatile because in ride it behaves like a longboard and a skateboard – the perfect hybrid board. While riding on this board, you will be impressed with its smooth ride, fast speeds, and its ability to take turn in quick speed.

Specifications of Skatro Skateboard Material : Plastic Color : Pink, black, white, green, blue Dimension : 22*6*3 inches Weight : 7 pounds Bearing : ABEC-7 Wheel : 59MM Urethane Skatro wheels Truck : 3 inch Aluminium alloy Wheel : 59 mm urethane wheels Features of Skatro Skateboard The Skatro Flexy Technology has its own manufacturing unit that ensures optimal flex on every Skatro Board. Pros Cons Conclusion. Best Skateboards 2017 Reviews | Top Longboards For Beginners. Looking for the Best Skateboard? Skateboarding is an action sports game for freedom. It is a game which is used for riding and performing stunts using a top quality skateboard. The skateboarding game can also be supposed to be a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a medium of transportation for a person to take him one place to other within the college campus, street, etc. just for fun and enjoy.

Longboarding game is popular among youth that emphasizes to show creativity and individuality on the longboard, which is perfect for them. Top 4 Longboards For Boys Comparison Chart Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard52mm Urethane Krown Graphic Wheels Dimension : 5 x 7.5 x 31 inches KPC Pro Skateboard Complete52mm Krown Graphic Wheels Dimension : 3.5 x 7.5 x 31 Inches Powell Golden Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard54mm PGD Super High Rebound Dimension : 4.7 x 8.6 x 31.4 Inches High Grade Urethane Wheels Dimension : 27 x 9 x 4.5 Inches Best Boys Skateboards Krown Rookie Complete Longboard. Evernote shared notebook: Skateboard Guide — Skateboard's Blog. Published What you want to do with skateboard? The skateboard is a gadget that has not lost popularity over the years. On the contrary, on the roads, in parks or in special skateparks you can meet more and more young people trying on their boards .

At the beginning, skateboarding requires proper coordination of movement. Then it's just pleasure. If you are planning on skateboarding, remember the address of our website.Then Skateboard Guide is a right place, We write about the things that are necessary for every beginner. With our tips you will not only master the basics but also improve your riding technique . If you are looking for the right equipment for you , please check out the Skateboard Guide. Good skateboarding requires a sense of humor. For more information, check out the below links : Skateboards. Skateboard Guide.