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Sector 9 - Longboard Skateboards and Apparel
Night Skateboards Welcome to the home of Night Skateboards. At Night Skateboards, we specialize in custom longboard skateboards. These Skateboards are no toys. Night Skateboards
Orangatang Wheels - Store - carving, longboard and race wheels built with orange juice and smiles
spacetime bending machines - composite skateboards
C-Style Custom Cruisers — Home Well im still not back to building yet, but will one day, but i have been getting requests about making some customs obviously cant do that if i dont have a shop setup, but ive also been asked about if i have any old stock that i still might have. Well here’s all that i have left (except for a couple decks i kept for myself If interested in any of them there available for $100 shipped anywhere in north america for any of the decks apart from the little wannabes which are $60 and the fullsize dancers which are $110 shipped.
Munkae Trucks
Tracker Skateboard Trucks » Bushings
Hello Skaters, Welcome to a new year of skating. This will be my 15th and final year building skateboards. I also made an announcement of the Subsonic Facebook page and there are some nice comments there. I will be looking for a suitable successor during this year to purchase my brand and take it to the next level. Subsonic Skateboard Company Subsonic Skateboard Company
EarthWing Skateboards NYC


まず最初に 『テレクラ』と言われても、いまいちぴんとこない方は多いでしょう。特に十代、二十代の方はさっぱり分からないのではないでしょうか。テレクラというのは八十年代から九十年代半ばにかけて最盛期を誇った風俗店形態の総称です。内容としては、女性から電話がかかってきて、気に入った相手が見付かれば実際に会うという流れになっていました。店舗は狭く、あるのは電話機のみであるという一見風変りな営業形態でしたが、電話を利用する風俗というのが時代に合っていたのか、この風俗形態は驚異的な勢いで流行したのです。 SAYSHUN