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Capital is moving into the Concierge Medicine Space - CONCIERGE MEDICAL CARE  March 05, 2013 | Dow Jones Newswires | Capital is moving into the concierge medicine space, where two acquisitions (by Procter & Gamble in 2007/09 and DaVita HealthCare Partners in 2012) have signaled big-acquirer interest.

Capital is moving into the Concierge Medicine Space - CONCIERGE MEDICAL CARE 

Some of the early-mover entrepreneurs have had to change their business models in the face of cold market realities, but the sector does not seem likely to labor under a capital constraint. Among the big-payoff possibilities: regulations governing new insurance exchanges to be set up under the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, aka Obamacare, may make room for concierge medicine-catastrophic insurance combination packages.

In concierge medicine, a doctor receives a monthly fee paid by patients–or on their behalf by an employer. The recent shift to employer-sponsorship instead of self-pay is one of the more important changes in the concierge model. But Qliance has had to adapt its model. n1 Health Inc. comes in somewhere between the two models. Mahkota Medical Centre » Message from CEO. We constantly strive for improvement and pay attention to the needs of the populace and customers.

Mahkota Medical Centre » Message from CEO

In the past 5 years, we have upgraded our facilities and attracted consultants of good standing, in order to become a one stop centre to serve your healthcare needs. Patients have also feedback that they feel at home when in Mahkota, and that is what we hope to continue to offer you: our Mahkota warmth. For our overseas patients, we hope to continue to impress on you the Malaysian hospitality and high standards of healthcare. The numbers of overseas patients visiting us for their healthcare needs have continued to grow, and we thank you for your support. We are also continuing to expand the scope of how we can contribute to the community. With your support, we have been garnering awards for our efforts, including the most recent Brand Laureate SME Best Brands Signature Awards 2012, awarded by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF).

Home - Sweett Group. YTL Communications. Iris Technologies. Telsoft. Telsoft consults for major telecommunications carriers and regulators.


We develop strategies to enhance profitability of industry which faces the need to transform through todays rapid global transition. Public-private partnerships are becoming a primary engine for delivering core social infrastructure. Telsoft assists executives in industries and across tiers of government to visualise, plan and manage networks that will support the full range of emerging applications for information technologies. A key task for businesses is how to utilise complex technical systems to enhance market reach, competitive edge and resource efficiency. How to Get Free and Low Cost Prescription Drugs - Prescription Drug Assistance. If you are uninsured or your insurance does cover your prescriptions, getting the medications you need can be expensive.

How to Get Free and Low Cost Prescription Drugs - Prescription Drug Assistance

This is especially true if you have cancer. Let's say you have a prescription for chemotherapy, but it cause stomach upset, so you need a anti-nausea medication to go along with it, then the chemo has caused you to become anemic, so you need a prescription for an iron supplement. The list can go on and on. The bottom line is that the prescriptions costs for a cancer patient paying out of pocket can exceed a mortgage payment!

World map - Novo Nordisk A/S. Information about cookies A cookie is a small text file, which is placed on your computer or other device.

World map - Novo Nordisk A/S

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Home - Prime Numbers Technology. One of the hottest topics in the travel industry today is data.

Home - Prime Numbers Technology

The increasing amount of data in the industry makes easy-to-use and intuitive data analytics software more important than ever. The effective visualization and freedom to interrogate data for deeper trend analysis is not just nice to have, it’s critical. Otherwise, clients have travel reporting, but no data intelligence. Prime Numbers Technology (PNT) is an independent provider of data analytics technology and the driving force behind the industry-leading travel benchmarking and analytics tool known as Prime Analytics. The PNT team developed Prime Analytics to provide clients with the key to unlock the power of their data! Health Management International Limited. Fresenius Medical Care - Home. Fresenius Medical Care North America is a major provider of kidney dialysis services and renal care products.

Fresenius Medical Care - Home

We provide products, dialysis care services, education and support for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), including treatment options for later stage CKD. Our dialysis care services include hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, education tools and transplant support services, in-center, at home, or in a hospital, to fit our patients' needs. Customer Experience Management and Live Chat Software. PMCare 4 U. Profile of PMCare PMCare Sdn Bhd (“PMCare”) is a BPO provider specialising in management and administration of the corporate clients’ medical benefits extended to their employees and eligible dependents.

PMCare 4 U

PMCare was incorporated on under the original name of HMO Pacific (1998) Sdn Bhd as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1965 to take over the business of HMO Pacific Sdn Bhd (“HMOP”). HMOP was the pioneer to bring the concept of managed care into in 1995. Pursuant to a corporate restructuring exercise, we changed our name to Pantai Medicare Sdn Bhd which was subsequently renamed as PMCare on . MATTA Portal : The National Travel Association : - Home. AZMI BURHANI CONSULTING. Azmi Burhani Consulting provides a range of research support services with health economics and outcomes research as a niche speciality area.


Other key services are technical research, strategic research, training, education and support. Our list of clients includes multinational pharmaceutical companies, government agencies as well as academic institutions. Strategically based in Malaysia, Azmi Burhani Consulting is a pioneer in the fields and adds unique value to the Asian region. As a private organization, we are better able to understand the business needs of our clients.

Cancer Commons. Who We Are. We’re the world’s largest PR firm – thousands of talented employees connecting, informing and creating inspiring work around the globe.

Who We Are

We recalibrate brands to broaden awareness, reframe global positions and re-connect with core customers. Our business is to help you form relationships and effectively engage. S Offices in Malaysia. Kidney disease and dialysis information - DaVita. My Allergy Test. HIMSS Asia Pacific. HIMSS is a cause-based, not-for-profit organization exclusively focused on providing global leadership for the optimal use of information technology (IT) and management systems for the betterment of healthcare. HIMSS Asia Pacific brings this mission to the region, where the Society is working to lead change in the healthcare information and management systems field. more >

Sparking health care transformation through innovation. About Infoway. Electronic Locks for hotels by VingCard. Visitor health insurance and pre existing coverage from India Network Health Insurance, USA. Medical Marketing Consultants - Health Care Marketing Consultants - Doctor Marketing Consultants. Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad.

NanoEntek. Hospital Management System l Electronic Medical Records l Laboratory Software. Hospital Providers Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Ancore_一芯科技. SkyQuest Technology Group: A Global Aggregator and Accelerator of IP Assets & Technologies. Smarter Analytics Tutorial. Ukuya. Welch Allyn Medical Diagnostic Equipment Our experts provide you with the best experience in health care. - Health Care Finland.

EcuaMed Health & Wellness Travel. TEE Intellectual Property Malaysia: Trademark and Patent Services, Patent Agent Law Firm, Patent Grant Search. Home - Fisher & Paykel Healthcare. Global Doctors. Home. HCMA Consulting. 2 Symposium II - Prof Dato’ Dr Syed Mohamed Aljunid (Malaysia).pdf (application/pdf Object) Firstep Bioresearch, Inc. Track and manage your health information – Microsoft HealthVault. 7 health data privacy and security trends to track in 2012. Happy Leap Year! We’re jumping into a challenging 12 months — lawsuits are up, budgets are down, and advances in technology have made protecting medical data a whole lot harder. Our list of top trends in 2012 reveals difficulties ahead; read and proceed with caution. 1. More data breaches, bigger impact.

The new benchmark study by the Ponemon Institute finds that the frequency of data breaches in healthcare organizations surveyed has increased by 32 percent since 2010, with hospitals and healthcare providers averaging four data breaches a year. Web based EMR / EHR - Medical Imaging. Specialty-specific solutions to meet your practice’s specific needs Our web-based EHR/Online EHR and Practice Management Solution is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of small and medium-sized practices with specialty-specific templates that further ensure maximum efficiency for your practice. Waiting Room Solutions offers a variety of powerful functionality, specifically built for specialties. The system includes specialty templates and ICD/CPT codes for every discipline. Online Appointment Scheduling. Third Party Administrator. Fresenius Medical Care Internet. OZ wellness centre      chelation therapy ozone therapy curing diseases EDTA Cancer Aids.

Advanced Sensors, Instrumentation, and Software for Data Acquisition, Research, and Clinical Rehabilitation - Biometrics Ltd. Healthcare Systems & Services Practice. Consulting, Career, and HIPAA secure network for doctors. Yahoo! Time Engineering Berhad.

Global IT Services and Solutions Provider. Long-term care insurance and integrated care for the aged in Japan. Understanding the Costs and Benefits of Health Information Technology in Nursing Homes and Home Health Agencies: Case Study Findings. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Andrew Kramer, MD, Angela A. Richard, MS, RN, Anne Epstein, PhD, Dennis Winn, MA, BSN, RN, and Karis May University of Colorado, Denver Division of Health Care Policy and Research June 2009 PDF Version: (124 PDF pages)

Medical Devices

Dental. Printing. Healthcarecosts. SEDCO Corporate Website. Blood Pressure Monitors and Telemedicine Products Buy Online Now. Health Care Companies. Teo & Partners Dental Surgery l Your Precious Smile Boutique. Military Moms Breastfeeding in Uniform Stir Controversy. Photo: Brynja SigurdardottirAt a time when breastfeeding in public is already controversial, pictures of two military moms doing so while wearing their uniforms is sparking outrage.

The photo is part of a local breastfeeding awareness campaign by Mom2Mom of Fairchild Air Force Base, a support group launched in January by Crystal Scott, a military spouse and mother of three. Among the intimate close-ups of smiling young mothers cuddling their adorable babies, the images of the two airmen stand out. InvestKL Malaysia. MyMediConnect - Personal Health Record (PHR) - FREE, Secure, Online. New Portable Personal Health Record (PHR) Makes a Life Saving Last Minute Holiday Gift. 911 Medical ID - The Portable Personal Health Record (PHR) 0602nhiirpt. Google Health's Demise Shows Limitations of PHR Market - Features. Since the early 2000s, personal health records have been touted as a way to improve care coordination and empower patients.

Despite the buzz around PHRs, adoption rates have remained relatively low. A 2010 survey from the California HealthCare Foundation found that only 7% of U.S. residents are using a PHR. Untitled. MALAYSIA: Plastic Card, Membership Card, PVC Card, ID Card, Loyalty Card, Discount Card. NEHTA - National E-Health Transition Authority -


Amsika. Pearltrees videos. Help. GIL COMMUNITY. American Association for Clinical Chemistry.