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Google FeedBurner. Aea365 Monitoring Blogs. I’m Susan Kistler, AEA’s Executive Director, and I contribute each Saturday’s post.

aea365 Monitoring Blogs

Since we started aea365 on January 1, I’ve received questions about how we monitor readership. Rad Resource: Feedburner is a free tool from Google through which you can ‘feed’ the content from your blog to track subscribers. It takes 2 minutes to set up and blog readers will be able to subscribe via email or RSS. Feedburner tracks subscribers (green line below) and how many people view or take action each day (blue line) either in the aggregate or by individual post.

From Feedburner, we learned that we gain 3-4 new subscribers on average each day. Google Fusion Tables. Google Refine. Aea365 Google Refine. Googel Analytics. Surveillez l'activité de votre site au moment même où elle a lieu : identifiez immédiatement les éléments performants et ceux qui ne le sont pas.

Googel Analytics

En savoir plus Vos investissements dans les médias sociaux méritent mieux que des tâtonnements. Procurez-vous des données et des informations directement exploitables. En savoir plus Découvrez comment vos canaux marketing interagissent pour générer des ventes et des conversions. Aea365 Website Analytics. Google Alerts. Aea365 Google Alerts. Google Docs. Google Web Forms.