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LiveTextViewer. Xi Jinping and David Cameron hold talks at Chequers. More sjb geograpyh. Ethiopia drought 'leaves 10 million without food' Image copyright AFP Ethiopia's government has increased to 10.1 million the estimated number of people who desperately need food aid because of a drought.

Ethiopia drought 'leaves 10 million without food'

More than half of them are children, Save the Children says. The drought, blamed on the El Nino weather phenomenon caused by Pacific Ocean warming, was the worst in 50 years, the charity added. In November, the UN children's charity put the number of Ethiopians threatened by hunger at 8.2 million. The government has launched a huge national effort, allocating nearly $200m (£130m) to deal with the food crisis, says BBC Africa correspondent Alastair Leithead. But with 10.1 million people - or a tenth of the population - affected by a failure of both harvests this year in parts of Ethiopia, more international aid would be needed, he adds.

Save the Children said an "emergency response" to deal with the crisis could cost $1.4bn. Several other African states - including Malawi and South Africa - have also been hit by drought. What is your 21st Century social class? Image copyright PA Within a week of its publication in 2013, roughly one in five of the British adult population - about seven million people - had clicked on the BBC's Great British Class Calculator.

What is your 21st Century social class?

Now, using fresh analysis of the original data, here is some more food for thought. Zuma says China-Africa co-operation 'win-win' Image copyright AFP South African President Jacob Zuma says closer ties between Africa and China will be a "win-win" co-operation.

Zuma says China-Africa co-operation 'win-win'

In his closing remarks at a major summit between China and Africa in Johannesburg, he said both sides wanted to "prosper together". On Friday, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced $60bn (£40bn) of assistance and loans for African states. Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy. As the world gathers in Paris for the daunting task of switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy, one small country on the other side of the Atlantic is making that transition look childishly simple and affordable.

Uruguay makes dramatic shift to nearly 95% electricity from clean energy

In less than 10 years, Uruguay has slashed its carbon footprint without government subsidies or higher consumer costs, according to the country’s head of climate change policy, Ramón Méndez. In fact, he says that now that renewables provide 94.5% of the country’s electricity, prices are lower than in the past relative to inflation. There are also fewer power cuts because a diverse energy mix means greater resilience to droughts. It was a very different story just 15 years ago.

The town of women. Population growth explained with IKEA boxes. Will saving poor children lead to overpopulation? a2-level-level-revision, sociology, world-sociology, sociological-explanations-development-under-development, dependency-theory. The neo-Marxist dependency theory rejects the view that the people of LDCs are responsible for the failure of their societies to develop.

a2-level-level-revision, sociology, world-sociology, sociological-explanations-development-under-development, dependency-theory

Instead, Andre Gunder Frank, the leading dependency theorist, suggests that lack of development is because Western nations have deliberately under-developed them. Global capitalismFrank argues that there exists a global system of capitalism in which core nations such as the USA and UK exploit what Frank calls the peripheral nations or LDCs. The periphery is kept in a state of dependency and under-development because the developed world requires cheap raw materials and labour.

Frank argued that this relationship of exploitation and dependency occurred historically through slavery and colonialism, and continues today through Western dominance of theinternational trading system, the practices of multinational companies and the LDC’s reliance on Western aid. MyCorridor - Official Investment Gateway : Malaysia Economic Corridors. Don't take our word for it, have a look at what is running and upcoming in Malaysia Economic Corridors.

myCorridor - Official Investment Gateway : Malaysia Economic Corridors

Eigg: the answer to Britain's housing crisis? Less than six miles long and 3.1 miles wide, the little isle of Eigg might not seem the likeliest solution to Britain's housing crisis.

Eigg: the answer to Britain's housing crisis?

A craggy rump perched off the north-west coast of Scotland, it is mostly home to eagles, midges and sheep. Around 90 humans make up the numbers. Twenty years ago, one of them was a bizarre businessman called Keith Schellenberg. Crisis on Canna as Hebridean island's population falls to 11. It seemed the invitation of a lifetime, to live on a beautiful Hebridean island barely a mile wide, with no street lights, no pubs and no noisy roads.

Crisis on Canna as Hebridean island's population falls to 11

Eurozone economy slows in third quarter. Image copyright Getty Images Economic growth in the eurozone slowed to 0.3% in the third quarter of the year, latest figures have shown.

Eurozone economy slows in third quarter

The rate was lower than expected, and compared with a pace of 0.4% recorded in the previous quarter. The pace of expansion in Germany, the eurozone's largest economy, slowed, but France returned to growth. The European Central Bank (ECB) is widely expected in December to expand its stimulus programme, which aims to lift inflation and support growth. Higher imports.

Why Cameron is pulling out all the stops for India's Modi. Image copyright AFP The leader of the fastest growing large economy in the world is visiting Britain.

Why Cameron is pulling out all the stops for India's Modi

No, President Xi Jinping of China isn't back for second helpings from the Buckingham Palace banquet, this time it is the Indian prime minister who is stopping by. India has overtaken China to take the top spot in the tables of international economic good health and David Cameron is getting ready to roll out the red carpet for Narendra Modi. Mr Cameron will be pulling out all the stops. Mozambique declared free of landmines.

Mozambique has removed its last known landmine after two decades of work to get rid of the explosives. Close to 171,000 landmines were removed, according to the Halo Trust, a British charity that led the clearance. The landmines were left after a long fight for independence followed by a civil war. Many were planted up until the 1990s. Saudi Arabian stock market to open to foreign investors. Saudi Arabia's stock market will open up to foreign investors for the first time, the country has announced. The move, which should happen in the first half of 2015, sparked a 3% rise in the Tadawul index on Tuesday. The Saudi market is the biggest in the Middle East and the second biggest in the world, next to China, that is closed to direct foreign investment.

Currently, foreigners can only gain exposure to Saudi stocks through derivatives and investment funds. After the market is opened up, foreigners will be able to buy Saudi stocks directly on the Tadawul. Saudi Arabian stock market to open to foreign investors. Home. Obama and Netanyahu strike hawkish tone on US military aid to Israel. Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu met for the first time in a year on Monday, pledging to spend much of their meeting discussing ways to expand US military aid to Israel.

Putting aside recent disagreements over Iran and Palestine, the US president and the Israeli prime minister struck a hawkish tone during opening remarks in the oval office. “Israel has shouldered a tremendous defence burden over the years and we have done it with the generous assistance of the United States of America,” said Netanyahu, who is thought to be pushing for an existing 10-year deal struck by George W Bush that is worth a total of $30bn to be replaced by a substantially more generous one once it expires. While White House officials have been playing down expectations of completing their negotiations on the size of the new 10-year military aid package during this week’s visit, Obama made clear there was no question it would be renewed. “I want to make it clear that we have not given up our hope for peace. Camilla brandishes knife at Prince Charles during Australia tour - BBC.

Britain should stop wasting money on foreign aid. Look at Holland, governed by a coalition led by one of David Cameron’s closest European allies that includes the Dutch Labour Party. This small nation prides itself on its free-thinking, its generosity and its internationalism, so 40 years ago became the first country on earth, alongside Sweden, to hit the sacred UN target. Just five years ago it was spending significantly higher levels. Little wonder it was ranked by an influential think tank as the rich nation most committed to development. Yet under pressure of austerity at home, the Netherlands had a rethink about whether this target-led approach represented best value for taxpayers. Mapped: What are the most globalised countries in the world? Top most globalised countries in the world Outside of Europe, the most globalised countries are Singapore, Canada and Australia.

These nations had scores of 87.5, 85 and and 81.6. 22 of the world's most 25 most globalised countries were European, while 20 of them were part of the European Union. The UK came 19th in the rankings, with a score of 82.96, down from 11th in 2000. It ranked just above France, which had a score of 82.65 in 2012. Over the last 10 years, the globalisation score of the UK has decreased by 2.7 per cent, indicating a slow down in how globalised the country is. Why India is increasing its UK investments. Modi visit: 'Big ambitions' for UK-India relationship. India's PM Narendra Modi and David Cameron have "big ambitions" for UK-Indian relations, the UK PM has said. Speaking at a joint press conference at the start of Mr Modi's visit to the UK, Mr Cameron announced deals between UK and Indian firms worth more than £9bn.

India PM visit; HMRC restructuring. Britain to forge links with private sector to make profit on aid. While leading a British business delegation to Tanzania, Miss Greening announced a new departure for UK aid. Montreal begins massive sewage dump into St Lawrence river. Image copyright AP Montreal has begun a controversial dump of 8bn litres (2.1bn gallons) of raw sewage into the St Lawrence River. Ethiopia's property and infrastructure boom. Japan brings kaizen philosophy to Ethiopia. 24 March 2014Last updated at 20:17 ET By Paul Melly BBC News, Ethiopia. Addis Ababa launches modern urban rail service.

Why Ethiopian women are having fewer children than their mothers. Ethiopia has seen a massive cut in its fertility rate, from an average of seven children per woman in the 1990s to 4.6 currently. GEOCASES: Case Study: London Docklands: An Update. Introduction In an attempt to tackle the problems that have arisen in East London (dereliction, poor housing, high unemployment, poverty), national government has for over two decades directed considerable investment into the area and published planning policy guidance to help co-ordinate development activities. Percentage of global population living in cities, by continent. Since 1950 there has been a huge worldwide increase in the percentage of population living within cities.

Environmental Issues in Chile - Moon Travel Guides. It's Not Easy Being Green: Impressions From Curitiba : Sustainable Cities Network. Posted in Movements, Research by Kate Archdeacon on April 27th, 2011 Source: Core 77. Sustainable City - Curitiba, Brazil : Sustainable Cities Network. London air pollution 'worst in Europe' World's urban waste mountain a 'silent problem that is growing daily'

En Route To Cleaner Air: Urban air pollution management in Santiago, Chile. How mobile tech is flowering in the land of 'keepy-uppy' How is Mexico City changing? Share your stories and photos. Melbourne's urban sprawl: just how big can the city get? Santiago rubbish management. Global Development Professionals Network. Taiwan and China to hold historic summit in Singapore. London 0, Hull plenty: how is life in England's only 'affordable city'? Plan to tackle urban deprivation. Rural lifespan in Scotland 'outlasts urban'

Plan to tackle city deprivation. Urban village projects announced for Belfast and Londonderry. BBC Bitesize - Higher Modern Studies - Urbanisation in China. North Korea: State TV promotes solar-powered bus. Russia: Reality TV show offers factory jobs as prize. Ebbsfleet: Model garden city? New homes focus for urban areas.

World Cities :Urbanisation/Urban Growth in China. Summary ppt. The Evolving Urban Form: Suburbanisation in an LEDC,Manila grows into the suburbs and beyond. Google services set for 'return' to China. Linfen: how China's Chernobyl turned the corner. Training India's millions of unskilled workers. Fog causes major disruption to flights at UK airports. UN: Climate plans must go further to prevent dangerous warming. Las condex in Santiago de Chile selects Proactiva for its waste collection services.

BBC Bitesize - Higher Modern Studies - Urbanisation in China. Using The New Sim City, 6 Urban Planners Battle For Bragging Rights. Data shows air pollution in Scotland is reaching dangerously high and illegal levels. Air quality and pollution. Chicken parties and other ways the world's poorest people raise money. Does foreign aid work? Money may be tight, but 'smart aid' to developing countries can really work. Why foreign aid fails - and how to really help Africa.

Why trying to help poor countries might actually hurt them. Chinanumbers June 2014. Climate Change: Mekong Delta heads for troubled waters. Will it be win-win on Britain's big China gamble? The 'model' example of China's one child policy. China invests £5.2bn in UK projects - BBC News. David Cameron 'will raise Chinese steel subsides in talks' - BBC News. China two-child policy not valid until March, government says.

Taking stock of China's five year economic model. China's New Zealand farm-buying runs into opposition. Explainer: What was China's one-child policy? Xi Jinping plays down China's economic 'growing pains' Chinese-built reactor at Bradwell could have 'major impact' on estuary. OEC - Products imported by the United States (1995-2013) Bolivian army step in as bakers go on strike. UN court rules it can hear Bolivia sea dispute case. Protesters cut access to Bolivian city of Potosi. The Bolivia Information Forum. Caparo steel group to cut 452 jobs across UK sites.