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DIY - Concrete Garden Edging - Quiet Corner. Looking for an inexpensive, lasting way to set apart your planting beds?

DIY - Concrete Garden Edging - Quiet Corner

Use these steps to make concrete garden edging in any length you wish. Always affordable and at once both decorative and functional, concrete garden edging effectively defines garden beds, tree surrounds, and driveway curbs, their versatility enabling you to match any landscape contour. DIY - How to Make Outdoor Bench - Quiet Corner. Every porch needs a bench, at least that’s what Steve and I decided the other day.

DIY - How to Make Outdoor Bench - Quiet Corner

Actually Steve has had the concept for this bench in his head for awhile. He wanted to make something without screws and hardware . . . completely with adhesive. Yet he had some other qualifications as well – the bench had to be modern, inexpensive, load bearing (no falling apart please), and look great. This outdoor bench meets all those qualifications and more! And it was quite a coincidence that we were flipping through a Williams Sonoma Home catalog the other day and found this Larnaca Outdoor Coffee Table that looks somewhat similar, yet has one BIG difference. HomeMade Modern EP46 Concrete Fire Pit. Build Your Own Curved Fire Pit Bench. Oh yea, fall is here.

Build Your Own Curved Fire Pit Bench

Time for fire pit hangs. Nothing like sitting around with friends warming yourself with a fire and a stiff drink (like hot cocoa with extra chocolate...or a whiskey neat). Laura has a great backyard fire pit she put in a couple weeks ago. Last week we braved the elements (It was down in the 60s and drizzling. I almost had to put a hoodie on.) and built a bench.

The build took about two days, which included the trip to Home Depot for supplies, which came to about $125. Supplies:-pressure treated lumber (1 by 6s (for seating), 4 by 4s (for legs), 2 by 6s (for framing))-2.5" exterior screws (get the big box, we had to get more because I got the small box)-5-6" exterior lag bolts (to attach back rest braces)-paint or stain Tools:-circular or miter saw (I just used a circular saw)-straight edge/speed square-drill-sander-pencil Step One: The first thing I did was figure out what the heck I was doing. HomeMade Modern DIY Outdoor Concrete Bench. Cement Planters from Recycled Packaging. I started making these one of a kind eco planters for gifts a year ago and haven’t stopped.

Cement Planters from Recycled Packaging

They are simple, stylish and downright lovable. It is not an instant gratification project and you will have to commit but the results are well worth it. I like to make about six at a time. Here’s what you need: Tools: Gloves Apron Food containers Plastic Bucket Shovel 3 – 9 x 12 pieces of sheet metal or plexiglass. Ingredients: Cement (any kind. it is the glue that binds the other ingredients) Vermiculite Add for fun: peat moss, pearlite, gravel or rock You can use sand instead of Vermiculite to make concrete, but the planters become very heavy. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Plant with and succulent and enjoy!!! How to Install a Stone Walkway.

HomeMade Modern EP55 Concrete Bar. How to Make a Concrete Fire Feature. Build a Modern Concrete Fire Pit from Scratch. I can't pretend to learn something regarding construction from someone who doesn't know how to use a shovel properly, one of the most basic tools. to dig a hole, start with one single shovel scoop, the most difficult one. every successive shovel should dig into the cavity you've just created, working backwards. there is no need to use a pick to soften the dirt before shoveling. i stopped the video at that point. also plywood should have been used, not 2x4 for the walls of his form.

Build a Modern Concrete Fire Pit from Scratch

Flagged There are plenty of things people build that I look at and go, "interesting idea but I totally would have built it differently. " If the only people we can ever take anything from are the ones who do it perfectly the first time (or do it exactly the way we would) well... seems like there'd be a lot less inspiration out there.