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Project for Public Spaces. GE FOCUS FORWARD - Short Films, Big Ideas. Une forêt comestible de 3 hectares se développe à Seattle. L’une des plus grandes forêts comestibles au monde établies sur un espace public pousse actuellement à Seattle.

Une forêt comestible de 3 hectares se développe à Seattle

Fort de quelque 100 bénévoles, le projet vise à créer selon le principe de la permaculture un agrosystème autonome de 3 hectares. La Beacon Food Forest offrira des bénéfices environnementaux, économiques et sociaux très concrets aux habitants de la ville. Première récolte attendue pour 2014. © Beacon Food Forest Aux confins du nord-ouest américain, non loin de la frontière canadienne, la ville de Seattle voit germer une forêt qui pourrait faire un peu d’ombre au mondialement célèbre Central Park de New York.

Jouxtant le Jefferson Park au cœur du quartier de Beacon Hill et située à 4 km du centre ville de Seattle, la Beacon Food Forest était à l’origine en 2009 un projet de fin d’étude. 120.000 dollars de subventions municipales allouées en 2010 et 2011 lui auront permis de voir le jour. Des fruits à tous les niveaux. Énergie simple pour tous a tout les prix !! SpontaneousInterventions. Tactical Urbanism. Présentation du Collectif des déboulonneurs.

Accueil du site > Documents essentiels > Présentation du Collectif des déboulonneurs Le Collectif des déboulonneurs lance une action d’envergure nationale contre le système publicitaire.

Présentation du Collectif des déboulonneurs

Il s’est crée en 2005, en région parisienne. Arne Quinze. Uchronia.

Arne Quinze

A wonder of wood and fastenings that arches overhead in defiance of what a temporary structure is thought to be. This work of art, created by Arne Quinze was a creature of Burning Man Festival 2006. Yes, that was some time ago, but it hasn’t really been spoken much about. Street artists see the city as their canvas. Photo: Allison SamuelsOne night in June, a young artist in cutoff jeans and paint-spattered Nike high-tops was walking down Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, a neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Street artists see the city as their canvas

In his hand, he carried one of the main tools of his trade: a bucket brimming with wallpaper adhesive. He planned to use the stuff to affix a giant copy of one of his linoleum-cut prints to a nearby building. Suddenly, up drives one of New York City’s finest, lights flashing and sirens blaring. “I told him I was going to my studio,” says the artist, who works under the pseudonym Gaia. “But he knew what I was up to — I mean, why the fuck else would I be walking around with five gallons of glue? Riskier Street = Safer Streets? This is a community post, untouched by our editors.

Riskier Street = Safer Streets?

Source: nurpax, For most of us, when we’re walking in the city, the safest place to be is on the pavement or sidewalk. However a new movement in urban street design, called ‘Shared Space’, is challenging this kind of thinking. Shared Space streets aim to reduce the dominance of cars by getting people and vehicles to share the road space. Controversially, this sometimes includes removing kerbs so that there is no physical demarcation between the pavement and the rest of the street. Riskier street = safer streets? The new research examined a range of streets, from traditional streets with kerbs to ‘Shared Surface’ streets, where it is hard to tell where the pavement ends and the carriageway begins, such as New Road in Brighton. Lower vehicle speeds;Removing kerbs;More people walking in the carriageway, which is encouraged by shared space design. Colibris en Villes. Urban Art & Urban Transformation: Maik ter Veer. Using urban environments as integral part of artistic expression and experimentation, the festival is considered one of Amsterdam's major catalysts of urban renewal.

Urban Art & Urban Transformation: Maik ter Veer

The former NDSM shipyard, host of PICNIC Festival 2011, has been the setting for a number of the city's most flamboyant and visually stunning events such as the "Time, Rhythm and Transformation" bonanza in 2007 and "the Fenix Orchestra" in 2010. Robodock's firebirds enchant and rejuvenate everywhere they perform. Robodock has chosen PICNIC as the venue from which to reveal their 2012 plans: a utopian communal art project to build the organisation's nomadic home of the future. All aspects of the project embody organic building processes, grassroots initiatives, agility and sustainability. Artificial Trees Clean Boston’s Air / Treepods Initiative – Influx Studio. Boston’s TREEPODS INIATIVE proposes to embody, and artificially enhance, the most important biological characteristic of natural trees: the capacity to clean the air, taking the CO² and releasing O².

Artificial Trees Clean Boston’s Air / Treepods Initiative – Influx Studio

Boston’s TREEPODS INIATIVE is a sustainable project leaded by Influx_Studio and ShiftBoston. The aim ff this collaboration is to allow the achievement of Boston’s global goals in terms of carbon reduction programs in the short time, giving us enough time to make the change from the present fossil fuel economy into a new Zero carbon energy economy. The proposal could be define as a CO2-scrubbing living machine. Treepods may well redesign in an urban radical new way our polluted urban environment, interacting with natural trees, and enhancing its carbon absorption capacity.

In that way, those artificial trees don’t replace the natural ones, but they act like small urban “air cleaning infrastructures”. Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine. De pire EMPIRE.

PArkur épreuves éléments

Shareable: Sharing by design. Social Arts Network - SANe: the Social Arts NEtwork. Take Action. Global Oneness Project. How to Make Moss Graffiti (9 pics)