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Traditional Children's Games, England Scotland Ireland vol 2- contents Pg. Turkish Children’s Games. Even today Turkey is predominantly rural.

Turkish Children’s Games

Though the intrusion of both indoor and outdoor foreign games such as cards and football has taken away much of the popularity that traditional games and sports once enjoyed, and other games have been lost as a result of the weakening of local cultures, throughout Turkish villages one can still see both adults and children amusing themselves in their leisure with identical games, and these traditional games vary greatly from village to village.1 Since peasants and children are among the most obstinate conservators of traditional usage, the study of their legends, anecdotal material, certain fragmentary meanings and actions, and the rich game vocabulary still extant can help to reveal the connection of many games with primitive forms of ritual and their original functions. One of the most important aspects of folk games is vocal or verbal expression.

Another important dimension to be considered is the occasion and functions of the games. IBEXES (see tag: oyun kuramı) Games - (see esp Parlour Games) The Problem Site: Problem Solving and Educational Games.