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Guide to A Level Revision. Top tips for revision success. Revision ideas 1 638. Ten top revision tips. 3 Start early The mind is much more alert first thing in the morning.

Ten top revision tips

Also, it means you can get your day's revising out of the way by lunchtime. Start with the subject you like least, while your powers are still at their strongest. 4 Request reinforcement In the form of a two to five-day, non-residential revision course, at one of the permanent colleges run by Alpha Plus (020 7487 6000; or Mander Portman Woodward (020 7835 1355;, or at one of the 22 different school locations hired by Justin Craig Education (0845 060 6555; Alternatively, you can attend revision courses run by Harrow School (020 8426 4638; or Clifton College in Bristol (0117 315 7669; You get 12-18 hours of small-group tuition, starting at around £350 per subject. 5 Cut radio contact Otherwise known as switch off your mobile phone. 6 Forge alliances 7 Fly in mercenaries. Note taking. Time Management Bookmark. Time Management powerpoint.

Exams — Brightside. Pre-exam preparation There are a few simple things you can work through before and during your exams.

Exams — Brightside

Being prepared and calm in advance will greatly increase your chances of success on the day. How your brain tricks you into thinking cramming works A survey of how people study for exams shows that nearly 50% of young people will cram the night before. But is this the best way to study? Dealing with exam stress Reduce the panic and become better at exams with these easy to follow tips.

Different types of exam Knowing the type of test you’re going to be taking can be as important as knowing the answers. Four tips to improve your exam technique Good exam technique helps to make sure your hard work gets recognized. Exam re-marking explained Got a bad result you don't think you deserve? Three ways to get more out of your revision You can make your revision more effective without spending extra hours on it.

How To Master Your Time. The secret to time management is simple: Jedi time tricks.

How To Master Your Time

Imagine you were a Jedi master called Bob (your parents, whilst skilled in the ways of the force weren’t the best at choosing names). The love of your life – Princess Lucia – is trapped in a burning building as you hurry to save her. You might think of Lucia as the embodiment of your dreams, your aspirations – she is your most important thing. Unfortunately, before you can reach her an army of stormtroopers open fire. The incoming stream of lasers demand your attention – if you fail to dodge them, you’re dead. We all know how a hero resolves this dilemma. And so it is with your life. The secret to mastering your time is to systematically focus on importance and suppress urgency.

Look at what you spend your day doing. Here's Why Writing Things Out By Hand Makes You Smarter. Typing is fast.

Here's Why Writing Things Out By Hand Makes You Smarter

Handwriting is slow. Weirdly, that’s precisely why handwriting is better suited to learning. Take it from research psychologists Pam A. Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel M. Oppenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles, who did a fascinating study investigating just how terrible laptops are for note-taking in classrooms. Earlier studies have argued that laptops make for poor note-taking because of the litany of distractions available on the internet, but their experiments yielded a counterintuitive conclusion: Handwriting is better because it slows the learner down.

By slowing down the process of taking notes, you accelerate learning. It works like this. As learning science has discovered, if you’re not signaling that the material is important to your brain, it will discard the lecture from memory for the sake of efficiency. But if you are taking notes by hand, you won’t be able to write down every word the speaker says. The result? Save your Brain. Beat Mass Distraction.