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Database Journal: Microsoft Sql Server Administration News, Arti Marcin Policht reviews security related challenges of Microsoft Azure Software as a Service-based SQL Database, focusing in particular on the SQL Server and database-level firewall access control functionality and methods that can be employed to implement it. Greg Larsen provides a quick primer of the new Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) to help you better understand and manage your In-Memory OLTP tables and your Instances that support In-Memory OLTP tables. PowerShell provides a command-line shell and scripting language (built in the .NET Framework) especially designed for administrative task automation and configuration management. Read on to learn how to manage Windows services related to SQL Server, either on a local machine or remote machine, using PowerShell cmdlets. Database Journal: Microsoft Sql Server Administration News, Arti
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TopStyle TopStyle For many of us, NetNewsWire was the inspiration to quit our jobs, get serious about learning Objective-C, and go indie. The fact that we have the opportunity to become a part of its story is a dream come true. Also check out John Gruber’s interview with Brent Simmons and Daniel Pasco for an in-depth look at the deal. And some of my own thoughts on NetNewsWire .
Latest Versions: 5.0 for Mac OS X 4.6 for Windows (5.0 under development) Platforms: Mac OS X 10.5/10.4 Style Master CSS Editor for Windows and Mac OS X Style Master CSS Editor for Windows and Mac OS X
Tutorials, demos and projects in Ajax (XMLHTTPRequest) Programmi Ajax Project - Tabbed Page Interface Didn't find what you want? Try our search There are quite a few Javascript implementations of tabbed interfaces out there on the web. How much better, though, to be able to change from pagetab to pagetab without a page refresh? Here's an example of a tabbed interface using Ajax to load the new pages. Tutorials, demos and projects in Ajax (XMLHTTPRequest) Programmi
Esta especificación define el Lenguaje de Formato de Documentos para Hipertexto (HyperText Markup Language, HTML), el lenguaje de publicación de la World Wide Web. Esta especificación define HTML 4.01, que es una versión de HTML 4. Además de las características relativas a texto, multimedia e hipervínculos de las versiones anteriores de HTML (HTML 3.2 [HTML32] y HTML 2.0 [RFC1866]), HTML 4 soporta más opciones de multimedia, lenguajes de scripts, hojas de estilo, mejores capacidades de impresión, y documentos más accesibles a usuarios con discapacidades. HTML 4 también da un gran paso adelante hacia la internacionalización de los documentos, con la intención de hacer la Web auténticamente universal. HTML4 es una aplicación de SGML conforme al estándar internacional ISO 8879 -- Standard Generalized Markup Language [ISO8879]. Esta sección describe el estado de este documento en la fecha de su publicación. Especificación HTML 4.01 Especificación HTML 4.01
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Translations: be, da, de, es, fr, hi, hr, is, ja, kr, pl, ru, sr-latin, sr-cyrillic, th, uk, vn, zh-hans, zh-hant W3C's Editor Amaya is a Web editor, i.e. a tool used to create and update documents directly on the Web. Amaya Home Page Amaya Home Page
CSSED - Editor CSS This is the home page of cssed a GTK2 application to help create and maintain CSS style sheets for web developing. cssed is a small developer editor and validator, that tries to ease the CSS editing. It is an Open Source project, it means that you can download the program but also its source. It features syntax highlighting, syntax validation, MDI notebook based interface, quick CSS properties and values insertion, auto-completion and dialog-based insertion of CSS complex values. CSSED - Editor CSS
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Este artículo es una guía básica sobre AJAX e incluye dos ejemplos. ¿Qué es AJAX? AJAX (JavaScript Asíncrono y XML) es un término nuevo para describir dos capacidades de los navegadores que han estado presentes por años, pero que habían sido ignoradas por muchos desarrolladores Web, hasta hace poco que surgieron aplicaciones como Gmail, Google suggest y Google Maps. Las dos capacidades en cuestión son: AJAX:Primeros Pasos - MDC AJAX:Primeros Pasos - MDC
Hands-on AJAX Tutorial with AJAX Examples Hands-on AJAX Tutorial with AJAX Examples What is AJAX AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It allows you to build web applications and involves at least 3 technologies: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) for your web pages JavaScript, and XML (Extensible Markup Language) for the data. Even though it is possible to write code using any text editor or even Notepad, it is time-consuming and error-prone. JavaScript Editor is a tremendous AJAX editor: use it for effortless JavaScript, HTML and XML design.
¿Necesitas visitas? ¿No sabes como conseguirlas? Toda aquella empresa o particular que pretenda hacer negocio en Internet deberá potenciar al máximo la promoción de su sitio web en la Red. El primer paso, realmente indispensable, es el alta en buscadores de todo el mundo (Google, Terra, Yahoo, Altavista,, MSN...), para que los internautas puedan encontrar sus páginas cuando realicen búsquedas de contenidos sobre los productos y servicios que usted ofrece. Es recomendable que esta alta en buscadores se haga dentro de una estrategia de marketing on-line para su sitio web, que incluirá otras acciones como la colocación de banners (anuncios) en páginas cuyos contenidos sean complementarios a los de su empresa, el posicionamiento en buscadores, etcétera. Añadimos tu web en más de 150.000 buscadores Alta en Buscadores Gratis, tu web en mas de 40 buscdores
Asynchronous Javascript + XMLCreating client-side dynamic Web pages Ajax is only a name given to a set of tools that were previously existing. The main part is XMLHttpRequest, a server-side object usable in JavaScript, that was implemented into Internet Explorer since the 4.0 version. XMLHttpRequest was developed by Mozilla from an ActiveX object named XMLHTTP and created by Microsoft. The use of XMLHttpRequest in 2005 by Google, in Gmail and GoogleMaps has contributed to the success of this format. But this is the when the name Ajax was itself coined that the technology started to be so popular. Ajax & XmlHttpRequest
Getting Started with Ajax A List Apart is pleased to present the following excerpt from Chapter 27 of Web Design in a Nutshell (O’Reilly Media, Inc., third edition, February 21, 2006). —Ed. The start of 2005 saw the rise of a relatively new technology, dubbed “Ajax” by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path.
Adding "OpenInNewWindow" option to SharePoint Links li Forward A very common question that pops up in the SharePoint newsgroups, list servers, and blogs surrounds the issue that the SharePoint Links Web Part doesn’t provide the option to open new links in new widnows. Many people have come up with their own work-around solutions. Todd Bleeker has a good solution that involves using the Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) in his Dashboard Web Part series, but you have to add the CEWP to every single page.[2] Wouldn’t it be nice if it was part of the solution OOTB on every new site you created? Of course!
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