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Msdn. D4OLAP 2. D4OLAP 3. D4OLAP 4. D4OLAP 5. Microsoft Live Labs : Volta. Your guide to! Microsoft ASP.NET QuickStart Tutorial. Learning ASP.NET for the ASP Developer, Part 1. By Neel Mehta 09/20/2004 The combination of the .com boom of the '90s and the success of Microsoft's ASP technologies created a huge number of ASP programmers.

Learning ASP.NET for the ASP Developer, Part 1

The weaknesses of ASP are now well known, and the ability to translate ASP knowledge into a new platform is often the desire of many of these ASP programmers. This is the goal of this article. This article is presented in three parts. In this first part, we give an introduction to ASP.NET and provide a motivation for the framework. This article will show how you can leverage your knowledge of classic ASP to master ASP.NET.

(Our intent is not to show you how you can take ASP code and, line by line, convert it to work in the .NET framework. Throughout this article, we borrow heavily from the "right-brain" learning paradigm together with your existing classic ASP skill set to explore and understand how to code in ASP.NET. Let's Start with HTML Say we want to display a list of books and their prices in a table like the one shown below: Requisitos del sistema para .NET Framework. The tables in this topic provide the hardware, operating system, and software requirements for the .NET Framework 4.5 and the .NET Framework 4.5.1.

Requisitos del sistema para .NET Framework

Development environments that enable you to develop applications for the .NET Framework have a separate set of requirements. For download information and links, see Installing the .NET Framework 4.5, 4.5.1. Notes: Windows 8 includes the .NET Framework 4.5, so you don't have to install it separately. Visual Studio .NET 2003 Readme (parte 1) Este artículo contiene la parte 1 del archivo Léame de Visual Studio .NET 2003.

Visual Studio .NET 2003 Readme (parte 1)

Para la parte 2 del archivo Léame, haga clic en el número de artículo siguiente para verlo en Microsoft Knowledge Base: ( Visual Studio .NET 2003 Readme (parte 2) Este documento contiene las notas de instalación de Visual Studio .NET 2003. Para las notas de instalación más recientes, consulte el en pantalla de Visual Studio .NET 2003 archivo Léame en ( Crear aplicaciones Web ASP.NET. ASP.NET is supported on Windows 2000 (Professional, Server, and Advanced Server), Windows XP Professional, and the Windows Server 2003 family for both client and server applications.

Crear aplicaciones Web ASP.NET

In addition, to develop ASP.NET server applications, the following software is also required: Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server with Service Pack 2, Windows XP Professional or 64-Bit Edition, or one of the Windows Server 2003 family products. MDAC 2.7 for Data Internet Information Services Note XML Web services created using ASP.NET support the same platforms supported by ASP.NET. XML Web service clients, however, are supported by all platforms supported by the Microsoft .NET Framework. On the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family, ASP.NET is installed as a role on the operating system.