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Fadedoasis: misterbookseller. 2010-02-24-determinism.png (PNG Image, 588x819 pixels) - Scaled (80%) Draw Your Way across a Cliff! Something Awful Media > Comedy Goldmine Draw Your Way across a Cliff!

Draw Your Way across a Cliff!

Tuesday, Sep 01, 2009 by Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller Needle. Eizo X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar. Eizo X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar Just when you thought models could not possibly get any skinnier… Eizo, a manufacturer of medical imaging equipment, has released a revealing new calendar to promote their wares.

Eizo X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar

The Eizo X-Ray Pin-Up Calendar is at once hilarious and inventive, a most creative way of promoting their brand to their clientele and beyond. Hat’s off to BUTTER, the Berlin-based advertising agency who came up with this little stroke of genius for Eizo. 100614_cartoon_123_a14953_p465.gif (GIF Image, 465x299 pixels) Mr. Fish: Take It From Bert - Mr. Fish's Cartoons. The_tell_tale_beat.png (PNG Image, 740x360 pixels) November 22, 1991 on GoComics.