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Chuck Feeney - Wikipedia. Quay (film) - Wikipedia. Leslie Isben Rogge - Wikipedia. Leslie Isben Rogge[1] (born March 8, 1940) is an American criminal.

Leslie Isben Rogge - Wikipedia

He is the first FBI Top Ten criminal to be apprehended due to the internet.[2] Biography[edit] Rogge was imprisoned at the United States Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, in the 1970s for car theft and grand larceny.[4] He was later convicted and sentenced to 25 years for a 1984 bank robbery in Key Largo, Florida. Roanoke Colony - Wikipedia. Former colony in present-day Dare County, North Carolina, United States Lane's colony was troubled by a lack of supplies and poor relations with the local Native Americans.

Roanoke Colony - Wikipedia

While awaiting a delayed resupply mission by Richard Grenville, Lane decided to abandon the colony and return to England with Francis Drake in 1586. Grenville arrived two weeks later and left a small detachment to protect Raleigh's claim.[1]:70–77 In 1587 Raleigh sent White on an expedition to establish the Cittie of Raleigh in Chesapeake Bay. The Mandela Effect. Human memory is a peculiar thing, at once astonishing in its scope and power and dismaying in its fallibility.

The Mandela Effect

There’s much we don’t know about how memory works, but suffice it to say it isn’t perfect. Particularly vexing is the phenomenon of false memories, erroneous or unconsciously fabricated recollections of past events that feel so real and true that people who experience them refuse to accept evidence to the contrary. Psychologists call the phenomenon confabulation. The term is used clinically to refer to memory defects experienced by patients with brain damage, and also to describe everyday phenomena like embellishing the truth when recounting events and inventing facts on the fly to fill in gaps in memory.

We begin bombing in five minutes - Wikipedia. Reagan during his reelection tour, August 1984 On August 11, 1984, United States President Ronald Reagan, while running for re-election, was preparing to make his weekly Saturday radio address on National Public Radio.

We begin bombing in five minutes - Wikipedia

During a sound check before the address, Reagan made the following joke to the radio technicians: "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes. " The joke was a parody of the opening line of that day's speech: "My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you that today I signed legislation that will allow student religious groups to begin enjoying a right they've too long been denied — the freedom to meet in public high schools during nonschool hours, just as other student groups are allowed to do. References[edit] External links[edit]

Giant Eagle - Wikipedia. This article is about the supermarket chain.

Giant Eagle - Wikipedia

For the bird, see Haast's eagle. Giant Eagle is a supermarket chain with stores in the U.S. states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana and Maryland. The company was founded in 1918 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and incorporated on March 17, 1933.[1] Supermarket News ranked Giant Eagle No. 21 in the 2012 "Top 75 North American Food Retailers" based on 2011 fiscal year estimated sales of $9.3 billion.[3] In 2005, it was the 32nd-largest privately held corporation, as determined by Forbes.[4] Based on 2005 revenue, Giant Eagle is the 49th-largest retailer in the United States.[5] As of Summer 2014, the company has approximately $9.9 billion in annual sales, Giant Eagle has 417 stores.

What Are The Most Cited Research Papers Of All Time? Rule of thirds - Wikipedia. This photograph demonstrates the principles of the rule of thirds The rule of thirds is a "rule of thumb" or guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as designs, films, paintings, and photographs.[1] The guideline proposes that an image should be imagined as divided into nine equal parts by two equally spaced horizontal lines and two equally spaced vertical lines, and that important compositional elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections.[2] Proponents of the technique claim that aligning a subject with these points creates more tension, energy and interest in the composition than simply centering the subject.

Rule of thirds - Wikipedia

[citation needed] 20 Examples Of The Mandela Effect That’ll Make You Believe You’re In A Parallel Universe. Etymology of Hello. Planning of the September 11 attacks - Wikipedia. Background[edit] Al-Qaeda's origins date back to 1979 when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan.[1] Soon after the invasion, Osama bin Laden traveled to Afghanistan and helped organize Arab mujahadeen.

Planning of the September 11 attacks - Wikipedia

Together with Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian-Jordanian who influenced bin Laden, they formed Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK) in 1984, to provide support for Arab mujahadeen who came to join the jihad in Afghanistan.[1] Towards the end of the 1980s, the Soviets were retreating in defeat. Bin Laden and Azzam had discussions about the future of MAK and what to do with the mujahadeen force that had built up. Bin Laden and Azzam both wanted to use the force as a "rapid reaction force" to defend oppressed Muslims around the world. In November 1989, soon after bin Laden and Azzam split, Azzam was killed in Peshawar, Pakistan. In 1991, bin Laden moved to the Sudan, where he led operations in East Africa, including the 1993 assault on American troops at Mogadishu in Somalia.

Ideology[edit] Fatwas[edit] Keiko (orca) - Wikipedia. Loading Keiko onto a C-17 transport on September 9, 1998, in Newport, Oregon for transport to the Westman Islands in Iceland List of famous whales Jump up ^ Stephensen, Sindri (June 10, 2010).

Keiko (orca) - Wikipedia

"Aftur til fortíðar: Þegar ísbirnir voru í Sædýrasafninu í Hafnar- firði - og ljón, apar og kengúrur". (in Icelandic). Retrieved May 15, 2013. Jump up ^ Keiko the WhaleJump up ^ [1] BBC NEWS | Keiko the 'Free Willy' Whale DiesJump up ^ Keiko's Story: The TimelineJump up ^ M. Washington Post Express 'embarrassment' over gender symbol mix-up. Image copyright Washington Post Express The Washington Post Express has apologised for an "embarrassing" mix-up on its front cover.

Washington Post Express 'embarrassment' over gender symbol mix-up

Leading with an article about a 150,000 strong women's rights march, the Express accidentally used a male symbol instead of a female symbol. Social media users were quick to spot the mistake. The paper - a free daily newspaper published by the Washington Post - was quick to apologise on its Twitter account. One commentator referred to the blunder as a "record for largest typo". Image copyright @kimmybetsill/Twitter Image copyright @rococopacetic/Twitter Image copyright @ginajasnappy/Twitter.

Amedei Porcelana - Wikipedia. Amedei Porcelana chocolate bar Amedei Porcelana, a dark chocolate made by the Amedei chocolatier of Tuscany, Italy, is often called the world's most expensive chocolate.[1][2][3][4][5] It has won various awards, including "Best bean to bar", "Best Dark Chocolate Bar",[6][7] and the "Golden Bean award.

Amedei Porcelana - Wikipedia

Sobriquet - Wikipedia. A sobriquet (/ˈsoʊbrᵻkeɪ/ SOH-bri-kay) is a nickname, sometimes assumed, but often given by another. Distinct from a pseudonym that is assumed as a disguise, it usually is a familiar name, familiar enough such that it may be used in place of a real name without the need of explanation. This salient characteristic is of sufficient familiarity that the sobriquet may become more familiar than the original name. Examples are Emiye Menelik, a nickname Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia was popularly and affectionately recognized for his kindness.

Emiye means mother in Amharic. Christian IX of Denmark - Wikipedia. Christian IX (8 April 1818 – 29 January 1906) was King of Denmark from 1863 to 1906. From 1863 to 1864, he was concurrently Duke of Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg. Growing up as a prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, a junior branch of the House of Oldenburg which had ruled Denmark since 1448, Christian was originally not in the immediate line of succession to the Danish throne.

Golden Opulence Sundae - Wikipedia. The Golden Opulence Sundae is a sundae that is served by special order at the New York City restaurant Serendipity 3. In 2007 it was listed in Guinness World Records as the most expensive sundae in the world at a price of US$1,000.[1] The restaurant has stated that they sell approximately one per month. It was created to celebrate the eatery's 50th - "golden" - anniversary in 2005.[2] Owner Stephen Bruce states that a notice 48 hours in advance is needed when requesting the Sundae, since ingredients must be flown in from different parts of the world. Sundae[edit] Reception[edit] Inaccessible Island rail - Wikipedia. Pole of inaccessibility - Wikipedia. Bullshit. Grandmother cell - Wikipedia. Maybe later |Close Thank you! We will send you a reminder email.