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Captain America Costumes Blog. Painting boots? Star Wars - Kyrisa by ~Graysun-D on deviantART. Star Wars - Nimman by ~Graysun-D on deviantART. Jedi apparel. Jedi apparel was the term given to the attire of members of both the Old and New Jedi Orders. Traditionally, Jedi wore clothes that befitted their monastic lifestyle, but variations on the theme were common, particularly after the rebirth of the Order after the Galactic Civil War. The attire usually was made in shades of brown or sometimes black, with a utility belt for various purposes, but also as a place on which to clip a lightsaber. Boots, loose-fitting pants and a cloak typically accompanied the garment. As these garments were not usually elaborate, the outfit mirrored their attachment-free philosophy, as well as showing their requirement to live almost devoid of luxury and also their devotion to service.

Old Jedi Order Edit Traditional robes Edit It has long been hypothesized that the first known Jedi came from Tatooine, and as such, wore loosely fitting robes made of low quality fabric. Jedi garments further consisted of plain loose-fitting trousers and an obi. Specialized garments. Clothing and Costumes Inspired by the Star Wars Universe from Twin Roses Designs. Costume Re-Creation and Construction by Andrea Wakely.