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Feedback and Marking School Policies. OCR GCSE PE. Documents | Assessment Without Levels. Assessment Without Levels. This page will be used to post updates on our successful DfE ‘Assessment Innovation Fund’ project. An outline of our proposed method of assessment without levels (AWL) can be viewed here. Thursday 1st May: DfE announce successful ‘assessment innovation fund’ schools. Link here. Friday 16th May: 3 Assessment Innovators appointed to develop AWL in clusters of foundation subjects: Humanities – Ben CrockettArt & Design – Emma WadePE & Performing Arts – Jack Corbett They will work alongside other subject leaders to form our ‘Assessment Innovation Team’, who will develop the ‘Growth & Thresholds’ (G&T) model. Saturday 17th May: Useful video from Tim Oates on why assessment without levels is needed.

Focus on and consolidate key knowledge & skills.Focus assessment on what matters. Tuesday 20th May: Assessment Innovation Team meeting – Planning the new KS3 curriculum and assessment. 1. 2. Download Word version here 3. 4. Download Word Version here 5. Thursday 5th June Date: Tuesday 17th June 2014. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Awesome Poster: Bloom's Taxonomy Rose.

Assessment in the new national curriculum – next steps. My original post “Assessment in the new national curriculum – what we’re doing” remains one of the most popular on this blog. Here I will outline how we have refined the model proposed in that post and integrated it with progress tracking, as well as our latest thoughts on assessment without levels and growth mindset. How will we assess in the new national curriculum? I was delighted to hear that Durrington High School had been awarded an assessment innovation fund grant by the DfE.

I was even more delighted when Durrington DHT Shaun Allison published his thoughts so far in an excellent blogpost! Teachers identify the key knowledge and skills students need in order to be successful in KS4 and work backwards to decide what this would look like, if students have mastered it in KS3 – the excellence standard. In the Chew Valley version, we will continue to use GCSE grades as the basis for our assessment model. We have not yet decided when we will shift over to 1-9 grades. In summary. Ideas for teachers. GCSE Physical Education. PE Blog Network Collection. PowerPoint Templates, Transitions & Animations.

PE Specific Websites. One to one. Open Learning. The New 2014 PE National Curriculum: Assessment Without Levels - PE Office. This autumn, I attended a PE conference where I was both disappointed and saddened by the negativity of the comments from some PE Teachers about the new PE curriculum and the proposed new assessment of pupils without levels. The opposition to the changes was often based on incorrect information or assumptions and it reminded me of one of my mother’s favourite sayings: ‘There are two sides to every story…and then there’s the truth.’ I truly believe in assessing students’ ability in physical education but we all have to accept that level descriptors are no more and embrace the new challenge of assessment without levels. This is the biggest and most fundamental change to the assessment system for physical education in England and it needs to be approached with new ideas and enthusiasm.

So, with that in mind, here are the facts about the new PE national curriculum and assessment: 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Don’t forget to sign up for our free monthly email newsletter, PE Monthly. CoachMyVideo - Anytime, Anywhere Video Analysis™ QR Codes & Orienteering in PE | Activity Levels. PE Blog Network Collection. The P.E Geek | Bridging the gap between Physical Education & ICT...Yep I'm a P.E Geek. PE Universe. Outstanding Lessons 1. Command Word Learning Mat Toolkits - PE4Learning. Writing to Text Introduction. Deep Learning Mooc. Deep Learning Mooc. Teaching for Learning. Teaching for Learning. Google Tips, Tricks & Hacks. Anatomy & Physiology Intro.