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Sync Flux RSS > Fanpage facebook. Facebook page > Flux RSS. Fan Page Feed RSS. Subpug. Twitter to RSS. Optimiser son Flux RSS pour le Temps réel. Mixage de Flux. Sync Google Plus > Twitter & Facebook. Page web > Flux RSS. RSS reader, on your home server. Convertir un flux RSS en flux WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) Afin de faciliter l'importation d'article ou la migration de blog vers un blog sous Wordpress, voici un petit script qui convertira un flux RSS en flux WordPress eXtended RSS facilitant l'importation de données dans WP.

Convertir un flux RSS en flux WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS)

Exemple d'utilisation : (Vérrouillé) Télécharger le script ici <? Php// Convertit un flux RSS au format WXR (Wordpress)// pour l'importation de blog / flux de news, etc...// (c) Luca Lo Valvo// Last Update: Juillet 2011 // ==== Récupération des variables ==== $urlflux=$_REQUEST['urlflux']; //URL du flux à parser$auteur=$_REQUEST['auteur']; // Auteur, généralement non dispo dans le flux rss $word=html_entity_decode($word); return $word; } // ==== PARSER RSS ==== //on parse le texte pour sortir la listes des <img> $result=""; preg_match_all('/<img[^>]+>/i',$description, $result); $f = 0; while ($f <= count($result[0])-1) { //on récupère la valeur du SRC $src=""; preg_match_all('/src=(["'])(.*?) $filetitle=$filetitle[0]; $header . Twitter Search.


FeedsAPI. FeedBurner. RSSinclude. xFruits. Newsbeuter. Liferea. Convert An Email To A RSS Feed. Plato once wrote that necessity is the mother of invention.

Convert An Email To A RSS Feed

The truth is, I experienced that phenomenon this week, and I’d like to share my little discovery with you as I guide you through the process of converting emails to an RSS feed and then instantly publishing that feed on your website. My original idea was to create a sidebar widget on my website that would let me issue short one-line updates to a feed. This would let me issue news alerts to my readers without the need to actually write an entire post until later – sort of like an embedded Twitter feed of sorts. Creating The RSS File From Emails Converting an incoming email to an RSS thread isn’t new, but it’s also not easy to find a solution that’s quick and simple. Just type in the email address name that you want, and check the system to see if it’s available. The xml file is stored at For example, the one I created ends in /topsecretwriters.xml.

Send this email, and then check your xml file. Image credits: Svilen Milev. ChimpFeedr. Feed Rinse.