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Funtoo Linux. Download. This is the approved revision of this page, as well as being the most recent.


Here are the steps you should follow to download Funtoo Linux stage3 tarball. If you need an install CD, please see Funtoo Linux Installation for Live Media recommendations. Funtoo Linux currently doesn't have its own LiveCD, but there are many that you can use for installation. [edit] First, Pick a Mirror... Funtoo Linux can be downloaded at the following locations: Main US mirror: The Oregon State University Open Source Lab Main EU mirror: HEAnet Main JP mirror: Go-parts [edit] Now... pick a build Now you'll first need to pick a build of Funtoo Linux to install.

There is also a funtoo-experimental, which contains our experimental development work. If you don't know which one to choose, pick funtoo-current. Picked one? Funtoo-current -> [edit] Next... pick an arch Next, it's time to pick an architecture. If you are installing Funtoo Linux on an ARM system, choose arm-32bit. Funtoo-current -> x86-64bit [edit] x86-64bit. Gentoo Linux. Gentoo Foundation Charter. 1.

Gentoo Foundation Charter

Introduction About this document The purpose of this document is to elaborate on the Gentoo Foundation goals, structure and tasks. It does not describe the goals of the Gentoo project and does not contain any policies about the Gentoo development process. Why a Gentoo Foundation? The Gentoo distribution is maturing rapidly. In order to sustain the current quality and development swiftness the Gentoo project needs a framework for intellectual property protection and financial contributions while limiting the contributors' legal exposure.

The Gentoo Foundation decouples necessary bureaucracy from development, providing faster and higher quality results as the developer can now focus his attention completely at the community and his responsibilities (being software, documentation, infrastructure or others). The bureaucracy we mention includes: In other words, the Gentoo Foundation will: 2. Introduction The Gentoo Foundation keeps four pillars in mind: Gentoo Forums. Documentation Resources. 1.

Documentation Resources

Gentoo Documentation Resources Available Languages Our documentation is also available in the following languages: Czech | English | French | German | Italian | Japanese | Polish | Simplified Chinese | Spanish Introduction Welcome to the Gentoo Documentation Resources. If you find bugs in our documentation or have proposals, please use our Bugtracking System and fill in a bug report for "Documentation" or "Doc Other". Documentation Repository Our documentation is categorized and hierarchically navigable. 2. Frequently Asked Questions Installation Related Resources Gentoo Desktop Documentation Resources Upgrade Guides. Downloads. 1.


Installation media Gentoo Linux is available free over the Internet. You can download Gentoo Linux (weekly autobuilds) from the appropriate iso and architecture link below. Please consult our Gentoo Handbooks for more information on what to download, how to install Gentoo, and how to verify the validity of our media. If you prefer to select a local mirror yourself, see Gentoo Mirrors. 2. Descriptions, release notes, roadmaps, sub-projects, and GPG signing keys as well as a list of the Gentoo Developers who work on the Gentoo release media can all be found on our Release Engineering Project page.

Gentoo Weekly Minimal Install CD and Stages (autobuilds) Our Release Engineering team provides new minimal install CDs and stages on a weekly basis. Since these releases are built automatically by Release Engineering servers, there is some chance that a stage or CD may not be produced for a given week. Gentoo Torrents. Gentoo FR.