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Upload contacts to Google+ via your address book. New to Google+ and looking for more contacts?

Upload contacts to Google+ via your address book

A feature launched yesterday lets you hunt for potential prospects by uploading your address book from Microsoft Outlook and other desktop e-mail clients. As described in a Google+ post by Google technical staff member Paul Lindner, the feature works with several e-mail and address book programs beyond Outlook, including Outlook Express, Mozilla's Thunderbird, and Apple's Address Book. But it apparently also supports any e-mail address book or contact list that can be exported to a VCard/VCF or CSV (comma separated values) format.

I tested the feature using Microsoft Outlook 2010, though because of the Ribbon interface, I wasn't able to follow Lindner's instructions exactly. +me - Create your Google+ profile picture. Women of Google+ HangoutParty. Sync Google+ to Twitter, and Facebook. Share This Circle. GoogleMinus. Google+ (Unofficial) Suggested Users. 11 Google+ Plus Wallpapers. Google+ Plus is a new social network by google inc where you can create circles in which friends can be added, and any status or messages can be shared in your circles friends.

11 Google+ Plus Wallpapers

It also introduces new feature called hangout with which one can make video calls within the circles and anyone can join too (read google+ plus review). There are lots of users who still didnt know how to write status in Bold and italics and other secret commands (read google+ plus secret commands). Here, we have compiled a list of 11 most stunning Google+ Plus Wallpapers for you. The Unofficial Google+ Wiki.