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Singtel Office at SEA: Vessel Monitoring: Combining Mobile Satellite Internet and Vessel Tracking. Vessel surveillance system is used to monitor the location and movement of commercial vessels at sea and remote areas.

Singtel Office at SEA: Vessel Monitoring: Combining Mobile Satellite Internet and Vessel Tracking

Such system help vessel operators and owners to monitor vessel position, course and speed, and to make sure vessels are doing the right thing. To use vessel surveillance system, you need to install mobile broadband satellite-based communication system on vessels. The transceiver units will then send position reports such as vessel location with time and date and the vessel can be tracked continually. Mobile satellite services combined with vessel tracking technology enable vessel operators to track and monitor their ocean-going vessels in real-time anywhere within the world. This would help you to reduce the marine communication costs and improve profitability for your company.

Importance of Vessel Monitoring · Vessels navigate in very close proximity to each other. M2M Satellite Communication: Connecting the Maritime Industry. Choosing Advanced Fleet Technology to Maintain Communications across the Globe. Choosing Advanced Fleet Technology to Maintain Communications across the Globe. Cyber threats and security management is a challenging task in the modern world as hackers and malware authors are becoming smart and are applying various techniques to enter into a particular system.

Trojans, viruses, and identity frauds are scams of past, hackers are now focusing on compromising the security of entire channels or broadband networks to collect useful data that can turn out to be helpful in commencing digital frauds. If you with to know some quick tips that can help you manage maritime security with ease, then read the sections below: 1. Stay Aware of the Threats One of the most common precautions is to keep yourself abreast with the latest developments, threats, and viruses that may impact the security of your system or the entire channel. 2. Ask your administrators and IT security controllers to adopt latest techniques, security patches, and other essential security layers to help you enjoy extra protection against all such threats. 3. Conclusion. Mobile Satellite Services in Singapore. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encrypted connection that enables remote clients or mobile workers to securely connect with a private network over the public Internet.

Mobile Satellite Services in Singapore

VPN connection gives employees secured access to their company networks. The use of VPN connections can increase safety and security in the maritime industry. These connections can allow maritime administrators to send mission-critical information from their land-based shore locations to ships docked in other part of the world. Use of VPN over Satellite Internet connectionsPreviously, satellite Internet services offered less bandwidth that was required for VPN connection. Geosynchronous satellites used to take long time to transmit data between the satellite and ground stations, which is called high latency.

. • The low latency of VSAT networks makes it practical to implement VPN connections across the shipping industry. Broadband Satellite Services in Singapore. Global Maritime Satellite Internet Service in Singapore. Maritime VSAT is a leap forward in technology that brings Internet to you at sea.

Global Maritime Satellite Internet Service in Singapore

Today, reliable high-speed maritime internet supports secure and reliable satellite voice and data services on marine vessels. However, there is a difference in connectivity speed at sea and land. There are some smart and unique ways that marine vessel operators can use to improve vessel Internet connection’s performance. #1 Traffic Shaping Traffic Shaping refers to controlling various Internet activities on marine vessel, such as email, website browsing and voice calls.

. #2 Use Bandwidth Monitoring System. Smart Ways to optimize your Vessel’s Maritime Internet Connection. Broadband Satellite Services – Singtel office at SEA. Maritime broadband internet via satellite enables commercial ships, yachts and private boats to stay connected while at sea.

Broadband Satellite Services – Singtel office at SEA

Maritime broadband communication is pricey than land broadband services, where you can access unlimited internet for a fixed monthly payment. Standardized fleet broadband, customized VSAT services or hybrid networks provide reliable connectivity for operations, passengers and crew on board. Maritime Satellite Internet – Singtel Office at SEA. Global Maritime satellite internet Services – Singtel Office at SEA. Cruise passengers may remain off the grid during their vacation, but they don’t want to remain out of touch.

Global Maritime satellite internet Services – Singtel Office at SEA

From laptop to smartphones, they like to bring their mobile devices on board cruise ship to stay in touch with friends, family or colleagues through cell phone, Internet, phone or mail. They demand super-fast high-bandwidth Wi-Fi services on board while at sea. The satellite internet is the solution that is helping cruise ship management companies to meet the demand for growing demand for higher connectivity among passengers.

Maritime VSAT leading the way… Marine Satellite Communications Solutions Singapore - Search Industries Industries Brochures Brochures.

Marine Satellite Communications Solutions Singapore -

Maritime Broadband Service Provider Singapore - Managed Security. Regardless of whether you are a growing business or a global multi-national with multiple branch office, you face increasingly complex and evolving cyber security challenges in a connected world.

Managed Security

Why let your potential be limited by security threats when you can fortify your defence with an integrated and security solution? Whether you need to prevent unauthorised network access, re-direct spam emails or establish a security governance framework, we are you one-stop partner ready to address any of your security concerns, seeking to create value with you for the long-term. Entrust your security to us with peace of mind. Singtel Managed Unified Threat Management Features & Benefits As Asia-Pacific continues to rise in economic prowess, cyber criminals are training their eyes to the east. Network security is becoming the buzzword in business, don’t make it your last priority. Singtel Managed Unified Threat Management includes: Maritime VSAT. Maritime VSAT (MVSAT) is a high-speed, two-way IP broadband ship-to-shore satellite telecommunications service.

With a high bandwidth speed of up to 4Mbps for C-band and Ku-band and 50mbps for HTS Ka-band, it has the capability to provide basic satcom services like voice, fax, email, video conferencing and Maritime ICT solutions such as video surveillance, navigation, ECDIS Electronic Charts downloads etc. Singtel offers a wide range of MVSAT services from traditional C-band to Ku-band and now the HTS Ka-band. We offer both regional to global coverages coupled with our shared or dedicated network that caters to your needs. Here’s a quick summary of the MVSAT services and applications it can support: Singtel Office at SEA: Internet At Sea - Things you need to Know. With internet access growing its reach globally it has now found its ways to the seas.

Singtel Office at SEA: Internet At Sea - Things you need to Know

Now the maritime world is more connected than any other with shipping companies equipping their fleet of ships with fleet broadband. Also the industrial internet of things has found its way to the ship too with connected sensors that improves visibility and collect data. Data that can now be viewed in real time and can be optimized. With the IIoT the sensors monitor everything from the ships speed to the temperature of its cargo creating a much optimized shopping ecosystem. Instances where IIoT can impact maritime operations can have a significant impact on route optimization, maintenance costs and asset tracking. Internet's Impact on Maritime Industry. Communication is the backbone of any business, it'san entity to survive, prosper and grow.

Internet's Impact on Maritime Industry

Not only for businesses but also forpeople to maintain relationships both professional and personal. Especially forpeople who are far. Since thearrival of internet our communications systems have become advanced and now wecan reach anyone from any part of the globe. So when we talk about any part ofthe globe the most impact it has had is at sea. It has had an impact in manykey areas such as navigation and communication. Mobile Satellite Services Broadband: Fleetbroadband; Fleet One Global. FleetBroadband FleetBroadband by Singtel is a maritime communications service from Inmarsat which provides a cost-effective broadband high speed data and voice, simultaneously, through a compact antenna on a global basis. Based on 3G standards, you can send and receive email with large file attachments, surf the web, run complex data applications and make voice calls at the same time.

Singtel designs a full range of value-added Maritime ICT solutions around Inmarsat FleetBroadband services. Singtel Satellite Communications Services: Maritime Broadband, Narrowband.