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Broadband Satellite Services: Fleet Xpress and Fleet Broadband. Network Security: Maritime Cyber Security at Sea. Fleet Broadband: Select a High-Speed Mobile Satellite Services. Cyber Security: Maritime Broadband Services in Fleet of Ships. The instances of cyber security threats and data compromising have increased over the period of time and the underlying reason is lack of cyber security measures practiced by the shipping companies.

Cyber Security: Maritime Broadband Services in Fleet of Ships

It happens either because shipping companies are ignorant or they feel it won’t happen to them. It is high time shipping companies take maritime cyber security as a serious matter and start practicing the required measures. Here’s a look at the guidelines that needs to be followed for an effective cyber risk management: 1. Identifying The first step towards implementing an effective program is to identify the assets, systems, and data so that you can get an idea of the level of risk if the data gets compromised. 2.

Along with planning the cyber security measures for maritime broadband, you also need to plan what actions to take in case of any cyber incident so that you can ensure the continuity of the various shipping operations. 3. 4. 5. You Should Know Fleet Broadband & Mobile Satellite Services. Fleet Xpress: Maritime Satellite Communications & Internet Services. Keeping in contact with family, friends and business associates when at sea is something that can be exciting as well as annoying.

Fleet Xpress: Maritime Satellite Communications & Internet Services

While you are excited to send your freshly captured memories to show loved ones, a slow and intermittent internet connection may make you feel frustrated. Many shipping companies offer onboard internet services to help you connect with your family and friends via your personal laptop, tablet, smartphone or other devices. If you wish to avoid service interruptions when using internet through maritime satellite communications, then follow the tips below: Make use of the fleet xpress services Many shipping companies now offer fleet xpress services to help their customers in getting connected to the internet while at sea.

Turn off your mobile data It is important to confirm if the cruise ship has its own cellular network antenna to offer internet connectivity as soon as you are offshore. Find details about free Wi-Fi spots. Get Mobile Satellite & Fleet Broadband VLA Service at Sea. Get The Broadband Satellite Services on Your Sea Vessels. Maritime Satellite Internet & Broadband Services. Maritime Internet: Maritime Cyber Security. Everything You Must Know About Maritime VSAT Connections. Singtel: Maritime Satellite Communication Systems. It is one thing to have the capability and equipment to make an emergency ship-to-shore call, but quite another to have an ability to download a 20 gigabyte data file or watch your favourite team playing while you’re in the middle of the ocean.

Singtel: Maritime Satellite Communication Systems

Mobile internet is a maturing industry with options geared towards light, medium, and heavy data users. Satellite internet provides maritime satellite internet service that can be used for voice calling, messaging, high-definition television reception, and, of course, web browsing. The scope of maritime satellite communication systems (MSS) has elevated with the growing need for reliable data communications and increased sophistication across remote marine regions. The communication needs for ships and other marine vessels has been growing to maintain operational efficiency, on-board security, and passenger welfare. This has resulted in a rising demand for bandwidth and data communication terminals. Inmarsat Maritime VSAT : Satellite Communication Services. Though you might be on a cruise ship to relax and get away from the stresses of daily life, it may still not be possible for you to stay completely away from the internet.

Inmarsat Maritime VSAT : Satellite Communication Services

Whether it is your work e-mails, social media, or other means of entertainment, the internet keeps you engaged but also addicted to it. It also keeps you updated with current affairs and the latest happenings from around the world. A few years ago, no one would have imagined the availability of internet on board, but maritime VSAT has made it very much possible by providing remote internet connectivity on ships. Fleet Xpress: Maritime Cyber Security. Maritime Broadband: Satellite Internet for Ships. Maritime Cyber Security. As satellite internet services has become more and more prevalent, the shipping industry has made a concerted effort to embrace it and bring it aboard their vessels.

Maritime Cyber Security

Internet has already become an inseparable part of our daily lives. Whether it is being in touch with family and friends, having an access to a means of entertainment, or looking up information online, everything relies on the use of a fast and reliable internet connection nowadays. Thus, for the welfare of crew members, the well being of guests, and growth of the maritime business, shipping companies are increasingly bringing satellite internet services to their fleets.

Singtel Office at SEA: Six Steps to Follow to Maximise Maritime Cyber Security. Maritime Satellite Internet For Offshore Applications. With more than 40 years of experience in fixed satellite services and over 30 years of experience in mobile satellite services, we are a leading provider of customised satellite solutions.

Maritime Satellite Internet For Offshore Applications

Starting with our ST-1 satellite in 1998, Singtel has been a satellite operator. Our partnerships with global satellite players include Inmarsat, Iridium and Intelsat. To provide a comprehensive coverage, we worked with leading regional satellite providers such as APT Satellite, ABS, etc. As a LESO for Inmarsat, we deliver shorter turnaround time for troubleshooting Inmarsat services including FleetBroadband and E&E. Maritime Internet & High Speed Data. Maritime Cyber Security Services & solutions. While the Singtel UTM service protects you from possible security breaches from crew services or devices on board, the Singtel AIO SmartGuard service helps you combat external cyber attacks from the Internet cloud.

Maritime Cyber Security Services & solutions

Bundling a next-generation firewall appliance with managed security services, the Singtel AIO SmartGuard service helps to secure your shipshore communications by preventing threats through advanced visibility and control of applications, users and content at throughput speeds of up to 20Gbps. With dedicated processing and memory resources assigned to networking, security, signature matching, threat prevention and management, it delivers the high performance and versatility you expect. Singtel AIO SmartGuard allows you to: • Classify all traffic, including applications, threats and content across all ports, using its security-specific operating system to define security policies for better decisions and control. • Protect against known threats by blocking them across all ports.

A Maritime Satellite Communications System. Mobile Satellite, Fleet Xpress Services. Fleet Broadband for Maritime Internet Services. As the commercial demands on ship operations increase, the need for connectivity increases accordingly.

Fleet Broadband for Maritime Internet Services

Apart from the actual navigation and sailing, crew on-board need to perform many other duties that can often be aided by a quick, reliable internet connection. Tasks such as updating the weather information, ordering supplies, and even quality of life improvements like making calls to stay in touch with family, access mail and read the latest news online. All of these challenges can be met with the help of Fleet Broadband and Fleet Xpress as it offers continuous access to high-speed voice and data services across the globe.

These two services together have now made it possible to send and receive mail with large attachments, make voice calls, and run complex applications simultaneously at affordable rates. Fleet Broadband offers the best solution with optimal connectivity irrespective of the size of the vessel, the location and the weather conditions at sea. Superior performance. Fast Broadband Satellite Service Provider Company Singapore. FleetBroadband FleetBroadband by Singtel is a maritime communications service from Inmarsat which provides a cost-effective broadband high speed data and voice, simultaneously, through a compact antenna on a global basis.

Fast Broadband Satellite Service Provider Company Singapore

Based on 3G standards, you can send and receive email with large file attachments, surf the web, run complex data applications and make voice calls at the same time. Singtel designs a full range of value-added Maritime ICT solutions around Inmarsat FleetBroadband services. Maritime Satellite Internet for Ships, Boats and Yachts. Maritime VSAT (MVSAT) is a high-speed, two-way IP broadband ship-to-shore satellite telecommunications service.

Maritime Satellite Internet for Ships, Boats and Yachts

With a high bandwidth speed of up to 4Mbps for C-band and Ku-band and 50mbps for HTS Ka-band, it has the capability to provide basic satcom services like voice, fax, email, video conferencing and Maritime ICT solutions such as video surveillance, navigation, ECDIS Electronic Charts downloads etc. Singtel offers a wide range of MVSAT services from traditional C-band to Ku-band and now the HTS Ka-band. We offer both regional to global coverages coupled with our shared or dedicated network that caters to your needs. Here’s a quick summary of the MVSAT services and applications it can support: Premium Maritime Cyber Security Services on Ships. Fleet Xpress & Broadband Network. Maritime Satellite Communications From Singtel Satellite At Asia.

Fleet Express (Maritime Global Express) Maritime internet services have become a must for the commercial and cruise ships. It not only improves the quality of life of crew members on commercial ships, guests on cruise ships can also stay connected with the outer world while holidaying. This has led to many shipping companies subscribing to various maritime internet services to meet the demands of their crew or guests. However, there are still many shipping companies who are not up to date with these latest trends.

In spite of revolutionary internet service providers like Fleet Xpress who have emerged as game changers in the maritime internet services, a few shipping companies still hold out and refrain from taking advantage of their services. Here’s a look at the five reasons for their decision: Cost to the company. - Maritime Cyber Security Solutions. The shipping industry operates on the information systems to run many essential processes effectively. These include nautical security, navigation, steering, energy production, communication, and propulsion to name a few. Just like any other information system, these processes, whether embedded or not, are vulnerable to cyberattack, and the loss of valuable, confidential information can have serious consequences for the shipping company, Increased threat of cyberattack with introduction of digitization Digital technology continues to spread its way through the naval sector, becoming indispensable in such places as the management systems for sea vessels, cargo, and port infrastructures.

The digital revolution has helped to increase profitability, productivity, and competitiveness within industries. It is not just the ships that are vulnerable to cyberattacks but any related infrastructure will be exposed as well by association. Like this: Like Loading... Uncategorized. Singtel Satellite - Fleet Xpress. Singtel Satellite: Mobile Satellite Services. Maritime Broadband Connectivity Services. Internet services have become an essential part of our daily routine.

Indeed, it is very difficult to imagine even a single day now without its presence affecting our lives. It not only helps to keep us connected with our loved ones and family but also helps in staying updated with the numerous events happening around us and across the globe. Reliant, accessible internet services have also paved our path to social media addiction.

Whether people are on a cruise for personal or professional reasons, it is difficult for them to stay in touch with the outside world. On a leisure trip, people have to wait to reach the port for contacting their loved ones. Singtel Satellite: Fleet Broadband. Where once people might have taken the ability to stay in contact as a luxury, it is now taken for granted. Mobile phones have grown smaller and mobile networks faster. Everyone carries a smartphone now, with the ability to glance at the latest news and contact their love ones at the touch of a button. Mobile Satellite Services. Singtel Office At Sea. Cruises are an exciting and unforgettable experience. Between the plethora of food, the wide selection of fun activities and the enjoyable shows to take part in, it is certainly a vacation unlike any other. Cruises come equipped with so many amenities, it is almost impossible to imagine.

Besides being able to gamble at the on board casino on international waters, there is also a fully equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool to enjoy, and usually, even a spa. Whether you decide to spend your time lounging by the poolside, working out or being pampered at the spa, you will come out of any cruise refreshed and ready to take on the world. This is not even including the sights you are cruising to see! Maritime VSAT – Connecting you to the world Of course, cruises are not without some small downsides. Enjoy Maritime Broadband Internet with Singtel Office At Sea. Mobile Satellite Services. Fleet Broadband - Maritime Cyber Security. Cyber security threats are complex to figure out and growing at a rapid pace. High Speed Maritime Broadband Connection. Ever wondered how difficult communication technology must be for those who work in the endless sea? Well, with the advancements in technology, high-speed broadband telecommunication connecting shore to ship and vice-versa have now become increasingly possible.

Important Questions to Ask Your Maritime Satellite Communication Service Provider. Singtel Office at SEA: Increase in Adoption of Satellite Communication by Global Oil and Gas Companies. The global maritime VSAT market was valued at USD 2 billion in 2016 and is expected to surpass USD 3 billion by 2021. This may be due to the increase in the adoption of satellite communication by global oil and gas companies. Singtel Office at SEA: How Maritime Internet Services Benefit Your Back Office Support& Operations? Managing your marine operations may becoming a little challenging, when you don’t choose the right Internet service provider, but if you have an efficient and honest staff, then things might become a little simpler. Singtel Office At Sea. It has been estimated that approximately 90 percent of world trade occurs via ocean. Singtel Office at SEA: Vessel Monitoring: Combining Mobile Satellite Internet and Vessel Tracking. Vessel surveillance system is used to monitor the location and movement of commercial vessels at sea and remote areas. M2M Satellite Communication: Connecting the Maritime Industry. Choosing Advanced Fleet Technology to Maintain Communications across the Globe. Choosing Advanced Fleet Technology to Maintain Communications across the Globe. Cyber threats and security management is a challenging task in the modern world as hackers and malware authors are becoming smart and are applying various techniques to enter into a particular system. Trojans, viruses, and identity frauds are scams of past, hackers are now focusing on compromising the security of entire channels or broadband networks to collect useful data that can turn out to be helpful in commencing digital frauds.

If you with to know some quick tips that can help you manage maritime security with ease, then read the sections below: 1. Stay Aware of the Threats One of the most common precautions is to keep yourself abreast with the latest developments, threats, and viruses that may impact the security of your system or the entire channel. 2. Mobile Satellite Services in Singapore. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encrypted connection that enables remote clients or mobile workers to securely connect with a private network over the public Internet. Broadband Satellite Services in Singapore.

Global Maritime Satellite Internet Service in Singapore. Smart Ways to optimize your Vessel’s Maritime Internet Connection. Broadband Satellite Services – Singtel office at SEA. Maritime Satellite Internet – Singtel Office at SEA. Global Maritime satellite internet Services – Singtel Office at SEA. Marine Satellite Communications Solutions Singapore - Maritime Broadband Service Provider Singapore - Managed Security. Maritime VSAT. Singtel Office at SEA: Internet At Sea - Things you need to Know.

Internet's Impact on Maritime Industry. Mobile Satellite Services Broadband: Fleetbroadband; Fleet One Global. Singtel Satellite Communications Services: Maritime Broadband, Narrowband.