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Online QDA - How and what to code Online QDA - How and what to code Authors of this page: Graham R. Gibbs and Celia Taylor Affiliation: University of Huddersfield Date written: 30th June 2005
How to use NVivo How to use NVivo About NVivo[edit] NVivo is a proprietary desktop software package for the organization and analysis of complex non numerical unstructured data, also known as qualitative data. It is primarily used by qualitative researchers working with very rich text-based and/or multimedia information, where deep levels of analysis on small or large volumes of data are required. This type of analysis can encompass academic studies, business intelligence, market research or data analysis.
Inferential Statistics Inferential Statistics « PreviousHomeNext » With inferential statistics, you are trying to reach conclusions that extend beyond the immediate data alone. For instance, we use inferential statistics to try to infer from the sample data what the population might think.
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Author Tony Vincent speaks at the Digital Wave conference about handheld devices. The WNYRIC Finance team spent approximately 265 hours from September 1 guiding 96 school districts to the finish line by the October 18 deadline for the second annual APPR data collection. Data Security Symposium held this summer with presenter Mike Tassey of the U.S. Data Analysis/Warehouse Services Data Analysis/Warehouse Services
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The Case Study as a Research Method The Case Study as a Research Method Uses and Users of Information -- LIS 391D.1 -- Spring 1997 Introduction Case study research excels at bringing us to an understanding of a complex issue or object and can extend experience or add strength to what is already known through previous research. Case studies emphasize detailed contextual analysis of a limited number of events or conditions and their relationships.
Qualitative research is a generic term for investigative methodologies described as ethnographic, naturalistic, anthropological, field, or participant observer research. It emphasizes the importance of looking at variables in the natural setting in which they are found. Interaction between variables is important. Detailed data is gathered through open ended questions that provide direct quotations. Qualitative Qualitative
Chapter 12 Chapter 12 Qualitative Research (Reminder: Don’t forget to utilize the concept maps and study questions as you study this and the other chapters.) Qualitative research relies primarily on the collection of qualitative data (i.e., nonnumeric data such as words and pictures). I suggest that, to put things in perspective, you start by reviewing the table showing the common differences between qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research. That is, take a quick look at Table 2.1 on page 31 (or go to lecture two because it is also included in the lecture). Next, to further understand what qualitative research is all about, please carefully examine Patton’s excellent summary of the twelve major characteristics of qualitative research, which is shown in Table 12.1 (page 362) and below: Chapter 12
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Jan Armstrong's Qualitative Research in Education Home Page Welcome to the Qualitative Research in Education Home Page! Here are a few links that may be of interest to people interested in learning more about employing qualitative or naturalistic research strategies in educational research and evaluation. This page provides a selected list of resources for qualitative researchers, including links to information on qualitative data analysis software programs, professional association and conference information, and other useful and interesting spaces on the internet. For information about the qualitative research courses I teach here at UNM, please visit my Qualitative Research Courses page. The Qualitative Cafe Developed within the University of New Mexico School of Nursing and Health Sciences Center, this site serves researchers and students interested in qualitative research. Jan Armstrong's Qualitative Research in Education Home Page
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Teachers For A New Era The 2013 NFL football season is almost here and we are curious to see how the bookmakers will create the lines for the Teachers of a New era as things continuously change we face a serious challenge of beating the books to profit. This becomes increasingly difficult as we have more information to study everything from line movements to sports services like this one that offer to sell people weekly sports picks during the National Football League season. So what we as teachers need to do is work as diligently as possible to find loopholes and vulnerabilities to help profit during the season. Teachers For A New Era
Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy: Home Page Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy: Home Page Welcome! The Center for the Study of Teaching and Policy investigates efforts to improve the quality of teaching and learning, the teacher workforce, and the systems of support for teachers’ work, in various contexts and at multiple levels of the K-12 educational system. To that end, Center researchers identify ways that policy actions, leadership, and reform efforts guide, direct, and support teaching and learning, thereby informing and enhancing the quality of learning opportunities in U.S. elementary and secondary schools. Research highlights Recent Center Reports The Center has recently released a synthesis report, Learning-focused Leadership and Leadership Support: Meaning and Practice in Urban Systems.