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Education Software & Assessment, Education Reform & Data Systems - Wireless Generation. Measuring Success One Student At a Time. Student response system. Under Construction. Scantron. Large-Scale K-12 Educational Assessments - Questar Assessment, Inc. PLATO® Online Learning Solution, Online Learning Management System. METRIA: Instructional Planning and Assessment Management. MetaMetrics - Linking Assessment with Instruction. Measurement Incorporated ® ~ Excellence in Assessment™ At Measurement Incorporated, we can extend to our clients a range of assessment technologies that will cater to their unique needs.

Measurement Incorporated ® ~ Excellence in Assessment™

In addition to the performance assessment scoring techniques for which we are highly respected industry wide, we offer scoring services that include online and automated scoring technologies. Perpetually researching and developing new technologies, we enhance our ability to provide rapid turnaround of reliable assessment results. These computer and online-based scoring technologies include Online Testing and Automated Essay Scoring. K-12 Educational Assessments and Professional Development Programs - Measured Progress.

MasteryConnect - Home. Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) LinkIt! K-12 Assessment and Instruction. Assessment Technology, Incorporated: Home of Galileo Technology for Instructional Improvement. ExamView® Assessment Suite. ETS Home. Www.Edutest. Latest result: Website is UP Latest test time and date: 6:10:07 PM December 17, 2013 Latest test duration: 0.66 seconds.


Edusoft. Edusoft Support for the CCSS We have loaded the National Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for all customers, and the state-specific versions of the CCSS for all districts in CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, LA, MA, NY and OR.


Customers who subscribe to the Assess2Know Benchmark item bank can access items under both the National CCSS and the State-Specific CCSS. Districts who do not subscribe to the A2K Benchmark item bank may create and align their own items and report to the State-Specific CCSS sets. EDmin. Datawise - Measured Progress. D2SC. Elementary Literacy & Math Test – Diagnostic Adaptive Assessment Tool – Children’s Progress. Riverside Publishing - Assess2Know Benefits. Applying behavioral and social science research in education, education assessment, international development and health and work and training to enhance lives worldwide. Acuity - CTB/McGraw-Hill. The Acuity College and Career Readiness Assessment Pilot—Earn up to $20 Per Student!

Acuity - CTB/McGraw-Hill

Starting this May, diagnose your students' readiness in Grades 3–8 for the new summative assessments by applying for the pilot. 90-minute assessments include both online and paper/pencil sessions. Earn up to $20 per student and receive actionable reports to understand how well your students are prepared for the new summative assessments. Promethean Technology in Education, Classroom Technology and Interactive Whiteboards: Promethean. Sorry, it looks like we can't find the page you requested.

Promethean Technology in Education, Classroom Technology and Interactive Whiteboards: Promethean.

The page may have been moved or deleted. Why not try using the 'Search' box to find what you're looking for? The World's Most Successful Math Software for Schools - Accelerated Math. Accelerated Math helps teachers personalize math practice, differentiate instruction, monitor progress, and make data-driven decisions to guide each student to success.

The World's Most Successful Math Software for Schools - Accelerated Math

An Accelerated Math classroom is a beehive of activity—whether you choose to teach in a flipped classroom, peer-assisted learning, think-alouds, small group discussion, or one-on-one—you can easily personalize instruction with less "math anxiety," more enthusiasm, and better results. The World's Most Widely Used Reading Software - Accelerated Reader.