If you want to leverage the actual meaning of content in your application, you need OpenAmplify. OpenAmplify is the most advanced NLP text analysis engine currently available, processing content submitted to the API in milliseconds to deliver a comprehensive range of analysis 'Signals' in a rich XML schema. OpenAmplify delivers so much more than just sentiment analysis: the Insights API presents the entire meaning of the text as XML and is the only API that can deliver you: The topics and entities being discussedDomains, categories and classificationsSentiment: at both the topic and whole text levelActions: what is happeningIntent: what the author is planningDecisiveness: how sure the author is about the actionsEmotions: the passion the author has for the topics being discussedTopic Descriptions: those terms that drive the sentiment scoring Insights API | OpenAmplify.com Insights API | OpenAmplify.com
Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 04/08/2008 - 14:55. Calais: Connect. Everything. We want to make all the world's content more accessible, interoperable and valuable.

How Does Calais Work?

How Does Calais Work?
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The sixth most widely used website in the world is not run anything like the others in the top 10. It is not operated by a sophisticated corporation but by a leaderless collection of volunteers who generally work under pseudonyms and habitually bicker with each other. It rarely tries new things in the hope of luring visitors; in fact, it has changed little in a decade. And yet every month 10 billion pages are viewed on the English version of Wikipedia alone. When a major news event takes place, such as the Boston Marathon bombings, complex, widely sourced entries spring up within hours and evolve by the minute. Because there is no other free information source like it, many online services rely on Wikipedia. The Decline of Wikipedia: Even As More People Than Ever Rely on It, Fewer People Create It The Decline of Wikipedia: Even As More People Than Ever Rely on It, Fewer People Create It
The firm is doubling down on search that is conversational, contextual, and personal. Should I bring an umbrella to work today? Is there a good pizza place nearby? Is there a gas station on the way to Poughkeepsie, or should I fill up now? Sorry, Siri: How Google Is Planning to Be Your New Personal Assistant - Megan Garber Sorry, Siri: How Google Is Planning to Be Your New Personal Assistant - Megan Garber



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How does it work | 4iKIM Some are common to all elements, such as date and author/origin, and others are type-specific (including GPS data when appropriate to add a location dimension). Additional attributes can be incorporated as the information element is received and/or when it is shared. These can include security levels and thematic classifications—which can be organized in a tree structure. 4iKIM allows each information element to retain its own characteristics but provides a platform on which relationships across different types of information can be readily established on a virtually unlimited scale through the attributes assigned to each element. How does it work | 4iKIM

I am pleased to announce our first FreedomBox software release. The FreedomBox 0.1 image is available here (.torrent) (sha512sum: 867f5bf462102daef82a34165017b9e67ed8e09116fe46edd67730541bbfb731083850ab5e28ee40bdbc5054cb64e4d0e46a201797f27e0b8f0d2881ef083b40). This 0.1 version is primarily a developer release, which means that it focuses on architecture and infrastructure rather than finish work. The exception to this is privoxy-freedombox, the web proxy discussed in previous updates, which people can begin using right now to make their web browsing more secure and private and which will very soon be available on non-FreedomBox systems. More information on that tool at the end of this post. What have we accomplished?

FreedomBox Foundation

FreedomBox Foundation
Google Launches OAuth 2.0 Playground @ API Evangelist
EasyRTC Framework Tutorial Overview EasyRTC is a framework built on top of WebRTC, an emerging W3C/IETF standard for real time communication of audio, video, and data directly between web browsers. WebRTC supports the transfer of audio, video and data on a peer-to-peer basis putting very little load on supporting servers. The EasyRTC framework consists of a client or browser-side JavaScript library and a backend JavaScript server built on top of a node.js. Because the WebRTC libraries is built into each browser there is no need for a browser plug-in. easyrtc/docs/easyrtc_client_tutorial.md at master · priologic/easyrtc easyrtc/docs/easyrtc_client_tutorial.md at master · priologic/easyrtc


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