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A Wealth of DIY Eductional and Instructional material for Simple Living. Welcome to Jubilee 101.

A Wealth of DIY Eductional and Instructional material for Simple Living

Here you will find a wealth of educational/instructional material* literally at your fingertips. Below is a list of the categories. Each category contains between 15 – 40 educational/instructional PDF documents* and 5 – 30 instructional videos. In total there are over 2600 PDF documents and over 1000 videos. While we are just beginning the process of putting up the videos, we do have all of the pdf documents online and ready. Adobe Construction – BOOKS – VIDEOS Alternative Economics – BOOKS – VIDEOS Appliances – BOOKS – VIDEOS Automobiles – BOOKS – VIDEOS Bamboo-Construction – BOOKS – VIDEOS Beekeeping – BOOKS – VIDEOS Bicycles and Trailers – BOOKS – VIDEOS Biofuels – BOOKS – VIDEOS Biogas Production – BOOKS – VIDEOS Biophotons – BOOKS – VIDEOS Boat Building – BOOKS – VIDEOS Candle Making – BOOKS – VIDEOS Cob Construction – BOOKS – VIDEOS Community Gardens and Orchards – BOOKS – VIDEOS. Gardening Link Bomb. Updated – March 19, 2014 (I will continue to update this post as I find articles) I’ve always been astonished at how people can continue to live in a fog when so many signs point that we are in bad shape.

Gardening Link Bomb

[Enter the possibilities of some disaster here.] But the more time I spend in “Preparedness” and drop hints or ask people probing questions, the more I notice that people are waking up. One area that I see a lot of interest in is gardening. For a ton of reasons, people are investing time, energy and money into growing their own food, or at least a portion to supplement what they purchase at the store. Malware Labs. Pandemic Go-Kits. I’ve had Pandemic Preps at my house for a while now.

Pandemic Go-Kits

I also habitually carried some Pandemic Prep stuff in my Day Bag and my Go Bag. But in the last two days, due to the swine flu breakout/scare, I’ve decided to put together a hardened kit to carry, primarily so I don’t squish my N95 Masks. My previous posts about Pandemic/Swine Flu Preps are here and here. I made one of the large kits for each vehicle and the smaller one for my daily carry bag. They’re very simple and easy to throw together. For those who like a little more formal cottage, this unit would be ideal.

All the areas are well separated. Some of you might like to build this as a permanent home. Scribd. Pole Shift Survival Information. Disaster Plan Workbook Table of Contents. You've Been Warned: Why You Need to Be Ready for Total Grid Failure. Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper September 23rd, 2013 Reader Views: 11,175 If you haven’t been in a bubble cut off from all forms of media lately, it would be impossible to have missed all of the warnings being issued about the impending loss of our electrical grid.

You've Been Warned: Why You Need to Be Ready for Total Grid Failure

This isn’t just coming from so-called “gloom and doom” sites or from alternative media. Major mainstream media sources such as ABC News, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CBS News have all issued the alerts. Root cellar how to build. Before refrigeration, the root cellar was an essential way to keep carrots, turnips, beets, parsnips, potatoes, and other root vegetables fresh through the winter months.

Root cellar how to build

If you have snowy, wintery conditions, this time-tested storage method still makes sense today—whether you stock a root cellar with your own homegrown produce or the bounty from local farmers' markets. What is a Root Cellar? Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Breakdown in Society? by Robert Wayne Atkins. Are You Prepared for a Worst Case Breakdown in Society? Copyright © September 6, 2010 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All Rights Reserved. Introduction. 20 ways to become more self-sufficient before ‘the crunch’ arrives. How will you know when the balloon goes up? Advice from survival experts, Part 1.

Image by © Leiladraws | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images A few weeks ago I had the oddest dream.

How will you know when the balloon goes up? Advice from survival experts, Part 1

In this dream, I was at home when my husband walked in the door from work and said, “The balloon’s gone up.” Immediately, my kids and I set about getting ready to leave town. I remember feeling impressed because everyone seemed to know exactly what to do. Tiny Home Builders. Stitching deep tissue wounds with non-surgical needles. To stitch, or not to stitch, that is the question.

Stitching deep tissue wounds with non-surgical needles

Stitching a cut does not seem like a particularly difficult thing to do, but suturing deep cuts, that should be closed in two or three distinct layers, without local anaesthetic and proper surgical needles (which are curved and make the job much easier), is not as straightforward as it might seem. If a wound is already suppurating, producing pus, or had debris in it that cannot be removed it should be left open. In addition, animal and human bites should not be sutured. Apocalypse PAK - Outlive the End. GEK Wiki / How to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier. Pole Shift Survival Information. Guide to wilderness Guide to wilderness Survival. Knooking With The Knook Beginner Set by Leisure Arts. What's a Knook?

Knooking With The Knook Beginner Set by Leisure Arts

The "Knook" is a needlework tool manufactured by Leisure Arts. It looks like a crochet hook, but differs from a traditional crochet hook in that it has a small hole at one end of the hook. Survival Database. GEK Wiki / How to Build and Run the GEK Gasifier. Campaigns - Home Canning. It's summer, and home gardeners are starting to harvest the delicious produce they've been growing this year.

Campaigns - Home Canning

Did you know 1 in 5 U.S. households can their own food, and 65% of those households can vegetables? Home canning is a great way to preserve your garden goodies. But beware: if it's done the wrong way, the vegetables you worked so hard for could become contaminated by a germ that causes botulism, a serious illness that can affect your nerves, paralyze you, and even cause death. Read on to learn about the symptoms and the safe way to can so you can protect yourself, your family, and others when you share your home-canned goodies.

Homeland Security, Fallout Shelter. eBooks - Urban Survival Site. Open Source Ecology. Elec-Trak. The GE Elec-Trak was the first commercially produced all-electric garden tractor, made mostly between 1969 and 1975. [ 1 ] Despite their limited production and availability, many Elec-Traks are still in use today, [ 2 ] and have a cult following among tractor and electric vehicle enthusiasts. [ 3 ] They are an archetypal or seminal design that has influenced all later electric tractors. Several models were produced, including: the E8M and ER8-36 (8 hp); the E10M (10 hp); the E12 and E12M (12 hp); the E12S and E15 (14 hp); the E16 (an upgraded version of the E15), and the E20 (16 hp).

GE's claimed horsepower figures were somewhat hypothetical, as the 36 volt DC traction motors are not easily comparable to gasoline engines ; the table below includes "real" horsepower. The E8M and ER8-36 were styled more as ride-on mowers than tractors. GE also made an industrial version of the Elec-Trak, the I-5. Elec-Trak Component Motors [ edit ] Necropolis Studio Productions - Age of the Zombies. Home. Surviving Survivalism Blog. Prepper Central. A Bit About Us. Now available as an offline 8xDVD set to Third World/Developing Countries - 5700 Electronic Books online and offline with Practical Technical Development Information for the Third World. Agriculture, Health, Education, Small Industries etc etc.

Salt N' Prepper. Where we started - Back to Basic Living. Frugal Homesteading Blog » Blog Archive » Frugal Homesteading Blog Carnival Edition #1. Index of / The Urban Survival Skills Everyone Needs To Know. Outside - Survival - How to Make Instructables. Flower Pot Smoker. Compact Survival Kit - 78 Pieces!

So after looking at numerous Altoid and other mini survival kits, I got the itch to make one of my own. One thing that seems to be prevalent is how bare minimum the contents usually are in order to not waste valuable space in the kits, but i think using the most compact kit possible is a waste of valuable pocket space. How to Make a Desert Fridge - Howtopedia. Rise Of The Preppers: 50 Of The Best Prepper Websites And Blogs On The Internet. How Much Land You Need To Go Off The Grid?

The original homesteaders, the pioneers who went West, were following the American dream as it was understood in the 19th century — they wanted a house, and land, and a farm, of their own. CANNING SOFT CHEESE. Home canned "soft cheese" has better cooking properties than store bought bottled cheese meant for snack food. It contains no preservatives and is more economical than commercial products for cooking purposes.

These instructions yield a product that is similar to "Cheese Whiz", yet better tasting for a recipe of macaroni and cheese. This simple to do recipe for home canned cheese will keep for 2 years plus. Ingredients: 1 (5 oz.) can evaporated milk 1 T. vinegar tsp. salt 1 lb. Melt milk and cheese in double boiler. Yurts facts. The Liberty Mill. SGTreport – The Corporate Propaganda Antidote – Silver, Gold, Truth, Liberty, & Freedom. A Homemade Mattress? The 10 Best Kitchen Tools You Don’t Have. Survival. PVC bow with 60 lb draw weight for under $15. The Do It Yourself World. One-Year Emergency Food Supply by Robert Wayne Atkins.