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Thanks to The Genius of Nikola Tesla – A Perfect Antenna for the Survivalist. I’m sure if you are familiar with the name Nicola Tesla you have read enough articles extolling the genius that he was.

Thanks to The Genius of Nikola Tesla – A Perfect Antenna for the Survivalist

He was the inventor of Alternating Current (AC), the radio (Marconi used Tesla’s plans and experiment notes), florescent lighting, radar, radio controlled boats to name a few of the inventions of this man’s genius. What we are going to talk about today is one of the master’s little noticed inventions, “The Tesla Ground Wave Antenna”, the perfect antenna for the survivalist on a tight budget (and who isn’t!?!?!). The Tesla Ground Wave Antenna breaks nearly all the rules of antenna theory. This antenna is very very simple using only a couple of parts, and is extraordinary as a receiving antenna.

Some have also used this as a transmitting antenna, with an antenna tuner for HAM and freebanding. My own project to make one of these antennas went this way: Found a piece of 4 ft. re-bar steel, the type used with small cement projects. Happy SWL-ing! Off The Grid News » Better Ideas For Off The Grid Living. Modern Homesteading Resources - Alternative Energy, Green Building, and Everything Else. Rainwater Harvesting and Purification System. Self Sufficiency Guides for living a more Self Sufficient Life. Homestead Plan. Sun House.

We have long embraced the concept of environmental sustainability.

Sun House

We use compost. We recycle. Our energy for pumps comes from PV solar panels; electricity for the Guest House is augmented by a wind turbine and we stick with natural pesticides for the farm. Having read about alternative construction going on around the world, we decided to try our hand at it. We will be building a small house with earth bags. This is day one. End of day 2. The guys fill in the foundation walls with "remblais", a mix of rocks and gravel and sand. Here are Joanes, our plumber, and Denis, project coordinator, standing where the bathroom will be located. This is the finished foundation with the plumbing and electrical conduits in place. We broke two wooden tampers so we're making a couple of iron ones for tomorrow. One big lesson: it is much smarter to sew the bags shut after putting in the sand and clay mix.

This is a shot of the day's work on the earthbag house. Had torrential rains all night last night. Homesteading. Homesteading. MODERN HOMESTEADING. A Plan for Food Self-Sufficiency Planning a garden in advance can help you enjoy local, homegrown food year-round!


Estimate how much to grow or buy and learn how to achieve food security with these guidelines. Backyard Chicken Facts - 5 Things No One Told Us A few facts that might help you decide whether or not to get chickens for your backyard. Best Guard Dog for Your Homestead Read guard dog training tips and advice on guard dog breeds best suited for your needs. Build This Predator-Proof, Portable Chicken Coop Our newest low-cost portable chicken coop plan makes raising backyard chickens easier for just about anyone. Deep Litter Chicken Manure Management Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the deep litter system and how you can manage a small flock’s manure easily and efficiently. Home Cheesemaking: From Hobby to Business Artisan cheesemakers who aspire to make their passion a profession will face many challenges on the way to establishing a successful business.

Live on Less! Self Sufficient Living. Homesteading Blogs - Living Off The Grid. These are the homesteading blogs I read.

Homesteading Blogs - Living Off The Grid

The Walden Effect – Mark and Anna, my favorite homesteading couple, blog about everything from trailorsteading and running a micro-business to chicken waterers and mulch. Children in the Corn – The story of a family on their two-acre homestead in Huron County, MI. Carpe Diem Acreage – The chronicle of a family who has built a new green home and are trying to live a greener and healthier lifestyle. Animal Escapades – The blog for Leaping Lamb Farm, a 40 acre homestead nestled in Oregon and home to the U-Latch inventors.

Achorn Farm – A family blog about farming in Maine Applegarth Gardens – Musings on life in the garden, sustainable living, cooking, raising children and living “the good life” in Northwest Washington. City Boy Starts Farming – What happens when a city boy buys some land and starts living in the country. Country Couture – Tales of a “countrypolitan” family who left the city to raise three kids on a 20-acre farm. Fifty Free Farmstead eBooks. Home: Rural Living: Homesteading. The Resilient Family. Pioneer Living - Pioneer Living Survival. MODERN HOMESTEADING. Common Sense Homesteading - Homesteading: Using sound judgement to be self-reliant, emphasizing home food production.

Homesteading 101 - For Beginners - Getting Started Homesteading. Low Cost Home Cooking from Scratch.