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Vis de reliure - M6 - BULTE. ASSEMBLAGE Shelving System. “Assemblage” is a portable shelving system allowing various custom configurations.

ASSEMBLAGE Shelving System

It consists of ten modular storage units that can be assembled to fit your needs. The set is available in black or white lacquered MDF. Design by Selab Studio for Seletti. ASSEMBLAGE Shelving System, 975.00. Cubistorus stack blocks. Hose Clip Shelving by Max Frommeld. Show RCA 2011: this modular shelving unit by Royal College of Art graduate Max Frommeld is held together with clips more commonly found on garden hoses.

Hose Clip Shelving by Max Frommeld

Metal brackets at the corners of each shelf slot into grooves in the round wooden uprights. Once tightened, the yellow hose clips hold each one firmly in place. Quilted fabric covers can be attached to the shelf edges using magnets concealed in their seams. See Frommeld's BA graduation work in our story from 2008. Storage. I’m a big fan of the Bouroullec brothers’ designs, and this particular one is especially endearing.


The little smooth shelves, called Corniches, create beautiful and multifunctional storage. Here is how designers describe their idea: “The same way that we hang our belongings on a rock jutting from a cliff before diving into the sea, we need small, informal storage in everyday life too.” Shaped as individual, isolated protrusions in space, Corniches adapt to your unique taste and purpose. Use them for your keys beside the front door, as a pedestal for a small collection of objects or as a broad wall display, – the choice is yours. And to aid your creative process the manufacturer, Swiss brand Vitra, created an iPhone app that lets you take a picture of your wall and virtually test the location of your chosen shelves.

(more…) Chevron Shelves by Australian designer Henry Wilson is a beautifully simple and adaptable object, perfect for small or frequently changing spaces. (via leibal) Assemblage Modular Shelving White – THE CREATIVE HOME. Delivery Items are shipped domestically within 1-2 days of our receiving the order, unless otherwise noted on this product's page.

Assemblage Modular Shelving White – THE CREATIVE HOME

International orders can take longer to ship. Orders received after 3.00pm Eastern Time USA will be logged in the following day. All days are business days, excluding holidays. Returns Here's the short version of our return policy: "Products other than those which are sale, custom, made to order or designated as non-returnable on the website must be returned within 14 calendar days of receipt to obtain an exchange, refund or credit.

If you'd like to get the full skinny on returns and cancellations, along with other customer service goodies, click here and scroll down. L_ISO Shelving Unit. Clips for the Stacked Shelving System by Muuto. Unique, individual and practical – Stacked is a modular shelving system, made by JDS Architects for Muuto.

Clips for the Stacked Shelving System by Muuto

The Stacked modules are available in white painted wood or ash wood veneer – with or without back wall (also partly coloured back walls). Inside of each colour range, Muuto offers three differently sized modules that are combinable in order to get the shelf that you need. The unique modules aren’t screwed but clipped. That’s how the Stacked shelf cannot only be built fast, easy and without any tools, but you will also be able to configure it again and expand it with more modules. The modules are delivered with enough clips, but if they get los (for example when you move), Muuto offers replacement clips.

Do you have questions about the product? Clips. Shelf Edge Hook Clip - 19mm x 25mm. Top3 by design - MUUTO NEW NORDIC - muuto stacked clip 5 yellow. Please take note of the delivery times listed.

top3 by design - MUUTO NEW NORDIC - muuto stacked clip 5 yellow

Some styles from the incoming delivery are already selling out. Any item listed as "no stock online" or with a 2015 arrival date is sold out of our container arriving this week. (mid-late Nov) If yu are in anyway unsure or would like to discuss please call 1300 867 333. The Muuto shelving systems can be viewed in use in all of our stores. Clip d'assemblage / Pour étagères Stacked - Lot de 5 clips Vert - Muuto.

Container system 1530 by postfossil. Cool clamped-together shelving + a noguchi-esque clamp. It seems that once we start focusing on a subject, we begin to find all sorts of solutions and iterations.

cool clamped-together shelving + a noguchi-esque clamp

Lately, it appears to be shelving… Recently on Remodelista, we spotted these clamped together shelves used at Dyke & Dean, a housewares store in Hastings, East Sussex, England. It reminded us of the clipped together cardboard box shelving we posted about a while back, that ultimately turned into a several post riff (see Related Posts, below). Basically, Dyke and Dean’s are made of simple plywood boxes, stacked in various ways, and secured with metal clamps, for clean, industrial look. It turns out there is a whole WORLD of cool clamps, beyond the classic “C” Clamp. Binder Clip Phone Car Mount. Clipped-together shelving pt. 1: wood (help needed) Binder Clip Yourself a Shelf. Visserie. Table basse en bois de cageot par JBWoodDesign. Faire une table basse avec des caisses de bois! Wood Crate Coffee Table - WoodLogger. GD Star Ratingloading...

Wood Crate Coffee Table - WoodLogger

This crate coffee table is rustic and just looks fun when it’s all together. It’s great for storage and makes an excellent edition to your living room or game room. I made some crates awhile back with the intention to make a crate coffee table. This table was simple and easy to put together. Our Homemade Coffee Table. First let me say that I really enjoy decorating my own house.

Our Homemade Coffee Table

I think it is fun and a challenge to tackle, and I love a good challenge (Must be why I married Will… JK. He is the best ever, in the whole world.