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Tesla Unveils Electric Semi Truck (September) Might New Tesla Semi in Advanced Development Render Fossil Fuel Dinosaur Rigs Extinct US – WORLDWIDE – An enigmatic tweet by entrepreneur Elon Musk has thrown the US semi-truck market into some confusion.

Tesla Unveils Electric Semi Truck (September)

On 13 April the CEO of both Space-X and Tesla announced that ‘Tesla Semi Truck unveil set for September. Team has done an amazing job. Seriously next level.’ Mercedes-Benz Offers Wireless Charging on S550e Sedan. Charging cords can be a hassle when it comes to phones, laptops, and tablets, and it’s no different for cars.

Mercedes-Benz Offers Wireless Charging on S550e Sedan

Several companies have developed wireless charging systems for cars, and several automakers have experimented with them. But Mercedes-Benz may be the first to actually offer the technology on a production model. Among many green technology announcements made this week, the German carmaker confirmed that it will offer wireless charging on the 2017 S550e plug-in hybrid. Faraday Future EV Starts Production at $1bn Factory Outside Las Vegas. Nevada will be home to Faraday Future’s manufacturing facility.

Faraday Future EV Starts Production at $1bn Factory Outside Las Vegas

The EV startup, backed by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting, says it will invest $1 billion in a factory in North Las Vegas. The facility covers some 900 acres and 3 million square feet of working space in North Las Vegas’ APEX industrial park, of which Faraday Future says is “a thriving new environmentally-conscious development zone”.

The California-based company sees in its future disruptive technologies and car making: Update. Faraday Future released its official statement on North Las Vegas factory with infographic (PDF), showing intention to employ 4,500 people, 80% of which will be involved in actual production of EVs – with 50% of those being local hires. 'Virtual Tram' Starts Running in China. Largest Vehicle Pre-Order Now Delivered. In case you weren’t paying attention, something amazing just happened to the automobile industry.

Largest Vehicle Pre-Order Now Delivered

The recent unveiling of Tesla’s Model 3 resulted in the largest product pre-order in history. The fact that within days of launch about 400,000 people paid $1,000 each for a car they will receive in 2018 is simply astounding. In addition to the $400 million wired to Tesla, this represents an order book of more than $15 billion dollars. World's 1st Fully Electric & Autonomous Container Ship Enters Service. Joint Agreement Signed to Build Cargo Ship of the Future NORWAY – Chemical company Yara International, and technology group Konsberg Maritime, have entered into an agreement to build what the two Norwegian companies say will be the world's first fully electric and autonomous container ship with zero emissions.

World's 1st Fully Electric & Autonomous Container Ship Enters Service

With operations planned to start in the latter half of 2018, the pair claim the revolutionary vessel could lead to a reduction of up to 40,000 road haulage journeys a year in populated urban areas, reducing NOx and CO2 emissions and improve road safety. 3.5Bn Citizens Now Use eIDs. At the start of this year, a team of researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s Biometric Laboratory (NBL) in Gjøvik announced their latest development: a more accurate, trustworthy algorithm that detects and tracks passengers based on their facial features throughout their entire journey within the airport.

3.5Bn Citizens Now Use eIDs

The use of biometry for fast, modern and accurate identification isn’t new, with everything from fingerprints, palm veins, face features and DNA to iris and retina recognition being either tested or already in use across multiple industries and commercially available devices. The market for biometric systems is growing fast, and is expected to reach $24.4bn by 2020, according to research firm MarketsandMarkets which also identified travel and immigration as the leading application markets for biometry. US Navy's First Unmanned Vessel Completes Sea Trials. During the next two years, the U.S.

US Navy's First Unmanned Vessel Completes Sea Trials

Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will perform open-water testing of an unmanned surface vessel at Naval Base Point Loma in San Diego. Baidu Launches Driverless Public, Shared Shuttle Service. Early Arrival of 'Level 5' Driverless Cars. Ford has promised autonomous vehicles by 2021.

Early Arrival of 'Level 5' Driverless Cars

Tesla's upcoming Model 3, slated for 2017, could be capable of a more advanced form of self-driving than it currently offers with its Autopilot beta. But on Tuesday, a partnership announced by Mobileye and Delphi—developers of parts for driverless vehicles—promises to bring level 4 and 5 autonomous driving capability to automakers across the globe by 2019. Self-Driving Cabs Hit Singapore Streets. Reno Trials Fully Autonomous Public Bus Route. Reno, Nevada, may not seem like the place to develop the country’s first self-driving public bus, but Richard Kelley thinks it presents all the right challenges.

Reno Trials Fully Autonomous Public Bus Route

The buildings are taller than those in the office parks of the Silicon Valley, providing a good visual test for the complex algorithms. Mercedes Launches All-Electric EQ Concept Platform. Mercedes finally unveiled the Generation EQ concept, a SUV coupe study that previews a new family of electric vehicles under the new EQ brand.

Mercedes Launches All-Electric EQ Concept Platform

Power comes from a pair of electric motors that produce up to a combined 402hp and 516 lb-ft (700Nm) of torque, thanks to the system’s scalable battery components, with the power transmitted to all four wheels permanently. The company claims a driving range of up to 310 miles (500km) on a single charge with the battery pack mounted between the axles. Commercial Introduction of the "Zero Charge" EV. In just a few years, we could see an electric car on the market that doesn't need a charging station to 'fuel up.' The biggest apparent stumbling blocks for electric vehicles (EVs) seems to be their range - the distance that can be driven between charging - and the time it takes for an EV battery to be charged.

When competing against gas cars, which can be filled up in just a few minutes, and can cover a range of several hundred miles per tank, the idea of having a limited range and a longer 'fueling' time with an EV isn't one that most of us are comfortable with. The Start of the Decade of the Autonomous Vehicle. When 2020 hits, you can bet it will start the decade of driverless cars. Volvo We rounded up 19 companies aiming to have driverless car technology ready by 2020, some even declaring their fully autonomous car will be hitting the roads at that time. Uber Launches the Flying Car. Uber is more than fly-curious about taking ridesharing to the air. The company announced Tuesday that it plans to roll out a network of flying cars in Dallas-Fort Worth and, of course, Dubai by 2020. If that sounds ambitious, you possess a basic understanding of the challenges involved here.

The kind of aircraft Uber envisions shuttling customers through the air—electric, with vertical takeoff and landing capability, and capable of flying 100 miles in just 40 minutes—don’t exist yet. Nor does the infrastructure to support them. The FAA, an agency not known for speed, must ensure these aircraft meet all federal safety regulations and figure out where and how they fit into a complex air traffic control system. Nissan Launches High-Range EV at Lowest Price. Mercedes-Benz' Short-Range Urban eTruck in Production. Mercedes-Benzgave us our first look Wednesday at its fully electric, 26-ton Urban eTruck. Referring to rapid advances in electric vehicle motor performance and charging times, Wolfgang Bernhard, a member of Daimler’s Board of Management who is the head of Daimler Trucks & Buses, said that “the time is right for the electric truck.” Fully Electric Heavy-Duty Trucks Hit the Market.

Sponsored. Nicola Hydrogen-Electric Truck In Production. EV Charge Points Outnumber UK Petrol Stations. BMW Launches 4GT EV to Challenge Tesla Dominance. 1000km Range EV Battery Being Tested. You cannot get far today with electric cars. One reason is that the batteries require a lot of space. EVs Become Cost-Effective Than ICE's. Rolls-Royce Introduces Drone Merchant Fleet.

Synergistic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine Trialed. Image copyright ORBITAL ACCESS LIMITED The £60m UK government investment in the "revolutionary" Sabre rocket engine concept has finally started to flow. Ford Ship Self-Driving Cars Without Driver Controls. Apple Car Launched. 50% of World Car Production Now Autonomous. VW Claims №1 Spot For EV's With 1m/pa Sales. Australia Goes Completely Driverless. EVs Make Up 50% New Car Sales. Aviation Emissions Now Triple 2020 Levels. Sustainable fuels are viewed, particularly by the aviation industry, as an integral component in the sector’s ‘basket of measures’ towards managing its growth in CO2 emissions. Will Runways Always be Straight?