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First-of-its-Kind Test Case as Entire Community Looks to Move Beyond Flood Zone. Looking out from the house he built in 1959 with lumber brought by boat to this island at the south end of Terrebonne Parish, Wenceslaus Billiot remembers when the view from his back porch was thick forest and solid marsh.

First-of-its-Kind Test Case as Entire Community Looks to Move Beyond Flood Zone

Now there is just open water. With their homes growing ever more vulnerable to hurricanes, the 89-year-old Billiot and other residents of Isle de Jean Charles soon will have the choice of whether to stay on this slip of land or relocate, hopefully with their neighbors, to higher ground. This opportunity comes thanks to a $48 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to move the entire community. Wellington Airport Deploys Skyfii to Analyse User Movements. Wellington International Airport is to deploy data collection, analytics and marketing software from Sydney-based, ASX-listed Skyfii to gather, analyse and act on data about users of the airport.

Wellington Airport Deploys Skyfii to Analyse User Movements

Under an initial one-year contract the airport will use Skyfii's cloud-based 'IO' platform comprising IO Connect (data collection), IO Insight (analytics) and IO Engage (marketing), all delivered under a SaaS model. Skyfii uses data from mobile device movements, Wi-Fi usage, CCTV streams, Bluetooth, point-of-sale systems and other third party data sources. Google Tracking Card Purchases & Connecting Them to Online Profiles. Google’s new ability to match people’s offline credit card purchases to their online lives is a stunning display of surveillance capitalism in action.

Google Tracking Card Purchases & Connecting Them to Online Profiles

Number of Vegans in UK Rises 360% in a Decade. Japan's Labour Shortage Driving Robot Investment for Mid-Sized Co's. (Reuters) — Desperate to overcome Japan’s growing shortage of labor, mid-sized companies are planning to buy robots and other equipment to automate a wide range of tasks, including manufacturing, earthmoving and hotel room service.

Japan's Labour Shortage Driving Robot Investment for Mid-Sized Co's.

According to a Bank of Japan survey, companies with share capital of 100 million yen to 1 billion yen plan to boost investment in the fiscal year that started in April by 17.5 percent, the highest level on record. It is unclear how much of that is being spent on automation but companies selling such equipment say their order books are growing and the Japanese government says it sees a larger proportion of investment being dedicated to increasing efficiency. UK Part-time Student Numbers Collapse 56% in 5 Years. As Claire Gray scans her customers’ shopping at the checkout in Waitrose in Wells, Somerset, she is imagining her future as a lawyer.

UK Part-time Student Numbers Collapse 56% in 5 Years

In October, Gray, 46, will start juggling a part-time law degree at the Open University alongside her supermarket job. “I’m a bit nervous about studying,” she admits. “But I can’t wait to get started. This is me taking control of my future.” Gray worked hard at school and sixth-form college, and was set to join the air force as an officer when she learned she had a degenerative spinal condition that means she has to walk with a stick. Gray is exactly the sort of person the government says it wants to tempt back to university and into a fulfilling career. Identity Fraud Hit a Record High in 2016. More than 15 million people were affected by identity fraud in the U.S. last year, according to a recent study by Javelin Strategy & Research.

Identity Fraud Hit a Record High in 2016

The identity fraud incidence rate increased by 16%, a record high since the company began tracking identity fraud in 2003. Fraudsters successfully adapted to net two million more victims last year, compared to 2015. The amount fraudsters took increased by nearly one billion dollars, totaling at $16 billion. Norway First to Start Switching Off FM Radio. Norway will next week become the first nation to start switching off its FM radio network, in a risky and unpopular leap to digital technology that will be closely watched by other countries considering whether to follow suit.

Norway First to Start Switching Off FM Radio

Critics say the government is rushing the move and fear many people may miss emergency alerts that until now have been broadcast via FM radio. "Kids Born Today Will Never Get to Drive" A Self-Driving Future For many, learning how to drive is a rite of passage that teenagers pine for.

"Kids Born Today Will Never Get to Drive"

Getting behind the wheel for the first time, passing drivers ed, getting your license, and buying your first car symbolize your first steps towards independence. Uber's Self Driving Trials Provoke Backlash. An organization that advocates for professional drivers has urged New York to ban self-driving cars from the state's roads for 50 years.

Uber's Self Driving Trials Provoke Backlash

The Upstate Transportation Association fears that self-driving cars will eliminate thousands of jobs and damage the local economy. Experts say it's the most aggressive move yet to restrict self-driving vehicles, and a sign of things to come. "Large groups of workers are going to recognize that their jobs are threatened. Iwi Wealth Reaches $6bn. A new report shows Ngāti Whātuā ō Ōrākei and Ngāi Tahu are leading the way in financial performance by iwi.

Iwi Wealth Reaches $6bn

Photo: 123RF And post-settlement entities are now valued at around $6 billion. The annual assessment of eight iwi, carried out by economic analysis firm TDB Advisory, shows Ngāti Whātua ō Ōrākei leading the way with a financial performance that is up by 16 percent. Research Finds Human Lifespan Has A Max Limit: 125. Maximum Lifespan Defined Scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine assert that they have discovered the maximum lifespan of human beings, and it’s a range we may no longer be able to exceed.

Dr. Jan Vijg, professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at Einstein, lead the research, which was published online today in the journal Nature. McKinsey Gig Economy Bigger Than Thought. US Patient Infected with E. Coli Resistant to 'Last Resort’ Antibiotic. A 49 year old woman from Pennsylvania was recently hospitalised with an infection that the last resort antibiotic Colistin was unable to treat. Researchers studied a sample of her urine and found that the bacteria were carrying a gene called MCR-1, which confers resistance to Colistin. Colistin was largely phased out in the 1970s due to its harsh side-effects, but in the face of increased antibacterial resistance it has once again found favour. Conflict Displaces The 'Equivalent to UK Population of 65m'

The World Bank and the United Nations have highlighted the impact of conflicts on civilians in a report showing that the number of displaced people around the globe is equivalent to the UK’s population of 65 million. A study launched jointly by the Bank and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) shows that the root of the problem are 10 conflicts responsible for the majority of forced displacement every year for the past quarter of a century. The report said the issue was emerging as an important development challenge that threatened a backlash against refugees. SM Overtakes TV as Main News Source for 18-24yo's. The 18-24 crowd has used the internet as its primary source for news for several years.

Now it is specifying “social media” as its main source of news, with that niche overtaking television for the first time. The information comes from a study done by The Oxford University Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. It looked at consumers of news and information around the world for its “Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2016.” For First Time Ever, A Majority of People Identify as 'Global Citizens' Siberian Nomads Killed By Climate-Triggered Anthrax Release. Poll Indicates 'Global Citizenship' Rising. People are increasingly identifying themselves as global rather than national citizens, according to a BBC World Service poll. First Use By US Police Of A Robot To Kill Suspect. UK 40+s Fertility Rate Now Higher Than <20s.

The fertility rate of women aged 40 and above has surpassed that of women aged under 20 for the first time since 1947, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The older age group had the largest percentage increase (3.4%) in fertility rates in 2015, the figures show, while the younger age group had the largest percentage decrease (7.1%), continuing a decline since 1999. ‘Unprecedented’ 65m People Displaced by War & Persecution. The number of people displaced from their homes due to conflict and persecution last year exceeded 60 million for the first time in United Nations history, a tally greater than the population of the United Kingdom, or of Canada, Australia and New Zealand combined, says a new report released on World Refugee Day today.

The Global Trends 2015 compiled by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) notes that 65.3 million people were displaced at the end of 2015, an increase of more than 5 million from 59.5 million a year earlier. The tally comprises 21.3 million refugees, 3.2 million asylum seekers, and 40.8 million people internally displaced within their own countries. World Population Surpasses Seven Billion. Photo ONE week from today, the United Nations estimates, the world’s population will reach seven billion.