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Simplex Services

Simplex provides enterprise transformation and migration services, and help set-up or upgrade IT infrastructure by providing consultation, IT architect and cloud based solutions.

How does Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform increase efficiency of innovation? - Simplex Services. To succeed in a digital economy, organizations strive to optimize resources, accelerate development, and quickly adapt to market changes.

How does Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform increase efficiency of innovation? - Simplex Services

However, routine tasks, manual processes, and inefficient workflows create a burden on the IT teams affecting the ability to quickly deliver value to customers. An automation strategy can help your organization improve existing processes and execute your digital initiatives. Automation has become a top priority for organizations due to the increased speed, scale, and complexity of their hybrid and multicloud environments. Enterprises not only need the ability to easily create automation, but they also need to be able to share and reuse automation across projects and teams with the right level of governance and control. Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform aims to be an expansive foundation for building and operating automation at scale. Simplify IT operations One of the hallmarks of Ansible Automation Platform is its simplicity.

Simplex Services awarded G-Cloud framework agreement by Crown Commercial Service - Simplex Services. Simplex Services has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) G-Cloud 12 framework, for its cloud hosting, cloud software and cloud support services.

Simplex Services awarded G-Cloud framework agreement by Crown Commercial Service - Simplex Services

The Crown Commercial Service is an executive agency and trading fund of the Cabinet Office of the UK Government. It is responsible for leading the procurement policy on behalf of the government and managing the procurement of common goods and services. G-Cloud is a CCS procurement framework that helps customers in the UK public sector search, evaluate and procure cloud computing services. This helps the public sector to achieve maximum commercial benefits in procuring world-class public services that offer the best value for taxpayers. Current services offered by Simplex Services: As a CCS supplier, Simplex has assisted several public sector organisations in technology transformation and modernisation. Photo by Clem Onojeghuo. Keep the lights On and keep them Green - Simplex Services. As the economy takes a nosedive, the IT teams are going through a double whammy.

Keep the lights On and keep them Green - Simplex Services

While the pandemic increased the burnout at work for at least 30% of the workforce, IT spends reduced by a minimum of 5%-8% in the majority of the countries. The transformation projects have either been delayed, canceled, or their budgets highly reduced and the aim for most of the companies is to “keep the lights on”. However, these lights have to be longer and consistently on, and they need to be Green too. By that I mean the IT needs to be continuously available (On) and highly performant (Green).

While there is no magic wand to achieve this, below are some of the considerations and pointers that can be useful. Identify and Analyse Widen your horizon – IT budgets have various entries: The IT run budget is usually around 70% of the overall IT budget. 3 pro tips to get more out of Microsoft Teams meetings - Simplex Services. Microsoft Teams has seen a whopping 134% increase in daily active users since March 2020 as businesses across the world have been forced to transition to remote working.

3 pro tips to get more out of Microsoft Teams meetings - Simplex Services

This has resulted in the number of Microsoft Teams virtual meetings taking place increased exponentially. Whether you’re a newcomer to Teams or a seasoned user of Microsoft 365, here are three pro tips to ensure you get the best possible experience in your Microsoft Teams meetings. Open for all Microsoft Teams offer dial-in function designed for participants who are on the go or have no internet access.

Any user enabled for Audio Conferencing will see the dial-in instructions attached to the Teams meeting invitation. Teams also allows you to host meetings with people both inside and outside of your organisation. Inking Have you tried Microsoft Whiteboard? Although designed to work best with a stylus, it’s perfectly usable for people with desktop devices. ALSO READ: Privacy and Security in Microsoft Teams Captions. Important Questions To Ask Your IT Service Provider - Simplex Services. How to Install Waterproof Membrane on Tile Shower Floor.

Your shower is the wettest place in your house.

How to Install Waterproof Membrane on Tile Shower Floor

It is constantly exposed to moisture, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Roughly, the average amount of moisture a shower is exposed to annually translates to 2500 inches of rainfall. Therefore, to keep all that moisture from damaging your shower, ideally you need to waterproof it. Why Waterproof My Shower Floor? Waterproofing of tile shower floors is not optional if protecting the integrity of your house’s structure is a priority. How do you install a waterproof membrane on your tile floor? First off, there are two kinds of membranes, sheets and liquid. Installing a waterproofing membrane like the Laticrete 9235 waterproofing membrane is mostly free of hassles. You can apply a liquid membrane at minimum hassles by slapping it on the floor. When applying a waterproof membrane on a tile shower floor, you want to make sure that a continuous coat of polymer is applied. What is Infrastructure Modernisation service? - Simplex Services.

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