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Simple Floors in Portland supply hundreds of carrying hardwood flooring, but none can match our factory flooring prices and exceptional service. We handle factory direct laminate hardwood flooring, bamboo solid hardwood flooring, and any project.

Bathroom Flooring. Amazing Oregon Waterfalls - But How Many Are There? “What do you want to do this summer?”

Amazing Oregon Waterfalls - But How Many Are There?

Asked the newlywed husband to his wife. “Let’s go chasing waterfalls,” she replied. And so they did. Of course, living in Oregon, that wasn’t going to be a problem. The challenge instead, was which waterfalls to chase. Counting waterfalls anywhere in the Northwest is a fool’s errand. The Columbia River Gorge And Waterfalls Multnomah Falls. But, did you know that on the Oregon side of the Columbia River, there are 90 waterfalls?

What’s more, for those we know of, there are said to be at least 238 waterfalls in the state of Oregon alone. What Waterfalls Newlyweds Chase Back to our newlywed couple and their summer adventures to chase waterfalls, here’s a snapshot of two hikes they did: Pup Creek Falls Located outside of Estacada, Oregon, Pup Creek Falls is a bit of a hike, even so much so that visitors are led to often wonder if either they’ve missed it or will never actually arrive. “Kicked off the first day of summer in true PNW fashion. Abiqua Falls. Portland Wood Floor Gallery - Portland Flooring. Simple Floors Portland has provided wood flooring for literally thousands of home renovation and construction projects in the PDX area over the years.

Portland Wood Floor Gallery - Portland Flooring

During the years of providing exceptional quality flooring to our customers, we have collected a gallery of flooring project pictures from in around the Portland area. This gallery is made up of many different kinds of wood, laminate flooring, bamboo floors and other flooring materials from Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Tualatin, Vancouver, Wa and down to Salem. Feel free to browse through a few of the thousands of floor examples we have sold. Below you will find solid floors, engineered hardwood, bamboo floors, Luxury Vinyl Tile, laminate flooring and other examples.

Don’t forget that we also have carpeting for every application, tile flooring and tile accents, as well as countertops for both kitchen and bathroom. Check out this amazing Portland Home Transformation that included wood flooring, tile and much more! Carpet Flooring Stores. Covid-19 Pandemic - The Surprising Impact On Home Design. With the introduction of a global pandemic in the spring of 2020, the initial two-week quarantine was a difficult adjustment for many.

Covid-19 Pandemic - The Surprising Impact On Home Design

For parents who worked and had school-aged children, those two weeks felt more like an extended spring break. But, as quarantine orders continued, it quickly became apparent to many that not only were people going to need to hunker down for a while, they would also need to get used to a new normal. Suddenly, the home became not just a place to eat and sleep but also needed to become an office, school, playground, gym, and so much more. With this shift in how we live our lives, people the world over received an immediate lesson in the art of improvisation. But, one can’t improvise their way to a sustainable way of living.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Home Design How we live life as a result of the pandemic, may just change how we do life forever after COVID-19. New Colors With that in mind, here are some of 2021’s top colors for homes: Urbane Bronze – Wood Floors Portland. Simple Floors Portland wood floors handles literally thousands of flooring styles right here in our PDX flooring location.

Wood Floors Portland

Our special factory direct relationships result in the best Vancouver and Portland hardwood prices, which include thousands of floor variations. We have large flooring sample boards of more than 3,000 choices, making them too numerous to list. We also carry the latest Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring that gives you the identical look and feel to hardwood floors, but with unmatched durability and waterproof performance. Bamboo Floor. Almost Everyone In Oregon Goes Camping - Where To Camp. There is no doubt that if you live in Oregon, chances are you love the outdoors.

Almost Everyone In Oregon Goes Camping - Where To Camp

In fact, nearly three-quarters of Oregonian’s camp. With a myriad of scenic places in the state to travel to, one could visit a different destination each day of the year and still not scratch the surface of all that Oregon has to offer. Wood Flooring in Portland - PDX Wood Floors. Portland Hardwood Floors, LVT, Bamboo Flooring.