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Guest Post: 10 Things I Learned At Startup Weekend Singapore This is a great guest post by Felix Leong originally on For more on him, check out his bio at the end of this piece. Yes, I finally attended my very first Startup Weekend in Singapore. And they live up to their reputation of being one of the most organized startup events and I dig their heavy emphasis on execution. Throughout 54 hours of working on startup ideas and observing how others approach the problem, there’s a lot of lessons that I’ve learned throughout the whole process. I know why Startup Weekend is awesome: within three days, you’ll be able to see the real social dynamics and the drama that unfolds as the teams manage themselves: both good and bad. Guest Post: 10 Things I Learned At Startup Weekend Singapore
Startup Weekend Paris March 2012


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Startup Weekend Paris
Maybe it was Apple’s emphasis on design, and its direct impact on the iPhone and iPad’s success. Maybe it was the success of design-heavy startups like Airbnb and Hipmunk. Or maybe, as startups mature technologically, people are realizing that design can become a valuable differentiator. In any case, during the past couple years it seems like the tech world has gradually come to realize the importance of design. As a sign of this trend, there’s even a fund that exclusively backs startups founded by designers. Why Can’t Startups Find Designers? Why Can’t Startups Find Designers?
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Facilitator Spotlight: Nick Stevens Facilitator Spotlight: Nick Stevens The following conversation with Nick Stevens of The Netherlands kicks-off our Featured Facilitator Series. How did you get involved with Startup Weekend? I got involved by booking a ticket to attend Amsterdam 2011. Two years prior, I had left the world of corporate America and returned to small business and startups. Startup Weekend seemed like a fun event that could help with networking, although I found it odd that there appeared to be no social media buzz. I wrote an email to the organisers, asking if it was something I could help with, and that’s how I ended up on the organising team.
Tech Edition Wrap-up! Tech Edition Wrap-up! By now we’ve all had a few days to decompress and make up for the lack of sleep that we all got for a few days – for those who didn’t get to attend the event, you missed out on a great weekend! Friday night featured 24 pitches – that’s 33% of attendess pitching. We had everything from Airbnb clones to time travelling iPhone Apps, but by the end of Friday, we voted to keep the top 12 pitches, and only 10 teams were formed. However, it seemed some ideas were too strong to be voted out of the weekend, as by Saturday afternoon we were back up to thirteen teams again!