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Age Meter is a new app, launched by the same developer who previously created Gender Meter and Facelook . Boasting the shortest time from API feature release to app launch, Age Meter enables you to take a photo or load an existing one and figure out the age of the person in it. Face Fun is an iPhone app, using the face.com API and allows you to swap your friend's faces with your iPhone. They're using our faces.detect method to locate faces in the taken photo and exchange them for weirdly fun results.


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One of the development tasks I do most often is designing the API for a reusable component. The components are usually for iOS (though sometimes they’re for OS X), and are invariably GUI controls or views of some kind. I’ve designed literally dozens of component APIs over the years, including for clients like Apple, and I’ve learned quite a bit about the process. I periodically release open source components too, and the feedback I’ve had has helped me put together a set of guidelines for API design that I’d like to share with you. This is an important topic, whether you’re an open source contributor, or working as part of a team on a large app, or just creating your own software. API Design API Design
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