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Games to Learn English - For Students. Games: Play Word Grid. Bluff Bust - Truth or Lie. Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity. Jeopardy Template. ESL Games. Word Sailing. Time Fillers. Cocktail Party - Description of a Name Game, Icebreaker and Get to Know You Activity. Candy Introductions - Icebreaker games collection.

Candy Introductions is a get-to-know-you game that helps people learn new facts about each other in an easy way. They select various pieces of candy from a bag, and each candy variety is associated with a fact about themselves which they will introduce to the others. This game also goes by other names, including the M&M game, Candy Confessions, the Skittles Game, the Gum Drop game, among others. Candy Introductions can work with any group size. The icebreaker works best when the group size is limited to 12, so if you have more than 12, divide the larger group and run the icebreaker within the smaller sized groups. This icebreaker works best indoors, and is well suited for classrooms or meeting rooms. Materials required are: candy with about five different variations (color or candy type), and an optional chalkboard/whiteboard. Setup for Candy Introductions Purchase several variety packs of candy, enough for each person to be able to have at least five pieces.

Instructions for How to Play. Superlative Game - Icebreaker games collection. The Superlative Game is a simple icebreaker that asks players to line up in ascending order for various different categories (e.g. height, birthday month, etc.). It’s very easy to learn and play, and it doesn’t require a lot of time. This game can be classified as a get-to-know-you style icebreaker. The recommended group size is medium, large, or extra large groups. Players will be divided into multiple teams of at least five people. This game can be played both indoors or outdoors. There are no special materials required to play. Setup for the Superlative Game The facilitator of the Superlative game needs to prepare a list of categories. Playing the Superlative Game Split the group into at least three teams. Read the first category aloud, such as “Line up by increasing order of height.

The facilitator then reads off the next category, and this process repeats until the game is over (no more categories). Variations There are many variations to this game that are worth considering. 1. 2. Who Done It (Whodunit) - Icebreaker games collection. Who Done It? Is an icebreaker that reveals interesting (and sometimes incredible!) Things people have done. It’s a simple guessing game that is straightforward to play. This game is a get-to-know-you style icebreaker in which players try to guess which person corresponds to each item written on notecards. Setup and Gameplay for Who Done It (Whodunit?) This game can be played individually or with two teams. I went skydiving once.I got arrested before.I once drank a gallon of milk.I lived in seven different states.I ate bugs before.

Try to instruct people to write a fact that most people don’t already know – the sillier (or more unbelievable) the better. The Who Done It? Share Who Done It (Whodunit) on your website or blog! Icebreakers, Warmups, Energerizers, & Deinhibitizers: Activities for getting groups going. Purse-scavenger-hunt-printable.pdf (application/pdf Object) 10 Great Classroom Icebreakers. 1. Self-Portrait. Have your students draw themselves. After they have done this, collect the papers and hang them up for the whole class to see. Now have students try to guess who the artists was for each picture. 2. Letter Writing. At the beginning of the year, write a short letter about yourself as the teacher. 3. Give each student an index card. 4. Have the students get into a circle. 5.

Pass around a sheet of paper and some pens. 6. Call out any month of the year and have all students born in that month come up to the front of the room. 7. Have the students draw pictures about what they like to do, what their favorite foods are, and what is their favorite subject in school. 8. Don't forget about this old time favorite part of class. 9. Have students write three things about themselves on a piece of paper. 10. Line up the students in two lines facing each other.

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