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Magento Wholesale Extension. QUICK AND EASY ORDERING Having all the available options displayed within a clear and simple table allows shoppers to just enter the quantity they need for each of the product options and add to cart all at once.

Magento Wholesale Extension

This simplified process of buying in bulk saves time and makes shopping very straightforward. Wholesale customers won't hesitate to order from you next time or throw couple of extra items into the shopping cart. FOR WHOLESALERS AND B2B E-COMMERCE Magento® by default is more B2C, retail oriented: browse products, find what you want and add it to cart, one by one.

While a retail customer wants to browse, wholesale customers usually already know what they want and just need the quick and easy ordering process. This module allows them to add multiple products to cart at the same time and order large quantities of different associated products very easily. ...OR ANY STORE SELLING IN LARGER QUANTITIES This module works with any configurable product with up to two attributes.

Product sold count

Enhanced Order Success Page – Free Magento Extension. Add Products Sold Count on Home Page in Magento. Vijays91/Magento-Product-Sold-Count: This extension used to displaying the number of products sold on product detail page. Sales Counter Magento Extension- Velanapps. Product sold and available counter - Magento Connect. Product sold and available counter It allows to display product sold and available counter on product view page. - Extension lets store owners to showcase the popularity of the store products by dynamically displaying the sales count of individual products. - It will help customer to know how popular this product by soldout count and also helps customer to know about the limited stock on our store.

Product sold and available counter - Magento Connect

Installation steps: Easy Product Sales Counter - Magento Connect. Easy Product Sales Counter Buy Now • Product Sold Count in Product listing page, Product details page • Online / Offline Sales Count for each product (Count will be combined) • Customize colours to be display from admin panel • Easily manageable admin options • Free Installation Try Demo.

Easy Product Sales Counter - Magento Connect

Highlight Product Sold Count - Magento Connect. How to Create Magento Test & Production Sites. When it comes to developing an enterprise website for a client or just starting an online shopping website, usually it is a good idea to have both testing and production environments.

How to Create Magento Test & Production Sites

The reason why we need such set-up is that we could use the testing environment to install or update features, designs and content and have it accessible by you and your team for any further development or feedback. When it is fully working and ready, deploy the updates to the live (production) site. This way we can avoid any unexpected errors and confusions from the user side and have an efficient, risk-free way to develop your site. In this tutorial we assume we already have Magento installed in our hosting account or server. In this case, we can start preparing the test environment.

Step 1Create a subdirectory. Magento Newsletter Popup Extension. The Best Magento Extensions. Magento Newsletter Popup. Magento Translate. The advanced language translate extension for Magento provides the most convenient way to translate Magento stores to any languages directly under admin section without modifying .CSV language pack files.

Magento Translate

No more language pack for French, Spanish, Dutch or other languages. Configuration Under admin section please go to "CMS >> Advanced Translation >> Configuration" as below: How to Properly Configure Magento Emails. First of all I’m not really a Magento developer nor its power user or any sort of user for that matter.

How to Properly Configure Magento Emails

My primary function is server administration and configuration for hosted web sites, Magento included. Like any good developer you will be handling all the nifty custom code and the web site itself. However, when it comes to mailing, your application will format the mail message and forward it to the system based software to transfer your message via SMTP to its destination. Whatever your mail is containing, I’m pretty sure it is important that this mail reach its destination regardless who you are; a web site owner, developer or its end user. LinnLive Integration - Magento Connect. Interactive Code Learning. High-Quality Programming Tutorials and References. Top Magento Extensions, Themes and Modules from Apptha. Php - magento not sending out any mails, how to debug? Transactional Email Service & Bulk Email Software.

Comparison of the cloud email services that provide transactional email or bulk email software (marketing software to manage mass email such as newsletters).

Transactional Email Service & Bulk Email Software

These services help you to send these emails without having to configure and manage mail servers, ensuring you to have state of the art configuration to ensure email deliverability. Your application can usually use SMTP protocol using their SMTP Relay, or use a specific API. Transactional email is an expected email because it has been triggered automatically after a transaction or a specific event. Common examples of transactional email is : account opening and welcome message, order shipment confirmation, shipment tracking and purchase order status, registration via a contact form, account termination, payment confirmation, invoice...

These messages are especially important for ecommerce, shopping sites... This detailed comparison chart will help you to choose your cloud email solution for bulk email or transactional email. Contact Us - one2crowd. Custom Magento Ecommerce Store Development. In the marketplace bustling with ardent competition, the custom Magento ecommerce store development, extensions development, theme customization and maintenance services offered by OSSMedia can give your business a new breakthrough.

Custom Magento Ecommerce Store Development

Our scalable Magento solutions grows with your business and provides you the right assitance to ensure the smooth running of our Magento ecommerce applications. The fact that we offer solutions with amazing agility and customization capabilities also gives you more room for expansion, whether or not the current trends dictate that. As and when the in-house technology gurus feel the need to elevate the framework performance and give a higher sense of structure to your growing business, you can upgrade the solutions to bolster your reputation as the market frontrunner.

Besides, being an innovator never lets you down from the business perspective.


Product widgets. BSS Configurable Product Grid Table View Extension. BSS Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View extension displays associated products, creating a neat and professional table to show specific features of selected products.

BSS Configurable Product Grid Table View Extension

BSS Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View is a rock-solid, thoroughly tested and developed extension that we are willing to provide free support if you run into problems. We have released 2 editions of this product following customers' demand. SMTP Pro Email - Free Custom SMTP Email - Magento Connect. SMTP Pro is the best free, open source SMTP solution for Magento.

SMTP Pro Email - Free Custom SMTP Email - Magento Connect

It gives merchants complete control of custom SMTP server settings for sending magento emails and includes pre-configuration for popular services such as gmail and google apps. Features at a glance: Trusted for 5 years and over 35,000 downloadsCustom SMTP server support in your Magento storeOutbound email loggingDebug loggingDeveloper FriendlyHandy table of compatible email service providers This extension provides complete control of Email settings for Magento. It can send with any custom SMTP server, your GMail or Google Apps account, AWS Simple Email Service and SendGrid. For SMTP you can specify authentication methods from None, Login, Plain or CRAM-MD5.

The extension includes a self test option, which lets you verify your settings are correct and it works with Magento Newsletters, two features you may not find in other, older, SMTP extensions.


White Fir Design - Web Design, Security, and Marketing. Feedbackify! Extensions - Products. <div class="global-site-notice noscript"><div class="notice-inner"><p><strong>JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. </strong><br />You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. </p></div></div> Regular Price: $49 Special Price: $19 Regular Price: $49 Special Price: $19 Regular Price: $29 Special Price: $0 Regular Price: $399 Special Price: $99 Regular Price: $1,950 Special Price: $1,499 Regular Price: $49 Special Price: $0.

Slider Banner by MageComp. PCI Level 1 Certified Company. One-stop shop for Powerful and Smart Magento Extensions, Themes. Mage Testing. Modules Magento. Add Multiple(Custom Options, Configurable, Bundled) Products To Cart in Magento. Magento Group Price & Magento Bulk Hide / Update Price extensin - Mageworx. Magento Translate Extension. Magento Auto Translate increases your stores potential customers by enabling customers to view your store in their preferred language.

With support for 75 languages you will be able to target more customers around the world. You can even guarantee that users from certain advertising campaigns or feeds will view a language, so you can begin advertising to new markets. The world is literally at your stores front door when using our Translation extension.

Note: This list is not an complete list of features. Please try the demo to see this extension in action. Support for 75 languagesYour store can be translated to just about every language used on the internet. You might also be interested in these products... Mass Product Relater by Iksanika. Mass Product Relater by Iksanika is FREE extension. But we will appreciate for any support by donate principles for development new features and new valuable FREE extensions. Start save up to 98% of your time and grow up revenue up to additional 60% on cross-, up- and related - sell products in your Magento store today!

Maintaining of up-sell, cross-sells and related products in good order is significantly improve ecommerce business results/metrics - up-sell, cross-sells and related products stimulate your customers to add additional and costly products to cart and thus place bigger orders, so you will increase Life Time Value and Average Order Value and as result Revenue this, of course, means more Profit for you. Mass Product Relator create up-sell, cross-sell or related products links fast. The extension creates cross links between products while they are being assigned as up-sell, cross-sell or related products. Core features: Discussion on Passion – Multipurpose Magento Theme. Start supporting customers for FREE.

Magento Banners extension — Templates Master. Improve your Magento store design Add banners to your store with few clicksShow your payments and security iconsDisplay scheduled events information and holidays related eventsPlace your special hours content information Place banners and html content at any place you want Place banners directly from Magento adminUse magento widget to place bannerAdd banners with xml or PHP code directly to your template Set custom rules for each banner. Google Rich Snippets Magento Extension. Many SKU One Inventory.

Conflict detection

eBay integration. Reports. Payments. Live Chats. Social login. SSL. PDF Catalog. Product management. Order management. Inventory management. Backend. Shop by brands. Affiliate. Shops. One step checkout. Slider. Search improvement. Facebook store. Product labels. Infinite scroll. Cart addons. Templates, Tier pricing. Tricks & Patches. Multi Vendor marketplace. SEO optimization. Full page cache. Mage world. Magento import. Magento mobile app. Developers. Magento ecommerce Magento-events Manager. Control for CloudFlare® Redactor WYSIWYG. Rated 5/5 based on 27 customer reviews Very Good Review by Brendan 5/ 5stars My client is really happy with this extention. Excellent work! Excellent extension Review by Luciano Fuza work fine, simple and efficiently.

Magento PrestaShop OpenCart Drupal Ubercart - Modules Extensions Plugins. More performance with Lazy Loading Extension for Magento. Rated 5/5 based on 41 customer reviews Perfect. The best must have Magento extensions 2015 (Performance, SEO, Frontend/UI, Loyalty/referral campaigns, System/backend, Marketing/sales) Mobikul - WebKul. Shopify. Sales Analytics Single Store for Magento Community Edition, Autorenewal Annual Subscription. WordPress-like Admin Bar for Magento - Gremlin. Magento Fraud Prevention Screen Module featuring MaxMind - Magento Modules. Magento Commerce. Magento Profiler. Making a website faster is pretty much always the same process.

It is not about guessing or tweaking something that might slow and checking if it got faster afterwards (ok, sometimes it’s actually this), but it is digging into what’s happening behind the scenes and actually measuring what’s eating time or memory. When it comes to debugging my favorite tools are xdebug+kcachegrind and New Relic. You can get a lot of very useful information when checking their colorful graphical representation of your website rendering.

But those profilers don’t know anything about the structure of your application. Front-End Editor Magento, Magento edit product and content pages from the front-end. EXTREME COUPONING zeros checkout carts in eBay's Magento. Hacker Netanel Rubin has found a critical remote vulnerability in Ebay's web commerce platform Magento that affects 88,000 shops and allows buyers to purchase anything for free, and compromise credit cards and personal data. Best Product Questions Magento Extension Magento Extension. OnlinebizSoft is hands down the best, most dedicated and professional extension developer for Magento. Before making our purchase we did a lot research on every major player in the Magento extension community. We looked at past reviews, amount of time being a "contributing" member of the Magento community, frequency of updates to products, and most response time and communication...

Magic Edge - Image Background Remover for Magento.