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Cette lampe de chevet utilise votre smartphone et se contrôle avec des gestes. Here’s Why Google and Levi’s Are Working Together to Make a Jean Jacket. Ivan Poupyrev and Paul Dillinger come from very different worlds: Poupyrev, a technical program lead for Google’s Advanced Technologies and Projects (ATAP) unit, has spent years working on user-interface design and interactive technology, while Dillinger, the head of global product innovation for Levi Strauss & Co., has immersed himself in fashion.

Here’s Why Google and Levi’s Are Working Together to Make a Jean Jacket

These worlds collided more than a year ago, though, when Levi’s agreed to work with Google on Project Jacquard, an interactive fabric project that Poupyrev heads. It aims to create conductive textiles that can be manufactured like regular fabrics and woven into everything from shirts to teddy bears. The idea is that you’ll then be able to swipe and tap the fabric to do things like control music or get directions. SkinTrack Turns Your Arm Into a Touchpad. Here’s How It Works. The biggest problem with smartwatches, beyond the fact no one really knows what to do with them, is their small screens.

SkinTrack Turns Your Arm Into a Touchpad. Here’s How It Works

Wearable Keyboard Will Change The Way You Type Forever. In the near future, you may not need to touch your phone, tablet, or keyboard when you want to type.

Wearable Keyboard Will Change The Way You Type Forever

That’s the concept behind the Tap Strap, an amazing wearable Bluetooth keyboard that converts finger movements into key presses, so you can tap out messages using any surface as a virtual keyboard. Don’t expect a visual prompt, or some laser-projected keyboard to guide you. It’s all done using gestures. You start by putting on the Tap Strap. Students Invented Gloves That Can Translate Sign Language Into Speech And Text.

Senic - Smart Home Controller. SmartRemote by Sevenhugs. 'Teslasuit' is a Tactile Skin that Lets You Feel VR, Kickstarter Jan 1st. A UK based company company who has integrated EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) into a wireless suit, they claim is capable of allowing you to feel sensations ranging from a cool breeze to the impact of a bullet.

'Teslasuit' is a Tactile Skin that Lets You Feel VR, Kickstarter Jan 1st

VR headsets are, at least for 2016, somewhat of a known quantity now. Most focus is therefore moving to delivering compelling input solutions that unlock the interactive potential of VR. But what’s missing once that problem is solved. The answer is feedback from that virtual world. The folks at UK based Tesla Studios think they may have the answer – an suit that electrically stimulates your muscles in response to actions or stimuli from the virtual world. Phonotonic - Don't Play Music, Be Music. Le projet Soli de Google peut-il révolutionner le marketing et la com ? Il y a trois mois, le Projet Soli faisait sensation au Google I/O.

Le projet Soli de Google peut-il révolutionner le marketing et la com ?

Alors que son premier kit pour développeurs est attendu d’ici à la fin de l’année, INfluencia s’interroge sur les possibilités marketing et communicationnelles de cette nouvelle technologie pour les marques. Nom de code : Projet Soli. Et là, vous imaginez les méchants espions russes du SMERSH de Bons Baisers de Russie modernisés, par Hollywood, en patibulaires bodybuildés et suréquipés en gadgets high tech, tous aux trousses de Jason Bourne ? Détrompez-vous, ce titre de blockbuster n’est « que » la dernière trouvaille des équipes du Google ATAP. Son officialisation date de juin dernier en plein Google I/O, mais comme son premier kit pour développeurs doit être disponible d’ici à la fin de l’année, il est intéressant de se demander si cette science-fiction romanesque pourra changer la pub quand elle deviendra réalité de demain. ZKOO - The World’s Most Advanced Gesture Tracking Camera by Exvision. Sugr Cube proves that good things do come in small packages.

I don’t often agree to test products unless they interest me.

Sugr Cube proves that good things do come in small packages

The Sugr Cube, piqued my interest immediately. This Kickstarter-funded product is a Wi-Fi speaker with a real wood enclosure, Spotify Connect built in and a control interface that relies on touch and movement rather than buttons. It’s the minimal design and control system that inspired my curiosity. What jumped out at me initially is just how good the speaker looked. MYO : un brassard de contrôle par gestes [Wearable technology] Ces dernières années, le vieux couple souris et clavier s’est fait bousculer par les écrans tactiles et leurs interfaces intuitives, notamment dans le domaines des technologies nomades avec l’avènement des smartphones et des tablettes.

MYO : un brassard de contrôle par gestes [Wearable technology]

Heureusement pour eux, ils se montrent encore des plus efficaces dans le cadre du travail quotidien… Mais pour combien de temps ? AwoX Smart G-Motion, 1er interrupteur à commande gestuelle - Aruco. A l’occasion du CES 2016, le français AwoX annonce son nouveau produit : Smart G-motion, premier interrupteur sans-fil à commande gestuelle.

AwoX Smart G-Motion, 1er interrupteur à commande gestuelle - Aruco

Play It Loud: Kurv brings some realism to the air guitar experience. Just a few short months after the first ever Russian was crowned Air Guitar World Champion, a new wireless system has launched on Kickstarter that's aimed at giving virtual musicians the chance to play music of their own creation.

Play It Loud: Kurv brings some realism to the air guitar experience

The patent-pending Kurv Guitar system is made up of a large pick-shaped air strummer and a handheld virtual fingerboard, and combines touch, motion and gestures to generate tunes based on player actions. It's pretty easy to take the high ground and look upon air guitarists with a mocking eye, but take a quick look around at just about any rock concert and you'll very likely see a goodly number of otherwise "normal" music lovers rocking out with an invisible axe to their favorite band. If the crowds drawn to Finland every year for the World Championships, now in its twentieth year, is anything to go by, such activities are incredibly popular. Digital Chillout #33. Augmented Reality-Like Wearable For Doctors Streamlines Saving Lives. Thanks to Vivi, a wearable mini-display that exhibits patient vitals, doctors no longer have to focus their attention away when operating When innovating the current instruments doctors have at their disposal, it’s essential to show restraint on the impulse to overload the workbench with exorbitant features.

Augmented Reality-Like Wearable For Doctors Streamlines Saving Lives

Gest Is A Wearable, Keyboard-less Keyboard You Wear Like A Glove. A new startup wants to put the power to control your smartphone or VR goggles back into the hand gestures you're already famliar with. It's called Gest, and it's a lightweight controller that reads your fingers' movements. Security Camera Shaped Like a Bird. 'Bird' gadget lets you control a drone with your finger. A man holds up his finger. A drone, rising slowly in a conference room, hovers in place. He pushes his finger out a bit, and the drone moves forward. He pulls back, and the drone follows his gesture perfectly.

He lowers his finger, and the drone lands softly on the ground. Sound like science fiction? Developed by an Israeli company called MUV Interactive, the Bird is currently in beta testing. In the demo for conducted by Rami Parham, the CEO and founder of MUV, the Bird was used to control a slideshow at first. Link Phones Into a Rocking Synced Sound System. Let your posse's phones merge into a giant speaker that reaches every room of a house party with AmpMe AmpMe thinks the best portable speakers are the ones you already have. As an app, it can pair up a bunch of phones so they can all play the same song at the same time. With it, you will literally be sharing the music with friends instead of overworking a single set of speakers.

Knock Knock: A clever contact-sharing and chat app that will have you tapping your phone. The team behind contacts management app Humin has today launched a new offering called Knock Knock. Aimed at a college-age crowd, it allows easy contact details sharing and instant group chat. All each person has to do is make a ‘knock knock’ tapping gesture on their phone screen. The knocking gesture, which can be made even when the phone screen is off and the app isn’t active, will initiate an instant Bluetooth connection to pair you up with other app users in the vicinity.

You can then choose exactly what contact information you share with each person – be it your phone number, email address, Snapchat ID or the like. The ‘knock knock’ approach to initiate pairing is clever and works on both iOS and Android. Touchjet WAVE: Turns TV into a Touchscreen Tablet. 生体認証(ログイン・決済) ~あんしんをもっと便利に~ Microsoft HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with Case Western Reserve University.

Gloveone Smart Gloves Will Let You Feel Virtual Reality. Smart gloves dubbed Gloveone will enable users to feel sensations when interacting with virtual objects. The brainchild of Spain-based NeuroDigital Technologies, Gloveone aims to give VR users a more immersive experience and will enable them to "feel" what they see. (Photo : NeuroDigital Technologies | Kickstarter) While virtual reality users may be able to see things soon thanks VR headsets such as Microsoft's HoloLens, they will not be able to touch and feel the virtual objects.

However, that is about to change thanks to smart gloves dubbed Gloveone, which will enable users to feel sensations such as rainfall, heat, flitting of a butterfly, shapes (and even weight of an object) when interacting with virtual objects. The brainchild of Spain-based NeuroDigital Technologies, Gloveone aims to give VR users a more immersive experience and will enable them to "feel" what they see. So what makes the physical sensation possible, you wonder? © 2015 Tech Times, All rights reserved. Myo Gesture Control Armband - Wearable Technology by Thalmic Labs. Gesture Controlled Smartwatch Feels Every Twitch. Aria is a gesture controller for smartwatches that eliminates their biggest drawback: two-handed operation Arthur C.

Clarke famously said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” As if computers in our pockets and on our wrists weren’t enough, a new smartwatch accessory called Aria makes it possible to control your wearable devices by simply gesturing with your fingers. The effect is something like watching a wizard at work, conjuring images, apps, and messages with a mere wave of the hand. Developed by Deus Ex Technology, Aria clips onto the wristband of your smartwatch. The sensors embedded in the device can distinguish up to 20 different movements, then communicate those controls to the smartwatch over a Bluetooth connection. This eliminates the biggest drawback of smartwatches: two-handed operation. Is The Future Of Home Automation A Simple Black Cube? Even the best designed smarthome apps can feel a little lifeless compared to flickable light switches and spinnable thermostats.

Which is why German studio The Family of the Arts is working on a tactile alternative to the smarthome apps of today. Simply called Cube, the device is a small black cube that you can carry around your house, place on any surface, and use it to control nearby lamps, shades, thermostats, and speakers contextually. At night, Cube fits into the wall—right where a lightswitch would normally go—to dock and recharge.

"We all have arrived at a point where we all use displays and GUIs all the day," explains studio founder Dario Jandrijic. "We all are permanently distracted from our real physical social lives. Welcome to Project Jacquard. Welcome to Project Soli. Internet des objets : la communication se fera par le geste. Brick Lamp - Reveal the light. TEMPS D'IMAGES - 04, 05 avril 2014 à 20h30, Usine C. This App Lets You Control Presentations with Your Hand.

If you deliver presentations often, this is a neat trick to add to your arsenal. Swoosh for Android lets you control your slide deck with just a wave of your hand. Install the app on your mobile device and the server tool on your desktop, and launch your presentation. Dash Button. Alibaba wants you to pay for things on your smartphone by scanning your face. The future of payments may be staring us right in the face. This Android Game Turns Your Phone Into a Tennis Racquet. Mobile game developer Rolocule just launched Motion Tennis Cast on Google Play. Meet Dorothy: Click Your Heels To Summon An Uber, Call Your Phone, Or Text Your Friends! - ISL.